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    Replacement parts

    What I do is... if they bring it up in the middle of my demo, then I talk about it a little bit and then kindly ask them to remind me about it when they "checkout". Once I am sitting down with them, totaling everything up, I will write replacement parts (or something to remind me) on their...
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    Book to look idea worked

    Awesome Idea!!! That is such a wonderful booking idea!! I can not wait to try it at my next show. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Laura :)
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    Need help getting booking!

    what about.... sending out a letter letting everyone know that you are now selling PC. I know somewhere on this site is an attachment to a thread with a getting started letter (try under letters and flyers). That might help. I would still ask your friends (even though they are your...
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    Struggling with Bookings - HELP!

    Leave of Absence Hi Brandie! There are a lot great suggestions here on getting bookings....but with your baby coming soon, if you can't get any bookings, I would suggest you take a leave of absence......It's good for 3 months and that way you won't go inactive if you don't have any shows lined...
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    Host Discount Expiring Letter

    Help! Thanks....but when I open the attachment it doesn't give me any words...it just has the borders. Any suggestions??? THanks in advance, Laura
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    Host Discount Expiring Letter

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a letter they send to a past host before their 10% discount expires? Thanks in advance, Laura