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  1. pchefinski

    Question on "final inactive" status

    Last show was in December 2006 - does that mean I turn permanent inactive status on February 1st or March 1st? I thought it was Feb 1st that I was going to be permanently inactive but I'm still able to sign into consultant's corner. After a year of no sales from date status changed to...
  2. pchefinski

    Bare minimum supplies/costs for operation?

    What is the bare minimum supplies for operation - and how cheap do you think you could go before compromising your business success? How much do you spend monthly (or less often, such as quarterly) on supplies? Catalogs (how much are they now?) Order forms host packet shipping costs - what...
  3. pchefinski

    Possible job/promotion for DH!!!

    Okay so DH works as an assistant manager at Gamestop. He's been unhappy with where he is and doesn't have much, if any, chance for moving up in the company (once EB Games -- his original employer -- merged with Gamestop things just went downhill). Anyway he put his resume on some job listing...
  4. pchefinski

    Getting bookings before I've re-signed?

    Can/should I do this? How would I go about it? After reading about Feb's specials, I really would love to get shows lined up on my calendar. But how do you get people interested and booked on your calendar if you aren't an active consultant yet? I'm wanting to do a huge grand opening show in...
  5. pchefinski

    Questions on re-signing

    I'm still strongly wanting to re-sign in February, as I've waited almost a year already (with a couple months to go). I had my last show 12/02/06, which means I have to wait two months to go inactive and then a full year from that point (of going inactive) to be able to re-sign. So does that...
  6. pchefinski

    Organization tip

    (found this online) Your List Another thing that is important is to make a list of things that need to be done or accomplished the next day. List them all. Even if it includes putting things in the mail. Then what you want to do is go through and list them with importance. I was lucky...
  7. pchefinski

    Let the Hostess do the work for you..

    I found this online.. a good idea :) Decorate an envelope. Any type of envelope. Inside you will place a piece of paper with a special gift written on it. Seal the envelope. Punch a hole in the top 2 corners of the envelope and put some yarn or string through the holes. Make sure that...
  8. pchefinski

    Neat Game I found

    It's called Look Around.. You begin by handing a wrapped gift to the hostess. Then read the following poem. They get a kick out of this one! You thought all the gifts were meant for you But i have other items too; So look around and give it to the one with eyes of brown. You think...
  9. pchefinski

    Hard to wait..

    AHHHHHHHH! I'm starting to stress a little. Okay a little more than a little. We racked up $2k on our credit card - some of it was spoiling ourselves but most was emergency crap like the massive bill for fixing our car a couple months back. I tried moving our budget around in an attempt to...
  10. pchefinski

    FAQ Sheet

    I am thinking of putting an FAQ sheet in my host packets. So far, I have the following (which could probably use a little tweaking).. Orders Customers must complete all information on order form for order to be processed (First and last name, address and phone number). Payments All...
  11. pchefinski

    How do you do it?

    I'm restarting my biz in Feb and want to get my ducks in a row and all organized before then so I do the best that I possibly can with the least amt of stress. A couple questions I had about biz hours.. Do you set business hours? If so, what are they? What do you do - make CCcalls, booking...
  12. pchefinski

    Show Idea - Mall store competition

    I just got an idea. My hubby works at the local mall and he is well known and respected at the stores there. Anyway I just thought of an idea, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how I could do it. The idea is to have a sales competition between the stores. I am pretty...
  13. pchefinski

    Flour/sugar shaker idea

    For those who are wanting to "Go Green" with their cleaning, the flour/sugar shaker is a great tool. Put baking soda inside and shake over surface needing cleaned, then spritz on some vinegar, scrub and wipe clean. No harsh chemicals while cleaning, saving the environment, and an even...
  14. pchefinski

    Here's a reason to buy PC cookware

    Being super broke, I managed to scrape up $60 to buy a set of pans at JcPenney (retailed at $180, but they had a sale & rebate) because I needed them something terrible. I bought a nonstick set by Philippe Richard. Now I knew they were not top of the line products with a lifetime guarantee on...
  15. pchefinski

    Are there any starter month bonus packs?

