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  1. rachelpc

    Help Need catalogs in Los Angeles asap!!!

    Hi everyone, My shipment from the homeoffice is taking longer then normal and I need Catlogs for a fundraiser asap. We are in the Los Angeles area. If any one has any let me know. We are in ventura county , but will travel to get them Thanks Rachel
  2. rachelpc

    How do I get my picture to show on my posts

    I know this is probably a stupid question, But I have tried everything. My pic shows up on my profile , but not on my posts HELP !!! Thanks:)
  3. rachelpc

    Looking for $1000 club pins

    Does anyone have $1000 club pins. Two of my team members joined the club this month Yeah !!!!! I looked on vip and could not find them Thanks Rachel
  4. rachelpc

    Booking benefit

    I had a quick question. If 2 people book from the same host for the same month does that person ( the one they booked off of) get the sepcial at each show. That only seems right. It is not the first hosts fault that they both booked in the same month. Thnak for your input
  5. rachelpc

    Day in the life of a bar pan

    Does anyone have this flyer. I know I have seen it on here somewhere Thanks Day in the life of a barpan
  6. rachelpc

    Sparkling lemonade, does anyone have the recipe?

    I think I got this recipe here, But I can not seem To find it . I think it is rasberries gingerale and lemonade. thanks in advance :)
  7. rachelpc

    Spring and summer molds

    Hi there, I have a customer who wants the spring and summer molds. Is this even possible? I thought they were discontinued.
  8. rachelpc

    Tele Classes

    I was wondering if any of you all have taken any of the tele classes and If so what you thought of them. I found the one on Recruting and the one on responding to objections very helpful.
  9. rachelpc

    Questions about conference

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how going to conference changed their business. I have heard many positive stories. I will be attending my first conference July 11-13th. I am so excited!!! Anyway I just thought maybe people who have gone can share their experiences. thanks :) :)
  10. rachelpc

    Mystery Host

    Does anyone have a flyer for doing a mystery host show??