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    Cake walk- cake ideas?

    I'm using this from the kraft website in my newsletter for oct. I thought it was cute. And it uses the flute pan. Great Pumpkin Cake 1 pkg. (2-layer) cake mix, any flavor 1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter, softened 4 cups powdered sugar...
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    Anyone use satellite internet?

    We were told in our area in MO, we'd have to pay $600 up front for just equipment first before we could pay just the monthly fee...guess who went with slow dial up instead. Your upfront fees probably vary with who you're going through.
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    Help! Making Choc Microwave Lave Cake

    All microwave strenghs vary...you may have to experiment to find out yours.
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    Outdoor festival?

    Just a quick update on this one......the spot was already taken very early on by another PC gal in a town about a half hour over~one I don't know yet. So, since they only allow 1 of each type, I'm not doing this one. HOWEVER, because I can't do this one, I'm now doing one on sat only for...
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    Geico commercials

    Niether. My fave is the squirrels. Just like real life lol.
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    June/July Lapboard Flyer

    no open......no looky. :(
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    My May Newsletter

    Looks good! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Pampered Pet?

    Rachel Ray's mag has a doggie treat recipe in each issue. I'm sure they could be made with pc products too. Here's her truffle recipe from this month's mag: Jessica Gorman's Olive oil and Bacon Truffles 1/2 lb bacon 3 1/2 cups whole weat flour 1 cup cornmeal 1/4 cup beaf broth...
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    Printing in color

    Well that's good to know about the printers. I hate seeing the prices on the new printers with everything and then look over at the cartridge and see it higher! I wish staples was closer than a half hour from me....sometimes the gas prices make it a worthless trip unless I add on a few more...
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    Totally Out of Ideas

    The girl scout handbook has an 'album' section on Juliette Low with facts about how she started GS, where she was from, what activities she did, and how she sold her pearl necklace to start GS. Don't know if that's the kind of book you're looking for, but hope it helps.
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    Printing in color

    print at home on colored paper. sadly, sometimes a whole new printer with the ink included costs less than an ink cartridge to refill with :(
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    HELP!!!!!!!75-80 People, What do I make

    Something cheap! And let's not forget elegant....a trifle would be perfect w/o busting your budget. And if you needed, you could always pack the makings of a 2nd one (same flavor or diff) in a small cooler to bring with you and assemble one there. But I wouldn't go all out myself...
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    Emailing Your Hosts

    I just recently sent out Mother's day reminder emails from my PWS and I got 3 copies in my email and my MIL emailed to say she got 6 of the same thing. I only sent it once. I'm not sure if the emails from there are any better than sending from my own personal email. Oh and some email...
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    Couples Hobby ???

    LOL no letterboxing isn't that violent. It's kinda like geocaching and here's a website you can look at www.letterboxing.org. Basically, you and your family search a list for a box hidden near you (or near where you're going if you're travelling on vacation), print out the directions (some are...
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    Couples Hobby ???

    LOL and here I haven't had tv in years...we do more stuff outside and are involoved in more 'stuff' but we still always have movies for the kids. Needless to say, hubby is itching to get dish or direct tv. We just aren't home enough to watch alot of tv and it's restricted to an hour a day for...
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    Couples Hobby ???

    We do quite a few things together.....letterboxing (fun for the family), golf and bowl (without kids). We meet up at the horse barn about every other day or so and share the chores. We have a date night once a month and have another couple watch our kids while we go out to eat and to a movie...
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    Question about an item????

    I just ordered the money bag from Merrill myself. It looks professional and is WAY cheaper than others I found when I did a search on plain ones. Definately a better deal for only $3.95
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    Conference News

    Newsletter? What newsletter? I can't go to conference (I'm moving then) but maybe I could get a taste from this, anyone care to explain more?
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    Thread Killers Unite!

    Had to get that last word in didn't you KG.
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    Outdoor festival?

    Thanks for the input guys (gals). I'm off to take a midterm and will be checking back later this afternoon. I got some good ideas from here already and I'm excited about actually getting my name out there!
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    Thread Killers Unite!

    lmao it's always something isn't it.....it's what's under the duress that counts
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    Conference News

    LMAO! Bet He's relieved!:p
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    Outdoor festival?

    Oh and lucky me I just ordered the door hanger bags from Nancy's yesterday :)
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    Outdoor festival?

    I just got off the phone with hubby.....he says there's a few 6 ft folding tables at work I can borrow YAY! Gotta love the military oversupply LOL. He's even coming up with a list of what I should bring (trifle bowl for drawing slips, $25 gift certificate drawing, 'free show' drawing slips...
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    Outdoor festival?

    Dusty, The table I have is so small to start with I may be better off buying a new one. I'll have to be very careful not to clutter it for sure. I know I want a lead box from Merrill. I'm hoping it will get here in time as it's May 5 and 6th. I like the idea of the now hiring. I'm...
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    What is the cheapest Trifle dessert you have made?

    The cherry delight portions depend on which recipe you choose to go with and there are TONS of them out there! If you do a web search, you should get a lot of results. I don't have my MIL's recipe on hand since the one time I made it my hubby declared it "not as good as mom's" so I figured SHE...
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    Windows Vista and P3

    I got a vista laptop too....and called HO about a set up walk through. The lady did but forgot a few steps so I've spent a while trying to get it to work. Tried the tip on here but it didn't work either (kept saying invalid). So I called HO last nite again and had them rewalk me through...
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    Outdoor festival?

    I didn't even think about an awning. There will be some trees but not THAT many. Thanks! I have no clue where Keytesville is. I'm a transplant LOL. I'm by Ft. Leonard Wood, which runs into St Robert, which then runs into Waynesville. There's no real distinction between them except...
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    SNL - favorite skits?

    The church lady. I miss her LOL I should get tv again sometime...haven't had it for years now.
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    Thread Killers Unite!

    About my cross dressing cat....I'm not sure what it would be called. He's also been known to wear a little red backpack around the house too. LOL under duress of course