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    Prices on disc. products ???

    I am getting my cash and carry items ready for a booth tonight and I have looked through all the old catties that I have and I still need 2 prices... Black Caddy (held 2 smalls SA bowls) Square Coffee Mugs Anyone know the original prices on these ????
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    Holiday Street Fair !!!

    here is part of an email I got from a lady I go to church with...I signed up for 14 nights !!! Am I totally crazy ???? :eek: We are going to have an Andy's Extreme Lightshow from November 27th until December 23rd here at the Corporate Office. It will run every night from 6 - 9. We will...
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    Booking incentives ?

    I went to a Premiere Jewelry Party last week and their deal is if the hostess gets 3 bookings the company gives her $25 in free jewelry !! Does anyone have their own booking specials to boost bookings ??? I have 2 shows booked this month and one is tomorrow night. I NEED to get some...
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    Spanish Flyers ???

    I just did our local Cinco de Mayo festival yesterday !! I did get some good booking lead with hispanic women. They do speak english but prefer Spanish. Do any of you have some of the host coaching flyers in Spanish ??? Like the Do you Love a bargain flyer, how to have a $1000 show, etc...
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    Spanish Sales...anyone speak Spanish ???

    I have been leaving spanish mini catalogs around town. I am trying to break into that market....even doing the Cinco de Mayo Celebration on May 6th. Here is my problem... I have had a number on my caller ID from the Mendoza family twice !! No message. My daughter answered the phone...
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    May OOF yet ???

    Has anyone made a May OOF yet with the HWC items on it ???
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    Letter to bride-to-be ????

    Does anyone have a letter that they send to a bride-to-be that they do not know ??? I want to send a letter/flyer to the ladies who are in the Engagement Section of our Sunday paper !!! Kind like cold calling....
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    HWC Cups and Squares ???

    Well my second show (catty show) fell through and I am not going to earn the pink stuff !! I am soooooo bummed !! I was really gonna use those to book my May....I am struggling for bookings right now !!!! If anyone is willing to part with theirs (or even half of theirs...one cup and one...