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  1. abrahamlaur

    My first ultrasound pictures!

    Thats great Jennifer .. my first US was when I was 8weeks also and my daughter and the sac looked like pacman!
  2. abrahamlaur

    Filthy Kitchen

    luckily, NO ... ugh how gross!!! why would someone invite someone into their home to do a COOKING show and their kitchen is disgusting? i dont get it
  3. abrahamlaur

    Stoneware question

    ann it makes sence that she said that then, becuase the whole night she was talking about alton brown and how great he was. she was going to buy the measure all just because he uses one, but she didnt like the 9 dollar cost ... whatever, i hate (okay not HATE), people that get all pissy about...
  4. abrahamlaur

    Stoneware question

    no she said it was like the stepping stones or pavers ... i was thinking that also, about how porous it is, and it wouldnt "season" liek our stones would. no she hasnt cooked with them and said she wouldnt buy one for that much. whatever LOL
  5. abrahamlaur

    Stoneware question

    i had a show on saturday and one of the girls there was mentioning how the host shouldnt buy a stone because she could go to lowes (in the lawn and garden center) and get one of the stones there meant for the yard (like stepping stones kinda i guess). she said it was made out of the same...
  6. abrahamlaur

    Kind of neat story!

    pretty cool janet .. wher ein wisconsin are you from? i'm from the lacrosse area but live in ga now
  7. abrahamlaur

    "Rust" spots on your forged cutlery?

    i was wondering what those were on my forged cutlery
  8. abrahamlaur

    Daughter ran away...is okay

    i'm praying for you nicole. my hubby is in the army also and going over to iraq for his second tour at the end of the month, i know how it is to worry about them, deal with them being away and yet trying to handle things at home without too much drama or whatever. i hope your daughter makes some...
  9. abrahamlaur

    Survivor Premiere

    i was alittle disappointed with ashley, she could have been doing soo much more than she was, shes a wrestler .. she could be chopping wood and carying the stones for the fire .. anyways .. i think that tribe is going down hill, i really dont think they will win an immunity challenge. especially...
  10. abrahamlaur

    QUICK TIPS DURING SHOWS (let's share!!)

    i wouldnt suggest doing this, a host told me he used to make mixed drinks without a blender and he would crush the ice with it, it got really dull he said. i dont know if it helps like once or twice and because he used it all the time thats why it got dull? and i dont know if it was a pc food...
  11. abrahamlaur

    How are cookbook FRs going?

    dont know how mine is going, my frg leader isnt too into i think so i dont think anyone else will be .. she only sent out an email so i doubt anyone has made sales :(
  12. abrahamlaur

    Gray's Anatomy is Back!

    carolyn, i just noticed that you earned the cruise already? thats awesome!!!
  13. abrahamlaur

    Gray's Anatomy is Back!

    my suspicion is that cally is going to get fired, just from the preview of next weeks show and then that other chick, for some reason i cant remember her name, will become chief. i kinda like that george said he loved izzy ... i think some where in the season mcdreamy is gonna hook up with lexi...
  14. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    thanks fellow cheffers ... i'm not making this recipe for her anymroe because we have figured out that i cant get the cookware to borrow and she has an incredibly small kitchen, no one would be able to watch the demo anyways, so i'm thinking of making the aloha pizza, thats what she had at the...
  15. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    unfortunately i dont have any 12" in pc cookware, i have to use my emeril ss pan ... Just hope it comes out alright! Although thats not very good advertizement for our cookware sella thon :( does anyone have any demo tips .. she ewants this demo'ed! :(
  16. abrahamlaur

    Vistaprint is awesome!!!

    Kristin, sorry to hijack your thread but I noticed your last name on the business cards ... do you have any family in Wisconsin? I had a best friend (lost touch with her since i got married and mo ved to GA) and that was her las tname, dont know if it still is or not, she was talking about...
  17. abrahamlaur

    Do you get your stripper star at 800 or higher??

    aww that sucks, that means i cant get anything for 500 coming up? that sucks :P
  18. abrahamlaur

    BUSINESS CARD SWAP **Read and Respond**

    got my cards today! thanks kelly your great! i really appreciate this... how are you girls gonna show them at shows at stuff?
  19. abrahamlaur

    ANTM Cyle 9

    i love this show! i really hope heather makes it far, those girls are being so mean to her, its not like shes deaf and cant hear them!!! what turds!
  20. abrahamlaur

    Stock up now for HWC month!

    Thanks Ann, I always wondered why we did it in May and not Oct.
  21. abrahamlaur

    A NEW search for Paige (9/29/07)

    Wow, thanks KG .. hopefully this search will uncover something very helpful!
  22. abrahamlaur

    Do you get your stripper star at 800 or higher??

    what are the post numbers needed for each star?
  23. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    is this easy to demo? do you all ha ve any suggestions on how to do my demo with this recipe?
  24. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    what skillet is it done in? the ss or the exec?
  25. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    thanks kelly!
  26. abrahamlaur

    Chocolate-Raspberry Cookie Trifle

    i'm thinking the host got the wrong kind of chocolate. they got semi sweet chocolate chips and i think it was supposed to be regular choc chips right?
  27. abrahamlaur

    Help needed on Asian Pork Recipe!

    I have a host that would like the Asian Pork Noodle Skillet this Saturday at her show but with Chicken. I know some of you were talking about using chicken and different flavor noodles (I THINK) and was wondering if someone could share the *revised* recipe with me??? PLEASE!!! Thank you in advance!
  28. abrahamlaur

    Chocolate-Raspberry Cookie Trifle

    Becky, could you tell me how many brownies you used? i have to do this for a show this weekend and wasnt really impressed with it at my last show (the chocolate hardend and it was really hard to get it out of the triffle once it did so. i'm thinking it was the wrong kind of chocolate but i'm not...
  29. abrahamlaur

    Online Family Calendar

    jewel ... let me guess, those are the nights you have shows LOL
  30. abrahamlaur

    Last Chance for Cookbooks Email?

    hey can you share that email when your done cath? I would love to do that as well and just let everyone know whats up ya know?