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  1. jkinak

    Spring/summer catalogs

    I have 50 of the original catalogs still sealed up for sale....$25 including shipping anywhere! Let me know if you are interested.
  2. jkinak

    Recipes featuring Greek or Moroccan Rub?

    I discovered the Greek Pita Pizzas in the Stoneware Inspirations cookbook last summer and love them! The recipe doesn't call for the greek rub since we didn't have it when the cookbook was made, but I sprinkle a little on the pitas before baking and mix some with the plain yogurt that dresses...
  3. jkinak

    Stoneware or sheet pans - which do YOU use?

    I love the cookie sheets, the cookies don't flatten out so they are big and chewy. I was a die hared stone user until I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a couple of months ago and decided to try my cookie sheet I had gotten from SAT...love it!
  4. jkinak

    Skillet recipes

    The jalapeno popper pizzas are awesome, but I think I would do them as a stand alone demo. If you are doing pasta, add the garlic bites. They are super easy and super yummy!
  5. jkinak

    Getting Wii for Son's B-Day..Games???

    You will love the WiiFit! My 6 yr old loves Backyard Baseball and of course, the Wii Sports you get with the Wii.
  6. jkinak

    Gotta Have New Products???!!!!

    I can't wait to get my 2 cup prep bowls! I use the 1 cup ones for just about everything! The snowman plates and platter are cute, perfect for my cookie exchange party.
  7. jkinak

    Wave one is finding out today...

    I would like the news [email protected]
  8. jkinak

    New Items

    I asked the same question a week ago and got a lot of negative feedback....hopefully someone out there will PM us if they are willing to share.
  9. jkinak

    Anyone sending out the info form Wave 1?

    :(mmm...I don't want to get anyone in trouble, just thought I would ask since I can't attend.
  10. jkinak

    Anyone sending out the info form Wave 1?

    I may be to early with this one, but in the past someone in Wave 1 has gathered email addresses and sent out the info during Conference to those of us who aren't attending. Anyone got a list started yet? Thanks!:chef:
  11. jkinak

    June Sell-A-Thon

    Here's what I'm planning on offering (I HOPE I get 10 takers!!) one person gets $100 in free product one person gets $50 in free product one person gets $40 in free product one person gets $25 in free product four people get half priced items one person will be able to purchase up to...
  12. jkinak

    Movie Night: What's Your Favorite?

    Here are some of mine: Valley Girl Sixteen Candles The Untouchables Field of Dreams Bull Durham Almost Famous Blue Hawaii (my mother's influence!) It's A Wonderful Life Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Grease Coal Miner's Daughter Uncle Buck Quite a weird list!
  13. jkinak

    Personal My 2 year old with delayed speech

    My oldest son was a delayed talker. He had his own words for things and we rarely knew what he was talking about so he would get frustrated and act out. He also was not fully potty trained until he was over 4 years old, which the doctors/therapists said was his way of being in control. When...
  14. jkinak

    Tropical Torte W/Fresh Pineapple!!

    I'm going to try this as a trifle for my open house tonight. I really want to use the new Pineapple wedger, but I dont' think the cake looks very exciting. :-)
  15. jkinak

    Rental Car Advice Needed!

    I usually go through Dollar and look for the city special. I can usually get a mid-size for about $150 a week.
  16. jkinak

    I just got confirmed for my first houseparty. I am doing the Ziplock

    Re: Houseparty I wanted that one!!! I just started visiting HouseParty and I haven't been selected for anything. I wonder if they ever do them in Alaska???? Oh well, I signed up for the Clairol one today....I've been coloring my hair since I was 16!!! PICK ME!!! :D
  17. jkinak

    Chicken Tortilla soup

    That's a great idea. I really liked the soup, but did not like the big chunks of chicken since you didn't get a bit of chicken in every bite. I'm going to try this next time!
  18. jkinak

    IPT - inactive status

    THey are just inactive, my first recruit dropped off when she didn't meet the sales minimum, but she's not quitting.
  19. jkinak

    I need some PC motivation! (and other ramblings)

    Gillian-glad to see you are free! (I'm not, but am getting there on my own! :D) I agree that 14 months isn't that long and a grand opening is a great idea. Your customers will probably be glad you are back and flock back to you! There was a reason they stayed loyal to you back then and I'm...
  20. jkinak

    Book ideas

    I love Nora Roberts! Have you read the 4 book series about the brothers-I can only remember the titles Sea Swept and Chesapeake Blue but there are two others. Also, the JD Robb books that she writes about the detective in 2052 are pretty fun reads. I read a LOT, but it is usually light...
  21. jkinak

    Urgent Anyone made Jalapeno Poppers

    I made them for the bonko ladies last week and they loved them. I don't get the bacon in the recipe.....maybe I will just skip that next time. REally yummy served with the cheesy chicken tortilla soup!!
  22. jkinak

    Not sure where to put this, but I have someone asking about a house

    Re: Housewarminig??? I've done it both ways. THe housewarming parties where people bought gifts for the new home owner were organized by a friend and they worked like a bridal shower. THe guests bought gifts for the homeowner and products for themselves. A good friend had just a regular...
  23. jkinak

    New SB recipe help

    Thanks Ann! They were SOOOOOO good! I didn't even notice the bacon...just the jalapenos and peppers-yum!
  24. jkinak

    New SB recipe help

    We sampled a recipe from the new Spring Season's Best at our Cluster meeting on Monday that was a cheese/jalapeno pizza bite. I didn't get the name of it or even look at the Season's Best but I really want to make them next week when I host bonko. I think they will go great with the Cheesy...
  25. jkinak

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

    I did not go to Leadership but want to thank everyone here for getting the information out so quickly. I spent all weekend absorbing the new Career Path and then we discussed it at our Cluster mtg on Monday night and I am ready to go!!! Tuesday I called three of my recruit leads that I haven't...
  26. jkinak

    Garlic knots

    These things are AWESOME!! They have totally replaced garlic bread in my house and my kids ask for them with any meal!! YUM!
  27. jkinak

    For all of those with Wii Fit

    I am back on my Wii Fit after the new year and love it. I was doing it at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes back in September and saw results but then life got in the way and I slacked off. I think the trick is to do some of the more challenging exercises rather than the balance games if you...
  28. jkinak

    Favorite Wii games?

    I love the Wii Fit, but the kids got Guitar Hero for Christmas and we are all hooked on that!! American Idol is also fun-we do the Idol Competition and we can even get my husband to sing-hilarious! :sing:
  29. jkinak

    Problem adding new show to PWS

    So, it worked!! I have been trying to get this show to load for two days!! I just added the co-host after I created the show. duh,duh,duh!!!:o
  30. jkinak

    Problem adding new show to PWS

    I can't seem to get a new cooking show to load to my PWS through CC. Everytime I try I get some crazy error message, has anyone else had a problem?