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    Any one have ?

    Does any one in Texas have a new Egg Slicer Plus they would be willing to sell? I have a customer that wants one and I have taking a leave of abscence from P.C. till April due to some personal reasons and I'm not doing any ordering till April. I will pay for shipping. I need this ASAP. Ilive in...
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    Love Flea Markets and Garage Sales

    I went to flea market today and found a bargain on brand new Micro-Cookers both the small and large from P.C. both for 4.00 dollars . I pick up so many pieces of P.C at garage sales and flea markets. They will be added to my kit.:) :) :)
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    Need help with Bread Tube

    Can you tell me what I can tell this customer on what it is she is doing wrong on her bread tubes. This is the problem she is making bread from scratch and using good yeast but the bread is not rising in the tube and comes out horrible. I never used the tubes so I can't tell her right from...
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    Digital Thermometer

    I have a customer who's Digital Thermometer broke and need to find one as quick as possible. Set the price and shipping for 78941. If someone finds them on the outlet please order for me! Thanks so much, Mary:)
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    Any one living in Sarnac Lake New York

    Any one living in Sarnac Lake New York. My son has been accepted to John Paul Smith College he his going in the culinary field to be a chef. :)
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    Host Benefits

    I need to know how to do this: I had a host have a party and someone booked off of her and so for the month of October she wants to order the host special special plus about 70.00 dollars worth of other stuff can she use her discount for the host special ? I was going to add it all up and...
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    New theme show idea

    I showed my theme show book to someone and they asked if I could do a divorce party. I told them yes. Just have to figure some details out. May be do a game were you throw darts at the exes picture and see who can hit the bulls eye. Just kidding.;)
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    Meat loaf Recipe

    I thought I found a recipe for meatloaf wellington on this site but I'm to tired to try to find it and need it it do a party. If any one can post this it would be wonderful?:)
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    I have a question on fundraisers. If you do a findraisers do they

    I have a question on fundraisers. If you do a findraisers do they get hostess benefits, etc?:)
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    How does it take to take money out

    How long does it take for pampered chef to take money out of your account once you've placed your order.:)
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    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    We have a youth function for our Baptist church on Sunday and I want to bring the buffalo chicken dip but we have a reunion so we can,t go an d wondered if you can do this in a slow cooker? I always for different functions make recipes that I can showcase Pampered Chef products. But can't this...
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    Micro cookers

    I have a past guest who ordered the micro-cookers and would like some ideas on what to cook in them, besides left overs. Do not own these two products and so I can't really give her ideas but heating leftovers.:)
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    Need to know how to season the stoneware fluted pan

    I have a customer who is ready to throw out her piece of stoneware because she doesn't know how to season it. I told her the way I would do it but want to make sure I told her right. I don't own one wish I did but finances keep me from getting some of the products. Thanks for all your...
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    Quick tip for keeping carpets clean while doing a cooking demo on carpet

    I get really nervous when I have to do a demo on carpet especially when there's food involved. I solved this problem by going to the dollar store and purchasing a cheap shower curtain. I set the shower curtain on the floor and put my table on top of that. No more worrying about ruining some ones...
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    Need a brochure