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  1. heulflodyn

    Replacement part please for a uk consultant. Can someone help

    I just dropped my cool and serve and broke the lid. I know I bought something from a US consultant before but I can’t find her details. Would someone be able to order me a lid and post to the uk thanks I am gutted
  2. heulflodyn

    Wanting Rockcrok lid

    It’s the everyday rockcrok it’s 10” 25cm diameter
  3. heulflodyn

    Wanting Rockcrok lid

    Hi my son just broke the glass lid of my Rockcrok pan. Does anyone have one they could sell me please thanks
  4. heulflodyn

    Christmas Countdown 2012

    ah, that'll be why ... missed it. booo :-(
  5. heulflodyn

    Christmas Countdown 2012

    I couldn't find any!
  6. heulflodyn

    Cancer products evaluation....

    we're just gearing up for HWC in the uk, in October and a lot over here are unhappy with the pink products already. Love these ideas on this thread, hope they takethem inboard for next year
  7. heulflodyn

    Facebook Show Tips?

    I might try that, seems when I ask people to help me out, it's easier than when I say 'would you ..'
  8. heulflodyn

    Theme Show Book

    I'm starting to do this, I just did a Mexican show and got a couple of photos. I keep forgetting to take pictures! I love all these ideas :) I'm doing a princess party tomorrow for children being as its the holidays. It'll involve icing pink cupcakes, a kiss the frog game and I'm thinking of...
  9. heulflodyn

    FS - NIP Partiotic Apron

    oooh I'd like it!? thanks
  10. heulflodyn

    Sample Packages

    oooh exciting! I just ordered some samples, different things in the UK, but still! we have a round covered baker coming and the taupe stoneware :-) I hope we get ceramic pans eventually, sounds amazing Natalie
  11. heulflodyn

    Wanted: Wine Bottle Opener

    Hi, I'm located in the UK and bought a wine bottle opener before they were discontinued over here. My son is wanting one, SO I wondered whether anyone could help me out? It looks as if PC might be changing the design in the US next month? It was the #2157 item Thanks Natalie
  12. heulflodyn

    Crappy Door Prize "?"

    did this at my last show - gave out pan scrapers in little organza bags with my business card for questions, everyone was trying to think of a question, they all wanted one. Couldn't believe how excited they were! had a colander jug as a door prize and got more orders from people who wanted to...
  13. heulflodyn

    Dont Know What to Do...

    aw I'm really grateful for the tips, I'm finding it so hard getting bookings right now and I feel a bit depressed about it too. Hope the OP is feeling more positive