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  1. beepampered

    Remove Expense in P3

    I would like to remove a few expenses but don't know how to do anything but add. The Help section of P3 is USELESS so I'm asking the wonderful folks at ChefSuccess.... Thanks....
  2. beepampered

    Product Write-off

    I received $1500 in "other income" from PC last year. I'm assuming this is the products I earned in SAT and other incentives. How can I write these off since I take them to shows to display. What catagory would this fall under? Advertising? Can I do 100% or should I take a percentage since some...
  3. beepampered

    New catalog exchange

    Have a February guest that got the bamboo snack bowls. She says there too small and wants something else. Can she exchange it for the new snack bowls in the March catalog? I didn't mention it to her but would love to get her what she wants. Thanks....
  4. beepampered

    Spoon Rest

    A guest broke the bowl to the spoon rest and wants to get a replacement. It is past the warranty. The replacement parts only offer the metal part and not the bowl and I'm a bit perplexed that the breakable item can't be replaced but the metal item can. Thoughts on how to get a bowl replacement...
  5. beepampered

    Return Question

    A guest from a Nov. 09 show wants to return her rusting tomato knife. Can she get something else instead of the tomato knife or even cash? Does it have to be an even exchange at this point? Thanks....
  6. beepampered

    Spring Launch Lesson Learned

    Thought I'd see what others learned at the spring launch. I was at the Raleigh meeting today and learned a lot. The ONE thing that I am going to do differently is my "asking." With recruiting, I am often Polly Passive. I think more direct questions can help make me Jenna Justright. What did you...
  7. beepampered

    Funeral Food

    Want to drop off some hearty food at the house of a deceased friend. Any suggestions? I have no knowledge of when/if there are out of town guest and how many so I'm at a loss. Thanks for giving me some simple suggestions....
  8. beepampered

    Feb Host Special

    Can I do this: $60 order and one order from past host for knife block set (this would be more than $150 but not without the past host order) one order from present host for skillet Thanks for helping me help a host get something for not doing much (and a second show for me to earn the...
  9. beepampered

    Valentine's Show

    I'm doing a show a few days before Valentine's so it seems like an obvious theme. Women all like chocolate so a decadent dessert is easy. What I'm really looking for is a good meal the women could make their man. Any thoughts of what that could be? Thanks.....
  10. beepampered

    Product switch

    I have a guest who ordered the Suds Pump but wanted the Oil spritzer. Is there a way to do a "switch" product adjustment on the website or do I have to call it in? Thanks....
  11. beepampered

    Double Batter Bowl cake

    Has anyone ever doubled a cake in the batter bowl? What temp and time for cooking? I'm making a football cake but remember the last one I made didn't seem big enough. Thanks....
  12. beepampered

    Mailing Address

    I remember getting an email about requiring a mailing address to use credit cards. When does this go in effect? Does this mean that I can never put someone else's credit card on an order? I will sometimes close a show without a payment and then get a credit card a few days later and put it on my...
  13. beepampered

    Christmas Coupon for Jan. shows

    Don't know how to look this up but I'm sure I read about it here..... I have a potential early-January host. She was very excited about the idea I suggested to her and now have to deliver (that's where y'all come in to help). I suggested that she sell "gift cards" to the hubbys to give at...
  14. beepampered

    Dirty Sheet Pan

    A guest tonight has a sheet pan that has stain marks in the corner. She has tried soaking and cleaning numerous ways but this persistant reddish splots remain in the corner. Is this expected? How should she clean? Thanks.
  15. beepampered

    Halloween Cookie

    I'm doing a show Sunday and wanted to feature a way to use some leftover Halloween candy. Anyone ever made a specific dessert for this? I'm thinking a big cookie with stuff sprinkled on top but suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  16. beepampered

    SS bowl lids

    I have a customer who bought the stainless steel bowls "years ago." They did not come with tops. Can she get just the tops of the new SS bowls? Would they fit? Thanks...
  17. beepampered

    Green Apron FS

    I have a Green Apron that we earned back in the summer that I will not use. $12 plus shipping from 27502 (probably about $2 since it can go in an envelope)....BEE
  18. beepampered

    Evite feature on PWS

    I am hosting a Recipe Tasting this weekend and want to send an evite from my personal website. I don't see a way to customize these emails enough to my liking. Am I missing an option? Seems like PC's heading or text is not what I want. Thanks for the help....
  19. beepampered

    Call Old contacts

    An example of how calling people from way back can be a good thing. 1. Cindy placed an outside order on a show two years ago. She remained on my email list and placed a small web order for a gift six months ago. When I called to make sure she received it, she said she would do a party "in...
  20. beepampered

    Can both the names of a co-hosted show be seen on the website? If so,

    Can both the names of a co-hosted show be seen on the website? If so, how? Thanks....
  21. beepampered

    Recipe Tasting

    There was a call by a national executive director about hosting your own recipe tasting I listened too. I'm thinking about trying one but thought I would get you Cheffers advice, sample invites, recipe suggestions, time/day that's best. Thanks for your thoughts....BEE
  22. beepampered

    Webbased Email

    My husband wants to change our cable provider but my email is associated with them. I don't want to change. Do any of you use a web-based email for your business. Which one? What do you like? Not like? Can/do you send newsletters with any success from it? Thanks!
  23. beepampered

    ISO Blue Cups from patriotic set

    I have a customer who want four blue cups that go in the patriotic set now posted on the outlet. Anyone have those available? Thanks.....BEE
  24. beepampered

    Level for Cookware

    I know this has been posted here before but the answers were unclear to me. The Past Host of an August show wants a set of cookware. The show is not going to make it to $550 unless the set is added to the show. Then, it would be bumped up to the next level and she could get her set. 1. Must...
  25. beepampered

    Getting Shows

    I have a new recruit who is excited, organized and on the ball! She is going to do great. I'm wondering if I should offer a potential booking as follows. Sally becomes consultant and wanted to recruit my past host Pat. Pat will be booking for Sally but not become a consultant at this time...
  26. beepampered

    Fall Cattys

    What do you do to get the fall catalogs to people who said they are interested in receiving one or hosting in the fall? Do you send the mini or the big catalog? Who do you send it to and with what letter? How do you follow up? I know I need to do something but not sure where to begin and don't...
  27. beepampered

    Own Show - Host Name

    So I have a recruit having her own show to start. When she closes, should it be in her name or in her husband's name? Why? Thanks....
  28. beepampered

    Most Costly Mistake?

    So, I've made two big mistakes this month and they are both going to cost me. I feel like a double big idiot. Where was my brain a few weeks ago? The mistakes are just now come to light.... 1. I NEVER entered an order on a show. I had the guest name entered, had entered her payment but didn't...
  29. beepampered

    Booking - Bounced Check

    I have a guest who bounced a check. She called immediately when she found out (before I knew) with deep apologies and saying to redeposit it. Thankfully, my credit union is only charging $5 for a fee. She would probably pay if I asked her. However, I really want her to book a show. She was...
  30. beepampered

    Perfect Party Place

    If you could have the perfect place to hold a party for your child, what would it be? How old is your child and what gender? My dh is wanting to start a bouncy-house business sorta like Monkey Joe's or Pump It Up but perhaps expand beyond the inflatable concept. I'm just testing the waters to...