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    Need "No Cook" idea for Moms Group

    I will be doing a show for a Moms Group in their meeting room with limited kitchen facilites. I need ideas for "no cook" recipes that the ladies can help to prepare. This will be after lunchtime but before they have to pickup the older kids from school so it needs to be quick too. I was...
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    Seeing as our Thanksgiving is a month ahead of our neighbours to the

    Seeing as our Thanksgiving is a month ahead of our neighbours to the south, I thought I'd ask if anyone is preparing any PC recipes for their dinner? I've been doing dinners at my house for several years and have some favourite old recipes from my granny. We do potluck so all I'm doing is the...
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    Success Seminar in Vancouver

    Is anyone going to this on April 14th? I will be there with a bunch from my cluster. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I only live about 30 minutes away from the venue. Hope to see you there, Linda
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    New spring products cheat sheet

    Here's a flyer for sharing: I've attached a "Cheat Sheet" (Canadian $) for the new spring line, including item #, price & page number. I was planning on using it as a catalog insert starting in March (or late February when I sneak peek the catalog to hosts & guests). You could also make...
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    Leadership 2007

    I know that we have similar products, etc. with our neighbours to the south but I thought I'd start this for us. What's the news? What are the announcements? New products? Discontinued products? New themed shows and recipes? New incentives? I'm not at Leadership this year and will have to...
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    Bamboo Cheese Board and Petite Squares

    Has anyone else had a problem with the Cheese Board and Petite Squares? One customer bought them and we are having a heck of a time fitting three petites into the well of the board. HO sent us a replacement set of petites, and same problem. I must say, HO was very pleaseant to deal with...
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    2 Month Specials Flyer

    I saw this under the flyer catagory and thought I'd make up the Cdn version. FYI: for those who want to know how to do this. Just cut & paste the Host & Guest Specials from CC onto your own word doc and play around with the sizes. The 2 month format fits nicely onto a page. Thanks, Linda
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    I have a website, now what?

    I just noticed this new catagory (although, knowing my luck, it's probably been here for a while). I thought I'd re-post my thoughts on how to make your website unique. I can't remember how to link up to the file already here - but it is called "website summary.doc". Thanks, Linda I'll...
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    Cdn Fall 2006 Discontinued List

    Now that National Conference is over for both Canada and the U.S. here is my Canadian version of the discontinued list. I haven't posted in a while but I am always looking here for more great ideas. Linda (for some reason the PC Logo does not appear under the heading "Going, Going...
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    Booking Mini-Flyer

    I've had this booking slump over the holidays and I have tried several marketing ideas to get new bookings, including calling all past hosts and customers when the new cookware became available and the spring products. My next idea is to touch base again with my initial 100, this time...
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    Saute Pan Biscuits

    There are several recipes floating around out there for these simple, but delicious, biscuits made in the Pampered Chef's Saute Pan (Executive or Professional line). I have tried to consolidate them here. Some of recipes have come from many different sources and I have tried to credit where I...
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    Looking forward to the new products!

    I can't wait until we can sell the new products! I've put together a Cdn. version of a New Spring Products flyer that was floating around here. Thought I'd share. Linda
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    New Season's Best recipes

    I thought I'd start this thread to rate the recipes in the Season's Best S/S 2006. I just made the Quick Chicken Primavera Risotto for dinner tonight and it was delicious! My kids (1 & 4) ate it, so it had to have been good. It made quite a lot and I have enough for another dinner. I did...
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    Cdn. Discountinued Products List w/photos

    Cdn. Discontinued Products List w/photos Does anyone have a flyer with the Canadian discontinued products on it? I've seen several good ones but, of course, they are the U.S. line. I thought some one might have a flyer already done before I cut & paste. I am going to send out the new...
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    I'm just curious how many of us Canadians qualified for all their

    I'm just curious how many of us Canadians qualified for all their Show-to-go pieces? I just made it before the Oct 31 deadline, but I'm still waiting for my Rolling Case. Are any of you experiencing the problems that our U.S. counterparts are going through? I think that many have to wait as...
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    Recruiting Flyer

    I found this recruiting flyer in one one the other threads - "Top Ten Reasons to Join PC". I think it's great. It is to the point and is all on one page. I modified the flyer to Cdn rates and made it just black & white. The original had each point in a different colour, but colour photocopying...
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    Christmas Wish List

    I was just reading the KCN for November and one of the writeups had a consultant mentioning that at shows she would give a "Christmas Wish List" to the guests. The guests could then take it home and put it on the fridge. Then spouses could call and order what the other half REALLY WANTS for...
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    Products from other PC countries

    I was curious how you go about getting products that are only listed in the U.S. catalog (and vice versa for those U.S. consultants)? I have some U.S. connections but I don't visit them often. I wonder if there is a better/easier way? I am always reading on some of the threads about products...
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    Margarita Grilled Shrimp Skewers Recipe

    I am doing a "Margarita Madness" Party later this month and have looked on this site for recipes. I found a couple good ones: Margarita Pie/Squares and lots of Margarita Slushie recipes. Some one, of course I don't remember which thread it was in, mentioned Margarita Grilled Shrimp Skewers. I...
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    Never pre-judge a potential customer

    This recently happened to one of my hosts and I will use it as an example in future host-coaching. A few days after my Host had her Kitchen Show her husband was chatting with one of his co-workers in a logging mill. They live in an area where logging, hunting and fishing are the way of life...