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    Cleaning House Misc. Supplies

    I would like to sell this as a package. Included is: $6.00 plus shipping. I prefer paypal, credit cards accepted. 10 f/w 05 order forms with my info. 13 f/w 05 Host Rewards flyers 1 Imagine More opportunity brochure 14 f/w 05 ctalogs stamped 1 unstamped f/w catlog 7 s/s 05 catalogs...
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    Charm Bracelet With 10 Charms

    2005 incentive charm bracelet available for sale. Charms include chef's hat, batter bowl, stainless bowl, stockpot, HWC whisk, food chopper, round stone w/rack, quick stir pitcher, chillzanne platter, s/a bowls with caddy. Includes extra charm links and original black 25th anniversary bag...
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    Open House with Other Vendors

    I have done a multi-vendor event at a friend's home in early Dec.(Mary Kay, Southern Living, Traveling Vineyard). It was a good way to meet people and get some bookings. The great thing was, there was no vendor fee! I had a baskets of misc. small items and random inventory that people enjoyed...
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    Help with a Tomato/ Bruschetta Topping for Crostini

    Does anyone know which cookbook has a tomato/bruschetta topping recipe for crostini? Or maybe you have a simple recipe and ingredient list for this? I am doing a show and am making the savory cheese crostini with the olive salad topping, but the hostess would like a tomato topping as well. I...
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    Past Host Christmas Gift

    Holiday Gift Idea I started Pampered Chef in January 2005, so I wanted to personally thank my hosts for supporting me in my first year and helping to make my business a success. I sent them each a letter with a $10 gift certificate to be redeemed only through me by a certain date. I also...
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    Can we not sell stock we have on hand here? I have a ton of stuff I

    I am pretty sure we CANNOT post anything that is currently selling in the catalog on this site, but I am sure the moderator will contact you. You can post these items on Let's Make a Deal website, though. Good luck!
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    Trade: Classic Rectangular Baker for Stoneware Bar Pan

    Let's make a deal link http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/lets_make_a_deal/ Good luck!
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    When does everyone usually get their KCN in the mail? It wasn't until

    I just received the newest today. I remember when I first started, though...it wasn't until probably the 15th of the month. A couple of times I contacted HO and they had to send me one because mine never came! But it has straightened itself out. I usually read it on-line before it even comes...
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    Cookie Booklets

    Great! Thanks for the information!
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    Cookie Booklets

    I just tried to order some of these on my supply order, but cannot find them! I have a cookie swap and I promised them to the host for her guests. Can anyone tell me if these are available anymore??
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    Anyone have any idea how much it costs to mail one of the Season's

    Click and ship This service is perfect for the flat rate mail envelopes, plus you get free delivery confirmation if you do it on-line. I just print the label out on regular printer paper and then affix to the flat rate envelope with tape (packing tape is better, but scotch tape is okay, I...
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    Business Supplies For Sale NEWBIES/SUPERSTARTERS

    Still Cleaning...NEW List of What's Available I'm cleaning house and have some misc. items that need a new home. Please e-mail me if you'd like the list....
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    Poster board for craft fair and shows???

    I put a Pampered Bride flyer and Fund Raiser flyer on mine, too.
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    Tool Turn About Idea

    Great for teachers, too! I am an elementary school teacher. I use one on my desk for all of my goodies. They are great for "centers", too. The kids have all of their scissors, pencils, crayons etc. right on their table and can twirl it around to find what they need next.
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    Kid Show

    Kid shows can be VERY hectic! I did one over the summer for a MOMs club. Children ranged in age from 3-5. There were 12 children (10 participating) and 10 moms. We made tic tac toe pizzas and did a sundae bar for dessert. The moms helped the kids prepare the pizzas (for the most part). By the...
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    Past Host Monthly Bonus Question

    Yes. The August, now October show was originally entered on the July host's show. The July host ordered the host special in August at the catalog show, though. Can she get the October special, too?
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    Past Host Monthly Bonus Question

    Here's my situation. A girl hosted a show in July. At her show, her friend booked a Kitchen Show for August. She ended up canceling her Kitchen show and just had a catalog show, BUT she rebooked for her kitchen show in October. The original July host wants to know if she can take advantage of...
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    2005 F/W Catalogs....

    I have catalogs for you... Check your messages.
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    Business Supplies For Sale NEWBIES/SUPERSTARTERS

    THANK YOU!!! Everything has been sold!! I'm cleaning house and have some misc. items that need a new home. Please e-mail me if you'd like the list....some old catalogs, recipe cards, a couple retired products, etc.
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    Unmotivated & Need Inspiration!

    You are all an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your stories in a time of such tragedy and loss. To all who were affected by the hurricanes, our prayers our with you. Jill
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    Business is good

    It may be the circle... It seems like you need to break out of the regular group. I'm actually working through a circle of friends now that have $300-$400 shows. To me it does seem like the "group" I'm working with. But, they keep booking from one another and that keeps me in business, so no...
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    Iam ISO

    Check your email I sent you the link.
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    Kit Enhancement

    There is a Kit Enhancement month once per year for active consultants in April during which you can purchase products from the entire line at 40% off. As a new consultant, you also have a Kit Enhancement month. That is your 4th month (after your Super Starter period). If it is your 4th month...
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    Bread Tubes Nonstick?

    Bread that pops out! I make the Tex-Mex Chicken Melts (All the Best) at shows all the time. I spray the scalloped bread tube with cooking spray from the Kitchen Spritzer and then stick then french bread loaf in. Once it's done, I take off one cap and tap the other end, and the bread pops out...
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    Seeking Yellow Stoneware Crocks

    Yellow crocks I just saw some on Yahoo groups, let's make a deal. I think the girl was selling them for like $6! Good luck.
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    Please help! Pampered Partner Update

    Thank You! Thank you all for your replies. I figured out two things. One, I was able to download the install upgrade on CC, and the second is my firewall protection is so high that it wasn't allowing me to download. BUT, it's now up and running...thanks to all of you! Now I don't need to wait...
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    Please help! Pampered Partner Update

    Updates don't work, though. I am trying to download the program/product updates in PP, but after I click on "Download Product List, OK," a screen appears that says "ERROR The server name could not be resolved." The same thing happens when I try to download the program update.
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    Please help! Pampered Partner Update

    Can anyone help me? I am unable to download the new product list and the program update. I just downloaded the new version of PP and am entering a show, but cannot download the update to reflect the host and guest specials. Is there something I'm missing? It's never happened to me before. It's...
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    Looking for old catalogs

    E-mail me I didn't see your e-mail listed, so please e-mail me. I have some f/w '04 and s/s '05. Willing to take an offer... Just click on my screen name and send me an e-mail!
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    Sept. Special

    Thanks! WOW! It really is GREAT! Thanks for sharing all of that info.!