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  1. Shannen

    Bar board stained?

    Thanks! I'll try the lemon and baking soda and try to sun it if that doesn't work (hopefully a bird doesn't poop on it... they tend to like my patio, hehehe). I'm hesitant to use chemicals, personally. :)
  2. Shannen

    Bar board stained?

    I thought the bar boards weren't supposed to stain, but the middle of mine is a beige-ish color that I can't get out. I've tried using hand dish soap before putting it in the dish washer and scrubbing it, but nothing is working. Tips?
  3. Shannen

    Kids at a show...

    The few shows where kids have been there, getting them involved really paid off. If the kid is over 8 (and mom approves), I have them use the mandolin or the chopper and they have a lot of fun with it! Younger kids have always been in another room, but you can tell the moms have one ear...
  4. Shannen

    For Mac users: modifying monthly flyers from HO

    Sweet, thanks! I'm new to using Mac and trying to find my way around.
  5. Shannen

    How much change to bring for cash sales

    I keep just a few bills with me, and if they need more change than I have (maybe more than one person is paying with cash and needs change), there's usually someone there who can make change for them as well. I've noticed too that when people have an idea of what they want to spend, sometimes...
  6. Shannen

    Pasta Bake in the DCB!

    Ohhh, I might make that tonight... it seems to serve my laziness that I'm feeling today :P
  7. Shannen

    Computer recommendation?

    Just about anything you get now will run the things you are asking to run. I would say not to get anything less than 3GB of RAM if you want it to last a few years (I would say 4GB is better), and if you take a lot of pictures, a 500GB harddrive. The only thing that you might have a problem...
  8. Shannen

    Would you drive 4 hours for a show?

    I don't know if I would go that far... I was considering turning the show I have tomorrow into a catalog show but did tell her that we need at LEAST 6 people and gave her a ton of ideas for outside orders. She confirmed that she has 12 people coming at least, so I'll be going out there. I love...
  9. Shannen

    Personal/Supply Order?

    Is there a way to order supplies and some personal items on the same order so I don't have to pay the extra shipping? I want to get some spices and SB and other things for my shows, and I'm finally ready to get the 12" skillet :love: ... it doesn't seem to fit the other categories and when I...
  10. Shannen

    Show outline

    This is what I used for my last show (first time I actually wrote it down and oh my goodness, it helped! I can't count on winging it and just figuring it out :rolleyes: ) and it is just hand written right now, but it worked great! Best show so far! :D - On time tickets - *drawing* - Thank...
  11. Shannen

    So, I've been completely inactive since September. Yet, I still read

    Re: Reactiving Rock, paper, scissors? Just kidding... best of luck, I don't have any good advice. :)
  12. Shannen

    I just booked a show from an auction!

    Nice! Great idea for advertising!
  13. Shannen

    $1 off for each order a guest brings

    Wow, that sounds like a great idea! I'll have to put that in place for my first spring show!
  14. Shannen

    Silver Coin to wash garlic and onion smell??

    A guest at a recent show asked me if we still have this silver coin that her mom raves about. She said that you wash your hands with it and it gets rid of the smell from even garlic and onions. Has anyone heard of this?
  15. Shannen

    Combining Shows Easily?

    I have a show that doesn't look like it is going to get to that $150 mark, so I'm thinking of combining it with a show I'm having this Saturday. Is there an easier way to move over the orders rather than removing them and re-entering them in the new show? I would have to call two people to get...
  16. Shannen

    Gluten free lava cake?

    Ohhh, I'll have to try that for my hubby, who eats GF!
  17. Shannen

    2010 Census...

    Sounds interesting.... I could always use some extra money! I can't find on their website though if you get to choose your hours and between PC and some other commitments, weekends would be hard for me to commit to. Thanks for the link!
  18. Shannen

    Craziest Thing to happen in a show

    My first show, I was showing that the mandoline could hang on the wall and I clipped the food grabber thing on top and the garage fell on the floor.... I just said "wow, this is durable!" :) Nothing too extreme... yet. :P
  19. Shannen

    Prayers needed

    My prayers are with you. So sorry to hear it is going so rough for you!
  20. Shannen

    Not trying to start a fight, but... re: Facebook

    It seems like blogging would be advertising as well. The only times I post stuff on FB is if I'm having a party (as the host) myself, but I don't mention that I'm the consultant until they get to the party. I had a fan page up until I read the rules and saw that it was clearly against...
  21. Shannen

    TPC Credit card

    With the TPC debit card, it appears that the charges actually clear in your checking account that it is linked to when the order ships, so you could close the show that night if they wanted to and you don't have to worry about not having the money in your account right away. Of course you want...
  22. Shannen

    What's for Dinner...Friday, January 29

    I've made spaghetti pie before... it is quite good with noodles on the bottom, then you put a cream cheese/sour cream/green onion blend and top it with ground beef/tomato sauce/spices and extra sharp cheddar. Tonight though.... rice pilaf. :)
  23. Shannen

    Getting ready to sign my frist recruit!

    That's awesome, congrats!
  24. Shannen

    Valentine's Day nondemo Show at Work

    I was planning on doing something similar, but at my house (PC is my job outside the house :) )... could you do the mint triangles, but with red food coloring? You could drizzle the choco chips on top in the shape of hearts as well.
  25. Shannen

    Valentine's Show

    I LOOOOVE the zesty ravioli myself, and so does my hubby. That's my 2 cents. :)
  26. Shannen

    Girlfriend Biz Planner

    I think it is very cute! And in my optimism, I think I could follow through and set the goals... we have yet to test this theory as much as that day planner has set. I -just- ordered a planner the other day, otherwise I would totally consider that one.
  27. Shannen

    What's for Dinnner...Friday, January 8

    I'm making Chipotle Stuffed Bell Peppers. Perfect on a cold, winter night.
  28. Shannen

    Spring Launch

    I'm going to the one in Minneapolis. :)
  29. Shannen

    THis royally STINKS

    These are amazing ideas! I love the neighborhood idea especially and the extra 50% off an item to fill calendar days. Bill, if you are sending from your personal email account, it is probably a limitation with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). I'd suggest sending from your PC website, or...
  30. Shannen

    Mint Triangles & Banana Trifle

    I made the triangles recently and they turned out fine, other than I bought the choco almond bark so there was no green color to the topping. One thing I noticed when working with cream cheese is if you use the lowfat kind or neutaful (sp?), it turns out runny. Not sure if you used that, but...