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    Director Consultant success survey

    yes, look at the CN that we just got.. pretty sad. there used to be pages of promotions.. it has been less than 15 new director promos each month for well over a year. The career plan is broken and we are all suffering
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    Director Consultant success survey

    Yes the "lead system" or complete lack there of is a bummer. I used to get 4 or 5 a year, although my numbers are still consistent. Means I am working harder for less. I feel a complete lack of support from HO right now. There is a LOT wrong and very little attempt to fix it. 7 people promoted...
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    Director Out and In Party

    Doing one tomorrow. I do a mystery hostess too. Not demoing, just having the Monte Cristo and Mexican Layered Dip done. Going to be taking the peach pie out of the micro when everyone comes in. Browse, chat and eat. I have a lot of past hostesses coming. going to focus on FB show and cooking...
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    Director Sizzle -just announced!

    I agree Ann, September is awful with school back in and the biggest selling season of the year geared up. Debating going again.. didn't get much out of last year. If I have some downline directors going I will go
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    Director Ticket Activity

    ticket game works again, signed my 4th recruit of the month at the show last night. That makes 2 this month who signed at the show
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    Director PC App and Internet Based Software

    I dont get the feeling that it is ready yet. Have talked with some that are Beta testing it and have heard there are quirks still
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    Director Ticket Activity

    I have been doing the ticket games for 3 years and have recruited abotu 100 people in that time with it. It works for me. I make it fun and funny.
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    Director Feb. Meeting?

    My meeting is the week following launch. I am going to focus on recipes since that gets them excited. I have 29 going to Launch so a big portion will then come to the meeting. The other thing I do is have top sellers talk about what they took away from Launch and will implement into their businesses
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    Director Saw this on Facebook today & about FAINTED! :(

    FB is a blessing and a curse in the right or wrong hands! I have team members that I just cringe everytime I see what they post about their business.
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    Director What level is everyone at? Sellathon

    I have passed 3... wishing there was a 4:happyforyou:
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    Recruiting and Promoting Goals for 2013

    I am working very closely with a handful of people who are recruiting. I WILL promote to SD! I have already earned Excellence in Sales. have the people to get recruiting in the nect few week. And half way to developing directors too!
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    Director I earned GOLD for the first time this year today!! Wahoooooooooooo for

    We are using the cash option and just booked a family trip to Disneyworld for a week. So much more appropriate with a 7 year old.. For us.. No offense if you like to take your kids in the company trips. We have 2 times but the all inclusives are more adult or older kid oriented. We are so...
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    Director I earned GOLD for the first time this year today!! Wahoooooooooooo for

    thank you.. so excited.. was 1 point away from Dublin in the end. Had the recruits to "make" it happen but was so burnt out by that point that I wanted my vacation for the holidays more than Dublin
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    Director First one!

    I have gotten 3 booking leads and no recruit leads since the system changed. Such a shame that the compnay has cut us and themselves off at the knees with it. I agree that when the customer has to do the work of calling us, it just doesnt happen. The forget, get scared whatever before they evem...
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    Director How is everyone's January looking?

    16 booked, 4 cancelled or rescheduled so far. at least 2 recruits signing
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    Director I earned GOLD for the first time this year today!! Wahoooooooooooo for

    I earned GOLD for the first time this year today!! Wahoooooooooooo for me!!
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    Director What would you do?

    I make a point of telling them that they are not only representing PC, themselves but ME as well. I always tell them that the person is a personal friend or customer of mine and I expect them to act accordingly. I dont care that they are grown women.. clearly a lot of people dont conduct...
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    Director New Consultant/no notification!

    i got notification yesterday that people had used the kit reactivation 5 or 6 months ago! and someone who used the react this week hasnt shown up yet!
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    Director New Roaster

    Italian Pot Pie and Chicken Enchillada Skillet mostly. I love it. I think it is an easier sell than a skillet. It is something different for them to add to their kitchen and at $100 it is an easier buy for them than $150+ for a good skillet
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    Director Consultant success survey

    I have recruited consistantly, although this year is done by my own choosing.. wasn't going to recruit when the whole new web sitution was in full swing.. qualifying less of them though. More cancel their grand opening then ever before.
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    Director Favorite New Product Now?

    I am selling it by saying "So many of you know my best friends Mrs. Baker and her daughter Round Covered Baker. Now you can add their cousin Covered Roaster and have all of your fast and easy dinners done in no time! I love the roaster because the top becomes its own cooking vessel and both fit...
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    Director Favorite New Product Now?

    Roaster, sold 17 since Sept. Doing the Italian Pot Pie and the Chicken Enchillada Skillet from the care and use on the white skillet. Chicken Enchilada Skillet 8 oz. (250 g) pork chorizo sausage, casings removed 1 medium onion, finely chopped 3 cups (750 mL) shredded rotisserie chicken...
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    Director New Roaster

    I have been selling the heck out of the roaster! 17 of them since September!! I love it!
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    Director P3 problems

    just had to send my files to HO for them to do something and send them back.. I have $4000 in shows to send in today!!!
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    Director P3 problems

    anyone having problems with p3? keep getting a download data error
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    Director Do you think I handled this correctly?

    Ann, seems to me you handled it perfectly. After all I have never had an original idea myself according to someone in my downline. Did she invent the mystery hostess show herself? Or did she "borrow" the idea from someone that she heard it from? You refocused her onto her own business. I had a...
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    Director Vent... quote of the day from my meeting last night

    mine is has multiple piercing all over her face: nose, upper and lower lips, tattoos and giant ratted out beehive type hair do... other team member have commented to me "who would book a show with her"... no disrespect to anyone else.. just gives you a visual to go along with the rest.
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    Director Vent... quote of the day from my meeting last night

    love that Becca... I am going to call her and say exactly that to her tomorrow!!!
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    Director Vent... quote of the day from my meeting last night

    and even better... this is what she send to MY new recruits on FB!!! WTH!! Nice to meet you and Beth today!! Glad to know some reps close!! Let me know if you ever need anything. Here's my facebook link to check out, get tips and "like". Katts Delicious Kreations www.facebook.com/XXXX