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  1. J

    Selling on Amazon

    Sometimes it’s a seller who’s a retired consultant (or knows one) trying to sell off their excess inventory. I don’t see many of the new products up there, just the old or long-standing ones.
  2. J

    ISO New or Gently Used Kitchen Brush

    I have a customer looking for a new or gently used Easy Clean Kitchen Brush (the one with the long handle), any color. If you have one for sale, please email me at JillzPampChef at aol dot com. Thank you!
  3. J

    ISO: Sauté Tongs 2956

    I have a customer looking for our old skinny sauté tongs (#2956). Please email JillzPampChef at aol dot com if you have a pair to offer. Thank you!!
  4. J


    I have a stone muffin pan that’s gently used; I think it was used 2-3 times with cupcake liners! Email JillzPampChef at aol dot com if interested.
  5. J

    ISO Cranberry Windowpane Napkins

    I have a customer looking for a few sets of the Cranberry Windowpane Napkins, preferably new. I saw the white was being sold in the Outlet, but not the cranberry. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any to sell, and let me know how much you're asking. Thank you! Jill
  6. J

    ISO BBQ Basting Bottle

    I have a like new one not in the original package. Let me know if you're still in need. ([email protected])
  7. J

    Seasons Best

    Are you still looking for certain years? I have a lot of back issues myself.
  8. J

    ISO Slotted Turner (#2344)

    Can you PM me a price with shipping to Maryland (first class is fine). Thanks! Jill
  9. J

    ISO Medium Square Woven Basket

    I tried finding the price I paid, but with one of the PP software upgrades, all of my historical personal purchases from years ago were lost. The rectangle tray from the F/W 2005 catalog went for $29.50, and I think (if you squished it down into a square) it would be the same amount of woven...
  10. J

    ISO Medium Square Woven Basket

    I think it's the same one (from what I've read). I didn't get it from conference and I didn't buy it on the outlet. I think consultants could buy it or earn it or something. But it was a consultant-only product, if memory serves me.
  11. J

    ISO Slotted Turner (#2344)

    Does anyone have this?
  12. J

    ISO Medium Square Woven Basket

    I've got one NIP. I have no idea how much they cost, though! Any ideas?
  13. J

    ISO Black PC Table Cloth

    If anyone has a black Pampered Chef table cloth for sale (new or gently used), please let me know? Thanks! Jill
  14. J

    ISO Slotted Turner (#2344)

    I have a customer who would like the Slotted Turner (#2344). Please let me know if anyone has one? Thanks! Jill
  15. J

    FREE: 2012 Consultant Planner

    I have a 2012 consultant planner that I don't plan on using. Brand new. Just pay $2 shipping and it's yours. I take Paypal. Jill
  16. J

    FS: HWC V-Neck Shirt

    Thanks, I'm PM'ing you now.
  17. J

    FS: 2-Piece PC Gym Outfit, Size XL

    Rita - please PM me your cell or email address. I'm taking a pic of it and can send to you. Jill
  18. J

    FS: Black LS 2x PC Shirt

    I believe it's true to size, yes. If either of you would like it, just PM me your interest (I don't check the boards regularly), and then I'll give you the go-ahead to Paypal me at [email protected] Thanks! Jill
  19. J

    FS: Pampered Chef Celebrations Apron & Tablecloth

    I am having problems posting pics to this site. Can you PM me your email address, and I'll take a pic for ya. Jill
  20. J

    FS: 2-Piece PC Gym Outfit, Size XL

    I have a two-piece set that's perfect for the gym. The shirt is a ringer tee, black ringer and text on white, and it reads: Property of THE PAMPERED CHEF Kitchen Team, Since 1980. The bottoms are elastic waisted black cotton gym shorts that have a drawstring and a small white TPC on left hem of...
  21. J

    FS: Black LS 2x PC Shirt

    I have a long-sleeved tshirt that is black and has the PC logo (with chef hat) in gold on the left breastplate. Color is black, size is 2X. Cotton blend. Worn only a few times. Clean, great condition, no stains or tears. Asking $5 + $3 S/H. I take Paypal. Thanks for looking! Jill
  22. J

    FS: HWC V-Neck Shirt

    I have a size Large Help Whip Cancer shirt. It's white, 95% cotton (and 5% spandex for a little stretch), v-neck, short sleeved. On the left breastplate there is an embroidered logo of a whisk stirring a swirl and HWC in pink and blue. On the right sleeve at the hem is an embroidered title The...
  23. J

    FS: Pampered Chef Celebrations Apron & Tablecloth

    I have a matching set of the hunter green Celebrations apron and tablecloth from years ago. Both are gently used, no stains or damage at all. Just some laundering! I also have a matching set of the sky blue Celebrations apron and tablecloth. Again, gently used but no stains or damage...