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  1. pampermejolene

    Pampered Chef on PostSecret-maybe we shouldn't only give PC gifts!

    lol, I'm not sure how else to post this... Go here and look at card number 14 (count them, or you'll know it when you see it). Who knows, maybe someone will see it and think, I need to order something! hahah PostSecret
  2. pampermejolene

    Supplies for sale, shutting down my buisness

    Hey all, I've shut down my biz and have lots of supplies/training materials for sale. Shipping will be extra if you don't live in the area. I'm in 95661, if you're near by we can arrange a meeting spot. If you are only interested in certain items, message me with an offer (you will have to...
  3. pampermejolene

    Any soapmakers?

    I'm starting the hobby of soapmaking. Or I guess I should say I'm test driving it. I haven't made any yet, but I'm thinking I'll enjoy it. I've done tons of online research and have watched some videos and know there are lots of books out there but I wondered if any fellow cheffers make soap...
  4. pampermejolene

    Today is my ONE year anniversary...

    ... with PC!! I haven't done quite as much as I thought I would have in the last year with the company. But I have gained some great skills, filled up my kitchen and met some cool people! :D Just wanted to say thanks to all of those on this site who have helped and supported me along the way...
  5. pampermejolene

    Bad practice? Making OOB calls only?

    Generally speaking, the only follow up calls I make are about a week after the order has been delivered. I figure that has given the host enough time to distribute the orders and then I call to see if they have taken the products out of the boxes if they need recipes or hints & tips etc. I...
  6. pampermejolene

    FREE Grand Slam at Denny's February 3

    I didn't see this posted anywhere, even did a search. I'm kind of surprised it's not up yet. Forgive me if it was posted. Denny's will be serving free grand slams February 3 from 6am-2pm. You have to eat it there, no to go orders. I read one article that you get a coupon book for...
  7. pampermejolene

    US Circuit City's closing

    It was announced today that all the US Circuit City stores will be closing! This makes me so sad! I like Circuit City far more than most the other electronic stores. I've always gotten good customer service and good deals there. An article I read said that the liquidation sales will start...
  8. pampermejolene

    Joint party w/ Mary Kay & Home&Garden ideas, suggestions

    So a friend of mine asked me to do a party for her. After agreeing she tells me great, the Mary Kay and Home & Garden Party reps also said yes. I have never done a show like this. I already told my friend that with multiple vendors there is a chance she won't reach sales levels for her to...
  9. pampermejolene

    Favorite Wii games?

    I finally broke down and bought a Wii (after hunting for it for a couple days). I am having so much fun with it already! Just wanted to see what you or your family's favorite games for it are. I have We Ski (FUN, I've never gone skiing in real life, but love this game) Wii Play is on...
  10. pampermejolene

    TNT must like me (House Party post)

    I was chosen a few weeks ago for the Leverage party (awesome show btw, if you haven't watched it you should. Tuesdays TNT 10PM). Just checked my email and got confirmation of the TNT Trust Me house party for January. YAY! So fun!
  11. pampermejolene

    David Letterman

    There was just a woman on David Letterman who is a director with PC. She was talking about making the BBQ chicken sandwiches in 15 minutes. Then she played the piano with her nose!
  12. pampermejolene

    Black Friday - ideas for email and other questions

    This will be my first time doing a Black Friday sale. Anybody have an email/newsletter type thing already made up for it? Also, I was thinking of doing blocks of time for different sales...i.e. order between 3-5Am get 20% off, 5-7am 15% off, etc, etc... ( I'm just putting those numbers out...
  13. pampermejolene

    Sell A Thon Question

    I just want to confirm that I am understanding correctly, shows for SAT need to be held AND submitted during the same month to count? If I have a show this month but don't close it till the beginning of December, would it not count for either month? I have a show this week but the host is...
  14. pampermejolene

    The Kindle, anyone have one?

    Did you see Oprah today? She is all about the Amazon Kindle. Anyone have one? I wonder if it's as great as she is saying it is. I do love to read and it would come in handy on vacation when I take multiple books with me. If you have one, how is the reading on it? Is it like starring...
  15. pampermejolene

    PC in Vegetarian Times

    I just got my November/December Vegetarian Times magazine and in an article Gifts For Cooks (p26) there is a blip about stoneware and that it seasons itself and the Pampered Chef website is listed. Once I saw that there was cooking tools listed I got excited and started looking to see if PC...
  16. pampermejolene

    Just got my Living Green Party pack!

