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    Leadership update contact list

    Oh me too. You're awesome. How exciting. [email protected]
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    Person to person coaching

    Person to person hostess coaching I've been doing my hostess coaching in person and all I can say is that it works. What a difference I've had with my shows. The hostess is more excited about her show, attendance is higher and sales are higher too. When you do hostess coaching on the phone...
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    Gift Packs???

    Gift packs Hi, I found this thread. I don't know if its the one your talking about but there are groupings of different products. Hope this helps.
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    Gift Packs???

    Gift Ideas - Packages I always package products together and I give the package a name, for example I'll put together the large round stone, the pizza cutter and the serving mini spatula and I'll call it Friday Night Express Dinner. I try to have different packages with different price...
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    Do You Love a Bargain - updated

    Great Job Hi, that flyer is awesome. But I live in Canada and the prices are different here. Is there any way of transferring your flyer into word so that I can change the prices. I really could use the flyer. I think its great. Mirella
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    Executive Cookware

    I love the cookware too. And I totally can relate to when you mentioned that our guests are missing out. During my presentation I put an ice cube in the saute pan and it instantly starts to melt. If you put an ice cube in a glass it won't melt as fast. Can anyone tell me why?
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    Empowering Women

    I hope we get a copy too at Conference I think I've called every known bookstore in Toronto and have had no luck. Since they have copies at Conference in Chicago, I'm wondering if they would have coies in Toronto. I hope so, because I've had no luck trying to find one. Oh well, I guess I'll...
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    Will somebody be posting the updates from convention?...

    Please e-mail me too I'd love to hear about how the conference is going in Chicago. I know that our products in Canada are pretty much the same. [email protected]
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    Empowering Women

    Conference I'll be going to conference in Toronto. Jodi, where are you from in Ontario? I'm from Mississauga. I'm so looking forward to it as it is my first time. I got asked to be interviewed too on the "Red Carpet" before the Gala on Saturday night. Oh, I'm very nervous. Who knows...
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    Who is going to Conference in Toronto?

    Conference in Canada Hi, I'm looking forward to attending Conference too. I live in Toronto so its quite easy to get to the Royal York. Quite excited. It's my first time. I got asked to do an interview too before the Gala. Really looking forward to that.:)
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    The No Show Show (vent & asking for advice)

    hiNo show to a show I know exactly how you feel. This just happened to me on Friday. The one person who did end up showing up showed up an hour later because she thought it started at 8:00 instead of 7:00. I couldn't believe my eyes. I still did the whole presentation. It was a little...
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    Need recipe for 24 people

    Need recipe for 24 people... Thanks so much for everyone's input. I think I want to do the crepes in the mini muffin pan. I was thinking of cutting them with the bread tube to make them small enough. I want to make a dessert recipe and the spinach and articoke ring. I want to do the ring...
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    Need recipe for 24 people

    I got a call from a hostess on Saturday. She's having her party on Thursday. She told me that she's got 24 people coming. YIKES!!! I really don't know what to make. Does anyone have a recipe for making mini crepes in the mini muffin pan. Its the same recipe as the Chocolate, Chocolate...
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    New Executive Flash

    PC recipes Marlene, there is a rice cooker recipe in the new Season's Best. I can't remember whats its called but its got hazelnuts and Nutella. I guess you can supplement this recipe for the one you already use. Hope this helps. mcanavan Independent Future Director
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    Mega Sale

    I went to my cluster meeting and we were discussing a mega sale. For those of you who don't know what it is, I too would like some clarification. All I was told is that you rent a room (i.e. banquet hall, church hall, community centre room) and you ask 5 hosts (or as many as you'd like) and...
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    Merrill Corporation

    Merrill and accessories Where can I find Merrill through Consultants Corner. I've been looking and looking but can't find it anywhere. Do you think that its because I'm logging in from Canada. What exactly do they offer? Anything to boost business. Thanks. Mirella Canavan Pampered Chef...
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    Paperwork for Sale (Canada)

    Fall/Winter Paperwork For Sale Hi, where in Canada do you live? Are you comfortable with giving out your contact list since you won't be doing PC anymore? Let me know. Mirella Canavan Independent Kitchen Consultant (#023795)
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    Host Coaching - 3 Call System Scripts

    Host coaching Your scripts are amazing. Thanks so much. I was wondering if anyone has any scripts for the initial call you make to someone that you want to book a show. Let me know.
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    Host Coaching - 3 Call System Scripts

    Scripts for Initial Calling Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a script for the initial call you make to a person who you are trying to book a show. I'm going back to my 100 list and calling the people that I didn't call in the first place because I was uncomfortable talking to. I've had some...
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    Does anyone have any ideas where the next trip is going to be?? I know

    Thanks a lot for the input Yes, my KC# is low because I am Canadian. I started two months ago and I really enjoy being a Kitchen Consultant. I want to work hard this year with recruiting and hopefully that can help me get to somewhere nice and hot by earning a trip. But then again, I really...
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    Does anyone have any ideas where the next trip is going to be?? I know

    Independent Kitchen Consultant #023795 How many points do you need to go on the trips? I would love the opportunity to go on any trip. I guess I'll be working hard these next months.