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    RockCrok Recipes

    I'm putting together a document with recipes for both of the rockcroks, would someone be willing to post the recipes that are included with the Everyday Pan?
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    Dir Krista Dove shows are only 1 hour..

    I agree, prepping ahead of time is what has cut my shows down big time. Sure, it requires me to get to my host's house a bit earlier than I typically would but I find this way that the guests don't get bored & they're more likely to host their own show when they know it's going to be short & sweet.
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    French Onion and Mushroom Soup - Rock Crok Recipe request

    Here you go! French Onion & Mushroom Soup -6 Tbsp Butter (3/4 stick), divided -6 oz French bread, sliced into 16 (1/2") slices -8 oz cremini mushrooms, quartered -5 large sweet onions -3 garlic cloves, pressed -1 Tbsp sugar -1 Cup dry red wine (such as Cabernet Sauvignon) -3 Tbsp flour -8 Cups...
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    RockCrok Recipes

    I got the Dutch Oven RockCrok and received it yesterday. I am anxious to try out some recipes that aren't in the ones they sent with the rockcrok. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    August Promotion

    Thank you, I must have missed that.
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    August Promotion

    Has anyone who submitted 2 shows already received their new consultant tote? I submitted 2 shows on the 10th and haven't even received anything saying I earned it. Any idea how I can check on the shipment status to see if it's even been shipped yet?
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    Rock Crok vs. Flameware

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Starting Out, and a bit worried.

    It's definitely something you can do. $1250 seems like a lot when you see it written out but I did it in 3 shows in my first 30 days. Make some calls and get 4-6 shows on your calendar for your first month. Let people know that this is your business and it's something you're excited about...
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    Fall Themes

    I have a host who wants to do a "Fall" themed show. I told her I would put together a list of themes & recipes to choose some. I have no idea where to start, I've never done a theme show before & surely haven't come up with one on my own. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Creamy One Pot Pasta in DCB

    This looks amazing! I'm pretty sure my kids would devour it.
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    Budget Friendly Recipes Needed!!!

    I am in an area with a high population of people who work for the government, myself included. Of course with the furlough going on and us taking a 20% pay cut everyone is reevaluating their budgets. I've had a ton of people ask about really awesome but really cheap Pampered Chef recipes. I...
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    Fruit and Cheese Cutter

    I'm going to make an edible arrangment for my son's birthday in a few weeks. Some of my team mates did a trial run with them back at the beginning of March, said they were very easy to use but it was also kind of time consuming. I'll give it a trial run over the next few weeks to see how it...
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    What samples package/s are you ordering?

    Yes ma'am! I was surprised to see that my show didn't ship until this morning when I resolved the cc immediately after I submitted my sample order. It wasn't much bigger than my sample order. I guess they might have the samples pre-packaged in their respective groupings so it wouldn't take as...
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    Tablecloths and Aprons

    Sometimes I use tablecloths, sometimes I don't. I always ask my host if she has somewhere in mind that she'd like me to set up or if she would prefer for me to bring my own table. If I'm using something of theirs I don't bring a tablecloth, if I'm using my table I may or may not depending on my...
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    I need to organize my show, help!

    I've been wanting to rework my show as well. Thanks for the tips, I think I will do the same and see how it works. I tried the show binder before and didn't feel comfortable with it. I think index cards would be great for me though.
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    Fruit and Cheese Cutter

    I started thinking back about the fruit & cheese cutter and what they said at Launch, I do remember them saying that you can use them to cut shapes out of brownies. I know there was a picture on facebook and it appeared to be pieces of chocolate cake and pieces of vanilla cake, they punched a...
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    Egg Cooker

    I do like the convenience of it and my kids loved that the eggs seemed more moist when they came out. However, I have a professional series microwave and absolutely love it, but my eggs take longer to cook than what the use & care guide says and what another consultant friend of mine said hers...
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    Minute Timer

    Me neither! I definitely like the idea of a timeout timer for the kids and hadn't thought about that before...Pam will agree, I would probably use it a lot LOL!;) I just don't know if I'll see a whole lot of them. We shall see.
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    What samples package/s are you ordering?

    Amber, I ordered my stuff yesterday afternoon, just after 1pm. I just checked to see if they had updated the shipment status, it says that it will arrive tomorrow. They are turning orders around ridiculously fast right now. I submitted a show on the 20th and it was on hold because of a cc, I...
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    What samples package/s are you ordering?

    Oh and I ordered the grill pan with one of my shows for 60% off, now if one of the others would close I could get the press 60% off!
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    What samples package/s are you ordering?

    I ordered C & D I believe. I also ordered the Insulated Picnic Basket as well from open stock. I already have the egg cooker from launch as well as the single serving stoneware, the tex-mex rub, the grips, and the new 29 minutes to dinner cookbook from submitting 2 shows in January. I'm...
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    BBQ Corn and Skewer Rack

    I am excited about this because I think it'll be great for hot dogs too. I don't think regular sized hot dogs will fit but the longer ones will. My friend has a picky eater that won't eat a hot dog with grill marks on it so this will be perfect for them.
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    Boil Over No More

    I wasn't so sure about them when I read the spoiler thread but once I saw them in person and got to touch them I actually really like them. I love that you can use them for more than just boiling.
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    Cooking Tools

    I swear at our launch they told us the handles are "glass filled" I was so confused by that but they said it was to balance them out. I love the way they look and can't wait to get some.
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    Fruit and Cheese Cutter

    Deb, I don't remember them saying anything about cake, surely it wouldn't hurt to try.
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    On-The-Go Collection

    I love the picnic basket and can't wait to get it. So many of my customers ask about stuff like this, they're going to love it.
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    Fruit and Cheese Cutter

    I love this new product! My team and I were talking about doing an "edible arrangements" show with summer coming up. It'd be great to have and make an arrangement instead of a fruit bowl for a kid's birthday party. I like that it's not just for fruit and cheese, they also showed it cutting...
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    Tea Infusion Pitcher

    I like it but I don't like the price. I love the idea of sangria in it but when I mentioned this idea to someone else they don't think it'll be big enough for them to make sangria other than for 1 or 2 people. We can't buy loose tea around here.
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    Microwave Grips

    I fell in love with these when I saw them at launch. So many times I go to pull my DCB out of the microwave and use big bulky oven mitts that I hate and I always feel like I'm going to drop whatever I'm holding. I think these will be perfect. They'll definitely be a great add-on for any piece of...