    There is more stuff in there than I thought. I am a lil disappointed, I thought that the Brita bottles would have Brita filters on them :( But, it's free so whatever! And the wild flower seed packs are too cute! They look like little wild flowers and you plant the whole thing! I don't...
  17. pampermejolene

    October guest special and HWC items

    The guest special is if you spend $60 you get the pumpkin plate, so if guests spend $60 on the HWC items on the website are they eligible for the pumpkin plate? I wasn't sure if the web site only stuff had different rules. Thanks
  18. pampermejolene

    Vegan consultants?

    I already did a search and this hasn't been addressed in awhile so I'm starting a new thread. Are there any vegan consultants out there? What do you do at your shows? I'm well aware that it is possible to cook and bake vegan, but from my experience (which is limited), it requires odd...
  19. pampermejolene

    July 20 supply sales

    Hey all, just thought I would give an update of what I saw in the paper today. Sheet Protectors (if you do a binder with scrap book, recruit info, specials, ect) Buy one get one free @ Walgreens (2/2.99) Translucent 2 pocket Poly portfolios (plastic folders) 1cent each (limit 10) @ Office...
  20. pampermejolene

    We just picked our plums and wow there are a ton!! (lie 3 or 4 5

    We just picked our plums and wow there are a ton!! (lie 3 or 4 5 gallon buckets full, at least!) So, can you share your fav plum recipes? Preferably desserts, but anything will be appreciated, well, anything without meat (I'm a vegetarian, seafood is ok). Also, if any of you have a recipe...
  21. pampermejolene

    For those of you who use the folders with pockets...

    This week they are on sale at Office Depot for 1cent, limit 20! YAY! I'm stocking up. Hopefully I'll have some better fall months than what I've been having!
  22. pampermejolene

    Microwave cake question (I'm sure it's a no-brainer)

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm just not sure. Can I use the fluted pan in the microwave to make a "regular" cake. By regular I mean just mix it up the way it says on the box, oil, eggs, water. I think all of the micro recipes I've seen had sour cream in them or pie filling...
  23. pampermejolene

    Spring catalogs & drawing slips

    I have tons of spring catalogs... No way I'm going to get through them all. I also have several pads of drawing slips. Selling for cheap!
  24. pampermejolene

    My new favorite dessert

    I was playing the kitchen the other night and came up with this :chef: I just had to share, this is the yummiest thing ever to me! I have been taking frozen fruit (I use mango and pineapple but you could probably use anything, berries would be yummy!) and coarsely chop it up with the food...
  25. pampermejolene

    Frustrated - vent

    grrr.. Is anyone else having problems keeping bookings right now. I'm only in my fourth month of business, this is my first summer. Things are looking very bleak! I haven't had a cooking show since APRIL!! Catalog shows were sustaining me but now I have had 5 of those cancel for this...
  26. pampermejolene

    12 minute miracle microwave cake question

    I have a sheet with a whole bunch of microwave cake recipes. In the top corner it gives the basic directions and then the list is just the name of cake and ingredients. (I might have gotten it from this site, I'm not sure). So, I want to make the chocolate banana cake and the ingredient...
  27. pampermejolene

    Out of the box calls

    When you all do out of the box calls and leave messages do you just leave the ball in their court? I had a few people at the last show that mentioned catalog shows but I couldn't nail them down at the show. I called them to do out of the box calls and reached voice mails. That was on...
  28. pampermejolene

    Yard signs

    I've been thinking about getting or making some sort of signage to put on my mailbox post. I figured it would be a good way to let the neighbors know about me. Plus Dad has a home based business that brings a lot of people out this way. Anyhow, I'm not quite sure what to make it out of...
  29. pampermejolene

    Job interview tomorrow

    Say a little prayer that I'll get this job. My current office position has only been giving me 5 hours a week. GROAN I'm just nervous. I don't interview that often... been at my current job for 3.5 years and before that 2.5 years. SO, if you could, just say a lil prayer that the...
  30. pampermejolene

    Anyone from CA &/or Duke Cluster going?

    anybody? anybody?