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    Cleaning Covered Roaster

    Ok so I have used my covered roaster twice now. The first time I used the kitchen spritzer with olive oil first then I made butternut squash in it. When I was cleaning it (by hand in warm soapy water), it seemed to have developed a white film on it. I used it last night and when I went to...
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    Just heard

    My director just sent this: They are powering down the new Web Site and treating it as a Beta site! They should be emailing the rest of the consultants soon. P3 until they can fix the beast! I have a consultant on the new Web. I guess ill be teaching her p3. Fall launch should be...
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    Is this going to cause me a problem?

    So my mom and sister were here visiting this weekend. My sister is getting married in May so I helped her do a wedding registry. Then today before they left my mom ordered off the registry for her. My mom is a past host so I looked up her discount number. Anyway somehow when the order went...
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    Customer Appreciation Party

    So my one year anniversary is coming up with PC. I am having a customer appreciation party at my house. Basically it is a show where I am going to give away all the host rewards (like a mystery host). I also have some duplicate new products that I will likely give away as well. So my...
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    How do you pack the sell more carry less bag?

    This month I have done a soup and slippers show twice. I made the loaded potato chowder in the dcb and the garlic bites in the stainless saute pan. My shows have been great saleswise (both over $800 so far). But I am having trouble packing the carry less sell more bag. Here is what I am...
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    So I missed my goal of $15000 in sales by $104 last year. I submitted

    So I missed my goal of $15000 in sales by $104 last year. I submitted a $200 show on the 13th so I should have $15000 in sales now and be eligible for the 2% raise. I guess the question is when will I see it. I have a show closing the end of the month but I don't think it will be affected...
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    Changing Show type?

    So I did a fundraiser booth but unfortunately the organization wasn't able to get sales up to $150. I have a catalog show that I wanted to add to the fundraiser and I was going to change the fundraiser in P3 to a catalog show and then just give the group my commission on the sales they did...
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    Usual vendor fair?

    So I am doing a fair tomorrow at a day care center. The day care's goal is to raise money so this is a fundraiser. However, there was no charge for the booth. Instead I am just taking any orders and putting them into a fundraiser for the group. The other vendors are doing something...
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    A Pantry Club???

    So what do you think of this idea? Ideally I'd like to get enough in pantry orders a month to count as a show. I'd put all the orders under one name since there isn't really a warranty to deal with and I'd pay the shipping then drop the orders off. I want to take the flyer to my show...
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    Ok did a booth, now what?

    I did a booth this past weekend. I had a drawing for a FREE gourmet pizza party. 10 people entered. I have called all of them now and made them all winners. A few people are interested (and excited). One picked a date. A few others are checking with friends and going to call me back. I...
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    Help with Spinach & Smokey Red Pepper Oil Dip Seasoning

    I just got this email from a customer and I have no idea. I have never used the dip seasoning before. Help please? I got the Spinach & Smoky Red Pepper Oil Dipping Seasoning. Besides combining with olive oil to dip bread, it says Mix it with sour cream and mayo for a dip with veggies and...
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    Anyway to send an email just to customer's from a specific show?

    So I often have people ask for the recipes from the catalog. I tell them if they give me their email, I'll email them out. Then I get home from the show and enter all their info into P3 and then enter their email into my email client and sent the recipes. I know I can get their email out of...
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    Guest ordered at show now wants it taken off a registry

    I think the title says it all. I have a guest who ordered through one of my shows. She now is asking if I can take the order off of someone's wedding registry. I didn't set up the registry. Is there a way to find the consultant who did so that they can update the registry? I know it is too...
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    Feed back on my host letter

    I have never sent a host letter (or written one). I have this idea for something I am calling Beat My Best. I'd love some feedback on it. I attached the letter. Feel free to use it for yourself. Thanks!
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    Molten Lava Cake for a large crowd

    I have a host who is expecting 30+ people to her show on Wed. She requested the molten Lava Cake. I have only ever made it for about 15 people and that usually finished it. Can I make it twice in the same DCB (without cleaning in between)? Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to make it...
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    Grilled Pizza

    I couldn't figure out how to upload this without starting a new post so here it is. I made it up from stuff I had read on here and the community. Super easy and it got rave reviews.
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    The first few shows I didn't print receipts for everyone. I just

    The first few shows I didn't print receipts for everyone. I just printed a receipt for people who didn't get a copy from the carbon receipts. Then I did a fundraiser and I had a lot of outside orders so I just printed receipts for the chair to give out to everyone. It seemed easier then...
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    Business Cards

    So I am looking at Merrill's site and wondering what everyone does for business cards or hand outs? Do you have actual business cards? Do you hand out one of the recipe cards (from the supply order) with your info? Is the stamp thing worth it? I am spending a lot on labels right now and...
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    12 in skillets

    So my kit enhancement is coming up in June (new consultant couldn't do it in April). I have been thinking all along that I wanted to get the 12 in stainless skillet. But now I am wondering if I should get the 12 in executive skillet. I know there are different reasons for each but which one...
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    Tax rates

    So someone just ordered on my website for a show. I am in NY state and this person ordered in North Carolina. It is saying the tax rate is 8.25%. I think that ridiculous. I mean it is only 8% where I am in NY (and NY is one of the highest sales taxes). Google is saying the rate in NC is...
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    Spring/Summer Samples

    Hi, I started in mid March. I was wondering if anyone knows how long I have to order the spring/summer samples. I thought I read somewhere 60 days but now I can't find that. I am hoping to buy some with my PC $ but I was also hoping to earn more PC $ with my May shows. So is there a...
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    Consultant purchasing at a show

    Ok so maybe a weird question. I am doing a fundraiser. I am donating my commission because I am very passionate about the charity. I need a few things so I was thinking instead of a personal order I would just order on the fundraiser so that the charity will get a bigger check in the end. I...
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    Triffle Bowl lid

    So is the Triffle bowl lid suppose to just sit on top? Mine doesn't seem to fit correctly. It doesn't snap on or anything. It just kind of lays there. From the video it looks like they just lay it on top so maybe mine is right but it seems for transport it would be nicer if it fit like the...
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    Guest Special Print outs

    Hi, How does everyone do their guest special print outs? So far I have been printing a few for each show I do as they seem to disappear somehow after each show. I have a fundraiser this weekend and a good number of shows in May so I was thinking of printing one and making copies somewhere...