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  1. Roadtripray

    I cannot see my customer's wish list

    I have a customer who is hosting a party that closes today. She has created a wishlist and added items to her list. I can see that she created a wishlist, but it comes up empty. I was able to edit the wishlist and attach it to her show, but still no luck. I was even able to edit her wishlist...
  2. Roadtripray

    Tips on cooking whole chicken with crispy skin

    Howdy all, I made a whole chicken in my Deep Covered Baker this week and it was wonderful as usual. I used a rub and baked it about an hour at 350. I've also used the microwave to cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes. Both methods produce moist, juicy chicken that is wonderfully tasty. I want...
  3. Roadtripray

    How do I setup and run a Facebook Mystery Host Virtual Show?

    Greetings, I have a lot going on in my life. I've had a couple virtual facebook parties, but haven't done one in a long time because honestly I just prefer doing a cooking show. However, I really need to do a show to stay active in October, I'm juggling a fulltime job, graduate school, and my...
  4. Roadtripray

    Coupon club or group for marketing?

    I know some areas have coupon clubs where people get together and swap coupons, maybe someone speaks on tips for couponing/where to go, tips on how to maximize your coupons, etc. I was thinking about joining such a group, and if one isn't already started in my area, to start one. I wouldn't...
  5. Roadtripray

    Average time before order is shipped?

    I searched the forums but couldn't find any threads about this recently. I submitted a show on Monday, October 5th. It's now Thursday, October 8th and the PC site doesn't show the order has shipped yet. This is my first order since reactivating, so I'm not sure what it has been, but this...
  6. Roadtripray

    30 Minute Stovetop Lasagna in the Rock Crok

    Hey y'all, I found a recipe in an advertising circular and made some modifications and adapted it to the RockCrok. I used the Dutch Oven. Click here for my video I'd love to have your feedback! Blessings, Ray
  7. Roadtripray

    Bacon 'n Cheddar Bubble Bread -- What kind of rolls?

    I'd like to make the Bacon 'n Cheddar Bubble Bread tonight, and I'm wondering if the "1 package (11.3 ounces) refrigerated dinner rolls" is referring to the canned type? I apologize if this has been covered in here, but I did a search and couldn't find any reference to this specific recipe...
  8. Roadtripray

    Should I come back?

    I've been inactive for 6 months now. Yesterday the dentist office called to confirm my appointment for this morning, and the woman from the office added that she wanted to know if I still sold Pampered Chef because there was something she needed. Today when I went I brought two old catalogs...
  9. Roadtripray

    The mobile app STINKS -- and they make me PAY for this?

    Sorry but I'm warning you this is a rant. It's bad enough to pay $11 a month for the "privilege" of using their web app (which no other company that I order with does), but once again, the app failed me. You can argue that maybe I just don't know how to use it, but I guarantee you I could have...
  10. Roadtripray

    Anybody decide NOT to subscribe to eBizTools?

    My 90 day trial has ended, and now they want $66 for 6 months or $120 for 12 months. I'm inclined to just leave it expired, because I very disappointed in the quality of what I've seen. I've had more customers confused by online ordering than anything, and it's easier for me to just enter...
  11. Roadtripray

    Urgent Guest placed order under wrong show - can it be moved?

    A host of mine had a guest post an order online, but posted it under my show, rather than my host's. Is there a way to move this order myself? I sent a message to HO just now ... hoping to be able to close out my host's show Monday night. I would just delete it and re-enter it, except the...