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  1. lt1jane

    Updated SS 2016 Gift Giving, Baby Ideas, and Dorm Room

    Finally got these updated. Please let me know if you find any errors. I am happy to correct them.
  2. lt1jane

    New Spring Products?

    I've been unexcited with the last few seasons. This season is different. I need to get my act in gear, come out of retirement and get some of this stuff! I like the Spiralizer, but am not sure about the $62.50 pricetag. I don't have the veggie strip maker (my grater works fine) I love...
  3. lt1jane

    FW 2015 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby brochures

    You're welcome. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. lt1jane

    FW 2015 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby brochures

    Since I am a consultant again, I needed to update my brochures. These are ones that I have either created (Dorm & Baby) by compiling info from other places and putting into a format that I liked. The Gift ideas flyer is not my creation. I received it in 2009 and have kept it updated. Yes, I...
  5. lt1jane

    Contact labels

    I did address labels.
  6. lt1jane

    New Logo, new mailing labels

    No problem, I figure if I find them helpful, someone else may too. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  7. lt1jane

    New Logo, new mailing labels

    With the new logo, I had to update my mailing labels that I print out. I had to alter the logo slightly to look decent on the labels (their format would result in a tiny logo you couldn't see). All I did was put the logo on the left and the "Independent Consultant" on the right. I know they...
  8. lt1jane

    Replacement Part for Classic Batter Bowl

    No, they new batter bowls are larger
  9. lt1jane

    Share What You've Learned

    True, but it's too close in my opinion.
  10. lt1jane

    Share What You've Learned

    I'm not at conference (inactive at the moment and in my 6 months before I have to buy a new kit) If my life calms down and I get a new job, I'd come back in a heartbeat. I'm in enough PC groups that I still get the updates. Here are the new logos. For me, I need to get used to them. I love...
  11. lt1jane

    Discontinued products 2015

    I agree! I just made the decision to get rid of mine. My old style one worked great for 10 years. The new one quit working fast. No amount of cleaning and scrubbing will help. The old one I could toss the mechanism in the dishwasher and it would work again.
  12. lt1jane

    Managing "My Contacts"- how do ...

    My complaint is that if you want to add/delete a group of people, you must do it one at a time...
  13. lt1jane

    New Catalog in PDF file for booth shows

    I bought mine from Miles Kimball. They are called Binder Magazine Holders. I checked as the original post is 1½ years old, they still carry them.
  14. lt1jane

    P3 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    I've seen this happen a few times. Please watch the dates on posts. This thread is from 2012!!! The information is old....
  15. lt1jane

    FW 2014 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby Brochures

    I know I'm late, I was thinking about giving up the ghost, but I can't quite do it. I have finally updated my three tri-fold brochures that I maintain. Hope you find them helpful.
  16. lt1jane

    Facebook Advertising

    I think you saw some old posts. There was a time only a few years ago that FB was a no-no. There are still things you have to follow in order to be PC compliant with your business pages. They don't want cute nicknames, They want your page (and every post) to clearly ID you as an independent...
  17. lt1jane

    Staying Active

    every other month will keep your career sales. If you submit $150 in January and $150 in March, you technically are inactive in February, but your career sales are safe. If you submit $150 in January, nothing in February and March and $150 in April, you are still a consultant but you lost your...
  18. lt1jane

    Manual Food Processor Storage Lid

    According to my director, it was announced at conference. The reasoning is to get the news out there and offer the opportunity to buy the lid to people who already own the MFP. New MFPs come with the lid. The extra bowl and lid set will stay. It's the lid only that will become a replacement...
  19. lt1jane

    Manual Food Processor Storage Lid

    people need to know that only this season will it be in the catalog, next spring it becomes a replacement part
  20. lt1jane

    Urgent New products for fall 2014

    I am currently waiting for the new tablet to be shipped. On my old Nexus, sometimes attachments would download and I could find them in the downloads section.
  21. lt1jane

    New Strawberry Cheesecake Bombe Recipe Questions

    I made it with Graham cracker, it was good.
  22. lt1jane

    New Stoneware

    Maybe they'll bring back the regular pie plate? I've had requests for that. Not everyone wants to "supersize" their pies and desserts.
  23. lt1jane

    Discontinued items!

    Yes, but I'm not surprised by the ceramic cookware. It's white (try to keep that clean and nice looking) and it only had a three year guarantee. My personal experience with ceramic cookware (Scanpan-with a lifetime guarantee) was that every three years I was sending it back because the coating...
  24. lt1jane

    Disc. Products You'll Miss

    I like the Dijon Mustard Rub. Probably the only thing I will actually miss. Other things I own that I actually like: Bamboo Note Holder (I own 2) oil and vinegar bottles, though admittedly the oil bottle seems to not like oil over time. Water works fine, but oil won't. Things...
  25. lt1jane

    Discontinued Products

    It's about time we "got the lead out" of our product line. There's nothing leaving that I'm dismayed to see go. A few things I like and am sad about, but I'm not heartbroken about anything. I would rather have a smaller top-notch product line than a bloated line full of crap .
  26. lt1jane

    Husband Put Cool and Serve Tray Green Inserts in DW

    If you don't use the hot water wash or the heated dry feature you will be OK. Most things are "top rack" safe only because they can get damaged if too near the heating element.
  27. lt1jane

    Which Android Tablets can use the Pampered Chef (TPC) mobile app?

    I found it in the Play Store under TPC, but my Nexus is NOT compatible with it :( Since I refuse to pay for a data package, I am SOL.
  28. lt1jane

    Ultimate Mandolin

    Yes, the round holder is a replacement part for the UM and yes, it fits on the original oval UM
  29. lt1jane

    SS 2014 Gift Giving, Dorm Room, and Baby Brochures

    I'm glad others find these as useful as I do. That's why I update them every season with price changes and remove retired items.
  30. lt1jane

    SS 2014 Gift Giving, Dorm Room, and Baby Brochures

    It's been a while and I finally have everything updated. Even have some new pictures on the Gift Giving one!! Enjoy and hope you find them useful.