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  1. K

    Ways to get people to attend?

    Hey everyone, I am new to PC and my first party was a bust, no one RSVP'd nor did any shw up. i had to cancel the party. I'm looking for advice on how to get people to attend when I schedule a new one. This is supposed to be my Grand Opening party and I need ideas on how to convince people to...
  2. K

    No One Showed...Now what?

    That advice is great chefjeanie. But the real problem is not that i didnt reach out to my invites. The problem is i dont know a lot of people! I live in a very rural part of northwest arizona. My wife and i have been here five years. She has a lot of friends who teach along side her at her...
  3. K

    No One Showed...Now what?

    Hey everyone, This is a real simple post. I’m new to PC and scheduled my first party with my director right away. I have two weeks to my potential guests to reply. My director and I both set up separate FB pages where we posted multiple updates and reminders. Out of 61 people we invited on FB...
  4. K

    Looking for advice!

    Hey everyone, Kevin Ranoldo here! I'm new to Pampered Chef and have my first party, an Italian night theme, set up for this comming Tuesday (the 10th). I'm really excited to get started entertaining and selling the PC products and have invited about 70 people. The probem I am running into is...
  5. K

    Greetings everyone!

    Hey everyone, My name is Kevin and I just joined up with The Pampered Chef! I live in Fort Mohave, Arizona, a small desert town about 100 miles from Las Vegas, NV. I am so excited to be a part of PC and am looking forward to making friends and selling our products! Kevin Ranoldo