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  1. abrahamlaur

    Stoneware question

    i had a show on saturday and one of the girls there was mentioning how the host shouldnt buy a stone because she could go to lowes (in the lawn and garden center) and get one of the stones there meant for the yard (like stepping stones kinda i guess). she said it was made out of the same...
  2. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    I have a host that would like the Asian Pork Noodle Skillet this Saturday at her show but with Chicken. I know some of you were talking about using chicken and different flavor noodles (I THINK) and was wondering if someone could share the *revised* recipe with me??? PLEASE!!! Thank you in advance!
  3. abrahamlaur

    Need Help!!!

    Hey Ya'll, I Need Help! I Have A Show Tomorrow Night With About 7-12 People Coming. The Problem I'm Having Is That I Only Have Two Catalogs Left! Ann Has Helped Me Come Up With A Way To Make This Work But Was Wondering If You All Could Help Me Figure Something Out? I Was Wondering If Its...
  4. abrahamlaur

    What the HECK!!!

    Okay, I'm sorry in advance but this might be alittle bit of a vent .. okay probably all vent! How am I supposed to increase my sales if my husband makes me reschedule shows all the time? We only have one vehicle right now and I'm only scheduling shows for Saturdays and Sundays, while he is...
  5. abrahamlaur

    Vista Print question

    Hey girlies ... I want to get some vista print stuff but i have no idea on really how to design it. could some of you show me some pictures of what you did on their site so i can get an idea of hwo i can design some business cards, invitations, tshirts, etc etc? Thanks so much in advance!
  6. abrahamlaur

    First Recruit Interview

    Hey everyone! I have my first recruit interview to do next friday and am wondering if theres an outline or anything I can go over? Anyone have any ideas on what to bring to show her etc? She is also hosting a show in Oct, so i already told her part of her FPV could go to reducing the price of...
  7. abrahamlaur

    Handy Paperwork

    I'm redoing my filing system and I thought I saw somewhere on here before what paperwork you should keep within your reach on a daily basis. But I cant find it now. What files should I keep in my new filing cabinet (one drawer) right by my desk?
  8. abrahamlaur

    Catalog Host Coaching

    Hey does anyone host coach their catalog hosts? I'm not really sure how to do that and I have two Catalog shows in Sept, so I want to make sure they do really well .. Any tips, suggestions, forms?? Thanks!
  9. abrahamlaur

    Expenses question

    Hey Cheffers - I got a question for you about collecting/adding up your expenses for your shows. I havent done so yet, I've never made enough money to even claim PC as a job yet on taxes. But this year I'm *afriad* that I will be making more than $600 and realized I need to be able to claim some...
  10. abrahamlaur

    Cooking help

    hey all, i got a question. whenever i make sliced potatoes it burns my SS cookware to pieces, and it sticks to the bottom like crazy. is there anything i can do so that wont happeN?
  11. abrahamlaur

    What is a bunco show and how do you do it? i've never done anything

    What is a bunco show and how do you do it? i've never done anything like a bingo show either, so i have no idea! i'd love for it to be a part of my military family support group thing while our hsubands are deploeyd! thanks
  12. abrahamlaur

    Hospitality Near Stamford, CT

    Hey ya'll ... I recruited a girl from CT and I"m in GA ... does anyone know if there are any meetings in that area she could get involved in? Thanks!
  13. abrahamlaur

    Incredibly Pcky Husband .. HELP!

    Hey All, I Have The Worlds Most Picky Husband When It Comes To Food. I Grew Up On A Meat And Potato Kind Of Diet With My Family And I Marry The Worlds Greatest Husband But I Can Not Cook For Him! He Doesnt Like Steak Or Pork, And Hes Getting Sick Of Chicken. He Can Really Only Have One Type Of...
  14. abrahamlaur

    Moving Overseas

    Hey all, I was just thinking that there might be a possibility that we might move overseas. When my husband reenlists in the Army we might put down Germany for our duty station. How does that work with Pampered Chef? Am I still able to do it? Is it as easy as just changing the address with HO?
  15. abrahamlaur

    I'm on a FREAKIN roll!!

