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    Kitchen Spritzer

    Can you use truffle oil in the kitchen spritzer?
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    Cleaning the Kitchen Spritzer

    A little off topic- but, can truffle oil be used in the kitchen spritzer? I'm not really familiar with truffle oil or its viscosity. If someone could let me know, I'd appreciate it!
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    Bags, Aprons, Supplies for Sale

    Do you still have all the black/ white/ pink totes and paisley apron?
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    Mandy Hannan...Back to PC!

    Awesome!! I look forward to it! Thank you, Mandy
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    Mandy Hannan...Back to PC!

    Hello all. Looking forward to the information in these forums. My name is Mandy Hannan...and I'm not new to PC....I am just back at it, as it seemed to effectively fall into place with my wellness business. I'm a masters-prepared nurse, college adjunct faculty, high school teacher, wife...