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    Facebook Parties...help!

    Thank you all for this thread, I"m a brand new consultant and I have a lot of friends who are direct sales adverse. I'm looking for a way to generate interest not on my personal page and the best way to create parties. Does a VIP group work or is a business page better? I work a very...
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    New Consultant

    Hi all I just signed up a few days ago and my new kit just came in today. Looking forward to learning a lot here.
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    New Consultant Email Address

    Hi I'm getting ready to sign up as a new consultant and I'm stuck with creating an email address. I have one on file at Pampered Chef, but that is one that gets a lot of mail and I'd really rather not use it. If I create a new email address, will Pampered Chef transfer all my order history...
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    Soon to be Consultant

    Hello: I'm looking to start next month as a consultant. I'm becoming a consultant to earn a little extra money on the side, I do have a full time job so this will be part-time, flexing with my schedule. I would also like to be a virtual consultant rather than do in home parties. My number one...