    Before they changed to the new kit, they had the super starter month bonus packages, where if you had $X in sales, you earned bonus product packages. I can't find anything of the sort on CC.. did they do away with those and go to just PC dollars?
  16. pchefinski

    Complicated question

    I've lost nearly all of my starter kit. It wasn't stolen or anything; my father-in-law gave away almost all of my kit without realizing it (to the city mission). I don't even have enough pieces of it left to do a show recipe. My questions: do we have product insurance that would cover that...
  17. pchefinski

    Broken stone - can't access information for replacement

    I have a customer whose bar pan broke and she needs it replaced (it's within the warranty). However, here are my problems. a) I have no printer b)the show information is on my old computer. I can access it, but c) I have no internet access on the old computer, therefore I cannot even save...
  18. pchefinski

    I'm back! - and need some advice

    (Sorry, this is kinda long..) Alright folks I need your help! I have not done any sales/shows since December, as I felt I should spend less time on my business for a period of time, and spend more with my family and on my housekeeping. I was spending too much time on my business, trying...
  19. pchefinski

    Need quick answer

    I didn't quite make the $600 this past year to get a 1099. Can I still write off my computer as a business expense, or not? I'm doing my taxes as we speak, so i need an answer quick - can someone help me out? THANKS! :D
  20. pchefinski

    Hanging my apron up - sort of...

    So I talked to my husband b’c I felt like my business was taking up too much of my time and I was unable to concentrate on my duties of wife and mother; he said that I was improving on things and he was confident that I could continue my business if I turned it into a catalog-only type of thing...
  21. pchefinski

    [I couldn't figure out where to post this, so I figured I'd put it

    [I couldn't figure out where to post this, so I figured I'd put it here. Hope that's okay.] I don't really want to entertain discouragement, but I think that my problem may be something that I can change. I feel like I'm not taken seriously when it comes to my business. When I coach my...
  22. pchefinski

    Pizza dip in microwave

    how long should I cook the hot pizza dip in the microwave? i have to leave for a show in an hour or so and would like to know if anyone has the answer. thanks :)
  23. pchefinski

    9 min batter bowl cake?

    I thought I read somewhere on here about making the lava cake in the classic batter bowl..cooking it for 9 minutes in the micro. does this work out? I have a show tonight and I want to do it. I bought triple fudge chocolate cake mix and triple fudge chocolate chip frosting -- if it works...
  24. pchefinski

    Recipe change

    Hey there. I hope someone can help me out with this. I'm not sure what she's talking about and I can't get ahold of her to find out.. my host told me to pick the recipe for her show this Saturday, so I picked the Turkey Cranberry Wreath. But she emailed me this: Can you give me some more...
  25. pchefinski

    Check this out!!

    I sold 2 gift sets in a recent catalog party - one bought by the host and another by her sister. When my friend (the host) and I put them together today (they were sets that I made up, not the pre-boxed ones from the catalog), we used really cute metal trays and added some goodies to them, then...
  26. pchefinski

    1st supply order of month - wrong shipping charges

    When I put in a supply order on PP, it says that I am to pay $6 shipping instead of $4. It's the first supply order I've put in this month (the first this season!).. What am I doing wrong?
  27. pchefinski

    Can someone help me out?

    okay I've looked on this board for the past half hour. I think I may be blind, but I'm just trying to get the recipe so that I can send out a host packet tomorrow.. and I can't be on all night long looking for it (DH will be home from work soon). I need the recipe for the Turkey Cranberry...
  28. pchefinski

    Receipt problems

    Okay, so my printer is shot. I haven't the money to get another right now, so I've been saving the receipts as PDF files, uploading them to my email, emailing them to my MIL's place, and printing them off onto the receipts for the guests. So far my little detour has worked. But it won't work...
  29. pchefinski

    Tax deductible ?

    do you have to have a certain $$ amount of business to count things as tax deductible? we need a new printer because I can't stand having to take a number and wait in line to print off PC things at my in-laws house next door. i don't do much printing other than PC stuff, except for the...
  30. pchefinski

    Potentially huge catalog show

    My girlfriend asked me in church yesterday if she could have some catalogs b'c people at work are literally swarming her demanding that she have a party so they can buy stuff. She came over last night at like 10pm just to get them b'c she said if she didn't have them, there'd be a lot of angry...