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    Gift Certificate template

    I have a couple of donations to make and I loved the idea here, half product and half certificate. But for the life of me I can't figure out what it should look like. Any help please. Lorna
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    New home owners

    need a flyer or letter of introduction to add to a basket that goes into the homes of new buyers. Sort of the cross between a realtors basket and the welcome wagon. Also maybe an inexpensive give away. Your thoughts are really needed. Lorna
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    Something for new homeowners

    I have looked through the downloads and having no luck. Does someone have a letter of introduction. Congratulations on your new home.... My name is..... etc. I have an opportunity to put something in the welcome baskets and I have no idea what to say, thought of perhaps putting in a tea...
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    This place is awesome

    One of the canadian consultants put this site on our community list and i thought i would check it out this morning. I am sorry that i had no idea this site was available to us sooner but i am so glad that i have found it now. this site is awesome i am looking forward to a fantastic year with...