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    Woo!!! Registered for Conference!!

    I'm so thrilled at the workshop sessions, I hope I did ok picking - this is my first time to conference!!! Your events: Home Office Tour #2 07/17/2006 08:00 AM - 12:45 PM CST $25.00 Bookings: Fill Your Calendar B 07/17/2006 01:15 PM - 02:30 PM CST Double Digit Recruiting...
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    Quick Chicken Primavera Risotto - help :)

    I'm making this for dinner (the recipe is very involved, and taking me forever, i can't imagine doing this for a demo and having to talk, too!) Anyhow, I just got the rice cooker, but it says that you need to use converted rice. I have 'real' rice... how can I make this work? Plus if you...
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    April OOF?

    Does anyone have an updated (with both guest specials) April outside order form? I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks in advance.
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    "Take a Closer Look"

    I am looking to order this album - and everyone says it's on the supply order form. I've looked, but can't find it! The closest thing to it is the Recruiting Album Binder (5.00 - which I think is just an empty binder?) and Recruiting Album Inserts (which I have the sneaking suspicion are just...
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    First Recruit Lead!

    And I dno't know what to show her! She's coming over at 11 on Monday, and has never heard of PC. I don't have the 'take a closer look' stuff.. what options do I have to convince her that this is an awesome alternative to being a waitress at Friendlys?
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    Micro cooker

    This is going to sound stupid - but do you need to put some water in with your veggies to cook them in the micro cookers? If so, how much? Thanks! Getting ready to make one of the new seasons best recipes for dinner and was in a panic :)
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    Sales Tax on Fundraisers?

    I'm doing a fundraiser now for a non-profit organization and someone asked why they had to pay sales tax! Home office is closed until tomorrow, but I figured that I'd ask here in case someone knew. Should I have not charged sales tax? Ack! 300 packets went out already :)
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    OOh, OOh.. did you guys SEE??

    I just updated PP, and in the supply order, you can now order two of the Show to Go Pieces!!! The carryall tote is $20 The tool turn-about is $15! I know a lot of people wanted to be able to order them!! Yay!
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    New catalog - New 1/2 price combos?

    I don't have a new catalog yet, but was wondering what the half price combos on the back page were! Are they selling the prof. set at 1/2 price, or the new executive set? Can some nice person look? :) Thanks!
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    Kit Enhancement Info!

    Just a warning, during your kit enhancement times (month 4 of your business, and then every April), you can only place ONE order under 'kit enhancement'. I was told that you could place as many orders as you wanted in your 'kit enhancement month' - but HO called and said I couldn't and...
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    Spring Paperwork?

    I was just reading the Jan KCN and it said that we'd be getting our spring paperwork in January. Anyone know when they send it? I can't wait!!
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    Help! Stoneware question

    Can you cook frozen stuffed shells on stoneware? It seems maybe not, but then I have to use metal? Ack! The last thing I want tho, is to have my stone crack. Help!
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    Cookie Press - help!

    Last night I told someone that they could use chocolate chip batter in the cookie press, and now I'm checking before putting the order in! Tell me they can, please so I don't have to call the girl back! Thanks!
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    Microwave cakes

    I want to make the kahula microwave cake tonight for my show - but when I tried it the other night, it seemed a bit too dry or boring. Is there something I'm supposed to put on it, like a frosting or something to make it better? My husband says it definitely needed something before serving...
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    This probably sounds obvious but ...

    ... how do you guys close a show? I keep ending up having to drive back to the hosts house 4 days later and spend another 2 hours with them to get all the rest of the orders, money, and the hosts order. How can I do this so that it doesn't take another 3 hours of my time (and another night...
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    I'm having a bit of trouble with the APCS. I borrowed one from a

    I'm having a bit of trouble with the APCS. I borrowed one from a family friend so that I can demo it in this apple season, and I must be apple-challenged, because I rarely (no matter how slow/fast I go) get it all to peel right. I was wondering if the apple were cold, if that would help.. any...
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    SS Plus Packages

    Can anyone tell me where to pre-select which bonus you want? Or will it just ask you in email or something when they alert you that you've qualified for it? Thanks!
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    Silly "newbie" question about super starter stuff

    Hi! I am in my SS1, and have just qualified! I submitted ~1600 in shows. Now, my question is that that means I also earned the roasting pan and the Tool Turn-About Tote (sorry to say I don't have the turn-about! :). My question is when do they send the pan and the tote to me? I don't...
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    Ordering online as part of a show ...

    I have a customer who says she will order on my website today as part of the show she came to last night. I wanted to know how long it would take for me to know about it, and do I have to enter the sale into PP? Or does it just get ordered as part of the show? The show closes tomorrow, so I'm...