    I'm SOOO stinkin excited!!! I just called a few people and i got 2 shows for August, a church show and a fair for this month too .. and in Sept I got 3 shows and a possible catalog show! I swear when I tell people about the cookware sale they go crazy!! I'm so excited, this is the busiest I"ve...
  16. abrahamlaur

    8" Saute Recipes

    Does anyone have any recipes I could do in the 8" Saute Pan? Thats the only pan I have so far and cant afford to really buy the bigger size right now, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to show it off with recipes at shows so I can earn some points towards a new pan!
  17. abrahamlaur

    Consultant Information Sheet

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing? I just started my team and was wondering if there was something like this around. I heard about somewhere but havent been able to find it ... THANK YOU!
  18. abrahamlaur

    What do ya'll say when your calling new leads at this time of the

    What do ya'll say when your calling new leads at this time of the year? I know I should mention the new host specials and new catalog/products, but I just dont know how to word it ... can anyone PLEASE help me? I gotta make calls today!!
  19. abrahamlaur

    Thank You!

    i just wanted to say that i love this board, it is such an inspiriation when you are down in the dumps or just in a major slump .. its nice to come on here and get the ideas that get you motivated again! So thanks everyone!!!
  20. abrahamlaur

    Wives of deployed soldiers

    Hey ladies ... I have a question. I have an opportunity to do a demo/show at a support group for wives of deployed soldiers here in my town. The organizer would like something that would help the moms learn how to make meals for their kids, fast, easy etc etc ... i dont really know wehre to...
  21. abrahamlaur

    How do I enter ...

    The orders from a Bridal Shower into the PP? There were individual orders as well and I dont know what I need to do so that everything shows up the way its supposed to and WHERE its supposed to. Do I enter the brides gifts into PP and then do something in the registry online or do I not enter...
  22. abrahamlaur

    What do you give guests?

    I have a shower on Friday and I had heard somewhere about a "packet" you give guests? What do you all give the guests? Just a catalog and order form or what? Please help, I gotta do this tonight! THANKS!
  23. abrahamlaur

    Okay I Have A My Very First Bridal Shower On May 18th. Not Alot Of

    Okay I Have A My Very First Bridal Shower On May 18th. Not Alot Of People Are Going To Be There (tops 10), I Really Have No Idea What I Need To Do. What Do I, The Consultant, Do During The Bridal Shower? Is It Just Like A Regular Cooking Show Where I Introduce Etc Tell My Story, Play Games Do...
  24. abrahamlaur

    How to load PP3

    how do i load the new program? i insert the disk but it just wants to load the new version of pp. anyone know how i can get it to load.
  25. abrahamlaur

    Whats wrong with me?

    okay I had a show last night, my first NO DEMO ... i used rae's outline (which was great), there were 15-20 guests. I dont know if its just that these girls were really chatty, drinking wine and gabbing the WHOLE time, plus i wasnt feeling well (felt alittle nauseous). I literally had to SCREAM...
  26. abrahamlaur

    Mailing SB's??

    Is it possible to mail out the SB's without an envelop? I cant think of how to do it, but thought someone had mentioned it before,
  27. abrahamlaur

    I Have No Idea!

    What to do, I just got my first wedding registry, but I dont know how it works etc. Do I enter each order into Pampered Partner just like a regular online order? What are the ins and outs of this whole thing! I'm worrid I'm going to screw it up!
  28. abrahamlaur

    I'm So Mad!

    I dont know if this is where i should post this ... but i am sooo mad! i have a friend that lives in alaska and shes been doing catalog shows for me since i started the business a year ago. well i just found out that she had a cooking show in feb with a consultant up there and got a 900...
  29. abrahamlaur

    How to Use ...

    Okay how do I use the Closer Look Inserts and Binder? I havent recruited anyone or really talked to anyone about it in depth and was wondering How to use them ... Any help would be GREAT! Thanks
  30. abrahamlaur

    Easy Travel Recipes?

    Hello Ladies! I have my FIRST no-demo show on Friday and need to have a recipe to bring with me and one to make at the hosts house before the show begins. The total trip to her house is about an hour and I need a good recipe that will travel well to her house and an easy recipe I can make...