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  1. jkinak

    Spring/summer catalogs

    I have 50 of the original catalogs still sealed up for sale....$25 including shipping anywhere! Let me know if you are interested.
  2. jkinak

    Anyone sending out the info form Wave 1?

    I may be to early with this one, but in the past someone in Wave 1 has gathered email addresses and sent out the info during Conference to those of us who aren't attending. Anyone got a list started yet? Thanks!:chef:
  3. jkinak

    New SB recipe help

    We sampled a recipe from the new Spring Season's Best at our Cluster meeting on Monday that was a cheese/jalapeno pizza bite. I didn't get the name of it or even look at the Season's Best but I really want to make them next week when I host bonko. I think they will go great with the Cheesy...
  4. jkinak

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

    I did not go to Leadership but want to thank everyone here for getting the information out so quickly. I spent all weekend absorbing the new Career Path and then we discussed it at our Cluster mtg on Monday night and I am ready to go!!! Tuesday I called three of my recruit leads that I haven't...
  5. jkinak

    Problem adding new show to PWS

    I can't seem to get a new cooking show to load to my PWS through CC. Everytime I try I get some crazy error message, has anyone else had a problem?
  6. jkinak

    Rant Broken stove!

    I came home from work tonight to find that our stove is not working!!! :yuck: UGH!! I've got my annual cookie exchange on Sunday and guess who hasn't made her peppermint fudge cookies yet! I'm off to Home Depot in the morning and am praying that they can deliver a new one by Saturday...
  7. jkinak

    Need Adult Beverage Ideas!

    I am having our office holiday party at my house on Saturday night and need some help. I don't have to cook anything (catered!) and we will have soda, wine and beer on hand, but I am looking for an alternative adult beverage. I'm thinking the cran-raspberry fizz with vodka, because I really...
  8. jkinak

    Blond Brownies using Yellow Cake Mix??

    I could SWEAR I found a super easy recipe for blond brownies using a yellow cake mix here a couple of weeks ago!! I have searched and can't seem to get it to come back up-does anyone have that recipe??? Thanks!!
  9. jkinak

    Do they notify you when you promote?

    My second recruit signed in October so I should be a FD starting November 1, right? I haven't gotten any kind of email, letter, phone call from HO telling me that I have been promoted. Do they only do that for Directors? Thanks!
  10. jkinak

    Evite reminder problem

    I have a host that is using the evites and yesterday (2 days before the show) the automatic reminder email was sent. Then it was sent again today!! My host doesn't want her customers to feel like they are being pressured to attend-what to do?? I DON'T want another reminder sent tomorrow...
  11. jkinak

    New Recruit Notification

    I have a recruit that is in the process of moving back home (college student). Her plan is to sign up by the end of the month so she can get in on the promotion and then she has 3 shows already planned in September. My question is--will I be notified when she submits her new consultant...
  12. jkinak

    ISO-PC purse/small messenger bag

    I am trying to find a small messenger style bag to use as a purse. Anybody got something like that they would like to get rid of? TIA!
  13. jkinak

    FS-Spring/Summer Catalogs

    I have 50 current catalogs that I wish I could use, but August is not looking so good. $20 plus shipping to whoever wants them! I can also sell 25 for $10 plus shipping. Still in shrink wrap-no labels! PM if you are interested!
  14. jkinak

    Hand Lotion

    Do we sell the hand lotion anymore? I don't see it even listed on P3. Thanks!
  15. jkinak

    Host Coaching Success!

    I had a show last week with only 2 guests attending (bad weather, Saturday night-who knows why) We went on with the show and prepared the Mini Pesto Pizzas together. Luckily both guests had big shopping lists so I left with the party at $250 (whew!) I talked to the host about getting those...
  16. jkinak

    Sometime I just need a kick...

    I was feeling sorry for myself this morning with only one booking in January and one in February when I decided to get going. I contacted two people that expressed interest in November for after the holiday, but hadn't set dates-now scheduled!! One of my past hosts decided she couldn't pass up...
  17. jkinak

    $15K by year end-YES!!

    I just realized that I am less that $2000 away from $15K in career sales and I have 5 shows already booked between now and the end of the year!!! I know some do it super fast after signing, but I signed a year ago and didn't really start rolling a good pace until August. YIPPEE!!! A raise just...
  18. jkinak

    Recipe help needed

    I am doing a fundraiser for a local TOPS group and will be doing a short demo during a meeting. I need to come up with something low-cal and with no cooking involved (they meet in a church and we will not have access to the kitchen). I was thinking about a simple trifle-any suggestions? Thanks!;)
  19. jkinak

    Pan o Rama Question

    I got an email from my upline director that I am a bit confused about, could someone please try to clarify for me? Part of the email: When someone from July or August books a show for September as a catalog show they not only get 60% off as the host of the Sept. show on the cookware, AND...
  20. jkinak

    Microwave measurements for DCB

    I know it is on here somewhere but I should be working and need to get the info to my host for this weekends party. How big does the microwave need to be to fit the DCB and cook the pork tenderloin?? Thanks in Advance!!! Jill
  21. jkinak

    Pork Roast

    I got a great deal on pork roasts at Costco today and was going to try the pork tenderloin recipe with one of them. Question is----I don't have a pocket thermometer or any other thermometer to test the internal tempature while cooking. Should I just go with 10 minutes or wait until I can...
  22. jkinak

    Apple P/C/S Question

    My mom has wanted to buy one of the apple A/P/S for a couple of months and last week one of her friends knew a lady at church who would sell her an UNUSED one, with the stand for $10!!! So she grabbed it ande we used it today-pretty slick!! The question is-it is the old one with the two...
  23. jkinak

    Email Invitation from PWS Problem

    I have a guest that sent the email invites directly from the host website to 14 people and not one has viewed. This seems pretty weird as these are her friends and family that she keeps in contact with through email and the invites were sent Sunday. I haven't contacted HO to see if there may...
  24. jkinak

    A big thanks for everyone!

    I am pretty new at the business (6 mos) and thought my booking leads had dried up last month and then I started to read all the great ideas here on Chef Sucess!! I thought about that list of 100 and how I only talked to about 20 of those folks because I didn't want to be the "pushy...