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  1. Hathery

    Attendance issues

    Okay, so as of late with the whole "economy" thing my attendance has been significantly decreased at parties. I like to think I am clear with my hosts about how to send out the invites, how to encourage outside/online orders, etc. but I just don't think I'm doing a good enough job. Anyone have...
  2. Hathery

    Nov Stoneware Special

    Sorry if this has already been asked! Does unglazed stoneware purchased by guests for the Nov special count towards the host's sales total? Thanks!
  3. Hathery

    Which candidate do you REALLY support?

    Since there is so much false info and spin going around, I thought I'd introduce a fun new approach to figuring out who to vote for. This is a quiz where you input your own political and social beliefs, and it calculates which candidate you most agree with based on your answers. I did this last...
  4. Hathery

    The "Have You Ever" game...

    Thought I'd start a fun little game to help get to know people better. All you do is ask a question "Have you ever..." The next person to reply answers the question and then asks one of their own. Let's see what we learn! :) Have you ever... ridden on a train?
  5. Hathery

    Pampered Chef debit card

    How long does it generally take for TPC to pull the money from your account when you use TPC debit card through P3?
  6. Hathery

    Vegetarian Power Cooking?

    Is it even possible to do a Vegetarian Power Cooking show? All the recipes I've seen are for chicken, etc. because it's so easy and quick. If anyone has ideas of how you could do vegetarian power cooking recipes, bring it on! Thanks!