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    Recruiting Promotion Announced!!

    I was excited about this too! These incentives really help to move along those still deciding! Yeah, what a company, huh?
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    Maine Consultants

    I am from rural coastal Maine. My show average is usually around $400-$450. I am not sure what you mean by "show possibilities", but am willing to help with some added info. Good luck to you! I've done shows, mostly along the coast, from Bangor to Old Orchard Beach. We've done theme shows...
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    Discontinued Items flyer

    Great job! Thank you!
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    Conference 2007 New Products/Announcements

    Great job! Thanks so much! Sounds like a great new season is coming! Momof3
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    Let's play a game...

    Rice Cooker Plus--bake a cake in the microwave so you don't heat up the kitchen! Silicone Pastry Brush--never worry about those annoying little hairs falling out and ruining your meal and, it's easy to clean, too!
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    Recipes for Bridal Showers

    Thanks for the great ideas! Thank you so much for the great ideas! We are going to do a trifle bowl recipe and probably Aloha Pizza, but I had thought about the doll cake and the Clubhouse Chicken Squares. This is a group I do a lot of shows for so they may have seen that one already (Can't...
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    Trifle Bowl

    So Sorry this happened! I hesitantly made two trifles in my bowls (one came with a shattered stand, they let me keep it, the other came intact and replaced the first one) for Easter Dinner. Surprisingly, nothing happened, but I was very protective of them! I'm glad they will replace it for...
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    Family Dollar stores

    Great! thanks for the tip! I will check out my local FD tomorrow on my way out of town! I have a few shows booked for May, but not as many as I really want. I could probably assemble something that would work well as hostess gifts as a booking "bribe"! Take care! PS--thanks again, Deb...
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    Family Dollar stores

    Opps! I'm still learning this website! I did know that but hadn't logged in for a long time. I'll figure out how to change it and delete it. In the meantime, can I edit it from what I've already posted?
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    Family Dollar stores

    Great! thanks for the tip! I will check out my local FD tomorrow on my way out of town! I have a few shows booked for May, but not as many as I really want. I could probably assemble something that would work well as hostess gifts as a booking "bribe"! Take care!
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    Recipes for Bridal Showers

    Hi everyone, I have my first Bridal Shower this weekend and we're having some troubles choosing recipes that work well. What have you all used in the past? Can you give me some ideas? Thanks so much!:)
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    What products are good for camping

    Grilling Planks We tried the grilling planks with burgers the other night! They work great! I put a little sweet and smokey bbq rub and put my husband's burger on the plank (just in case--LOL)! It smelled great while it was cooking! He said the burger was better than ever! Of course I used...
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    Let's play a game...

    Rice Cooker Plus: Free up your burner for the Double Burner Griddle! Double Burner Griddle: Make all the kids grilled cheese sandwiches at once--and Mom and Dad's too!
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    My First Online Registry--Woo-Hooo!

    Wow! This is exciting! I too just registered my first 2 brides-to-be. I have been doing it a little differently. I offer to register them for them! I give them the current shopping list off an order form and ask them to select anything and everything they want. I then have them write down...
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    Book to look idea worked

    Great Ideas! :) Awesome Ideas! I too make lapboards. At one of my cluster meetings, someone suggested using the trifold boards we get with the celebrations shows on them. I cut them into three seperate pieces, sometimes I need to reinforce the edges with some clear packing tape, but they...
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    Book to look idea worked

    Along the same idea as BOOK to LOOK...... With Spring and Easter coming up soon, I do something similar. I purchase a bunch of those hollow plastic colorful Easter Eggs (mine were after Easter last year so SUPER cheap) and I type or hand write a product (under $10) and put them in a pretty...
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    Yes! We can now talk about Leadership Here!

    I totally agree! I was happy to see some new BBQ items--hubby will love it! The new super wide spatula will be a total hit in my family with burgers and steaks and such! The HWC products are neat too! I'm loving all the bar board sets. I'd love one in every color! They're so easy to use and...
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    Theme Show Binder

    I'm interested too! I'd love a copy of any of the theme show ideas as well as the special insert pages you speak of for your recruiting binder. What a great idea! My director also puts in photos of her family, but telling them to look at it is excellent. Thanks for your help! Can't wait to...
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    Where to Find Them1. Check in your local and free papers.2. Check

    Great thanks! Great! Thank you for the ideas. I do give away a batter bowl and call only the names who said they were interested in more info. Calling everyone is a good idea. Although i emailed someone who checked off yes for a show and she wrote me and told me i had made a mistake and to...
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    Where to Find Them1. Check in your local and free papers.2. Check

    Fairs Thanks for that great info! I think I am aiming to get bookings and recruit leads. How do you do that sort of thing? As far as sales, is it ok to offer a small %age off so people are more attracted? since I have them, I'm going to start baking cookies soon and have been making tissue...
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    Increasing Bookings

    I have had a lot of positive feedback from my customers about the way I do my bookings requests at shows. I type a sheet with all my available dates on it and then have a column for name, address, phone, email, best time to call, show time on the sheet. Then I have some incentives listed at...
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    Holiday Club

    I was considering offering my customers a Holiday Club this year. I would provide gift wrapping if desired, but the main focus was the payment. They have until December to make their final payment and then I will submit it as a nice show. Shipping is either standard and they meet me or I go...
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    Left/Right Game

    I was not sure where to post this, but I think business tips is a good place since I feel like anything we can do to keep our wonderful businesses fresh and inviting. I wanted to share this door prize game with you. It is from a show I had at my home for Candles. She had a gift bag with some...
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    New Instructions for can opener

    Too Funny! This is such a cute idea! I am always looking for a way to get them giggling and they are always asking how to work the can opener! Thanks, I'll try this! :p
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    Where to Find Them1. Check in your local and free papers.2. Check

    nervous about the fair! I just today submitted my fair fee and am a little nervous about my booth. In my shows, I have a hard time with setting up my presentation so it looks nice, and then keeping it that way. I thought about requesting electricity for the fair, but I think I can be a less...
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    Tell me how you like ChefSuccess.com

    I'm so glad I found you! Hi everyone, I too am loving this site! Its a great resource! I was hoping there was something out in computerland for us and couldn't be happier to found it! Thank you. I do hope more people find it too. The more info and input the better!
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    Looking for help

    The teleclasses offered by the home office are great starters--check them out! they are like conference calls with a "teacher" who happens to be a director for the Pampered Chef, last about 1 hour and are full of great tips because you are talking/listening to people from all over the place...
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    Any ideas for a Bar show?

    Also, the Chillzanne Cooler! Keeps the ice cold and a bottle of some sort at the same time. also comes with nylon serving tongs.
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    What to do about talking guests?

    numbered recipe steps that sounds like a great idea--writing recipe steps on numbered cards! I'll try that at my next show! thanks for the idea!