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  1. K

    What to put in show folders for guests

    Ok, ladies...my FIRST cooking show is approaching fast and I am getting nervous!!! I want to make this FUN for all.... How should I make up my folders for all the guests? I know to include a catalog, pen and sales order form...I will have a seperate folder to show off all the monthly specials...
  2. K

    Open House Concerns

    I am planning on having an open house to announce my new biz to everyone I know.... Should I do a cooking demo or just have the items there for all to see and do some incentives for bookings? What have you guys done to ensure a successful open house? How long did you stay open? Cooking demo...
  3. K

    Spring Fling Open House

    Love Your Flyer! I was hoping I could edit it to my info but couldn't...have any ideas or if I gave you my info you could do one for me? I am not talented in that way on my computer yet and I plan to have a spring open house in April! Thanks! Cris :)
  4. K

    Searching for a game...Help!

    Hi! I thought I saw somewhere about a game you can play where every guest has to bring their ugliest kitchen gadget...I just thought of a way to get more bookings thru this...can someone send me that info??? Thanks! Cris
  5. K

    I am just so excited to start!!

    :) Hi to all! I hosted my Pampered Chef party 2 days ago and my PC rep announced at my show that I was signing on to be a consultant and I got 4 bookings!! I am just so excited that I can't wait to get my starter kit! Could someone please send me what you get in the current starter kit? I know...
  6. K

    Does anyone know?????

    Hello, Ladies! I have found this board to be the BEST source of info for me and I have decided to join the PC family..I will be signing my agreement at my party next week!! Question I have is this... Will I get the NEW Spring catalogs and paperwork in my Starter Kit? I have already booked 6...
  7. K

    Misc. items for sale and free!

    Heather-- items for sale! Hi! I am interested in your items..Can you please let me know what all you currently have available(I see some want the apron)..just let me know what you have left..I would be interested in getting them! And, what is the date on the mini-catalogs? Thanks! Cris...
  8. K

    Items for sale!

    Items for sale? Hi! How many items do you still have for sale? I could use the fall/winter 2005 catalogs and the promo bag!!! Thanks! Cris :)
  9. K

    Various Items for Sale

    2006 Planner I would like the Planner!! What methods of payment do you accept?? Thanks! Cris
  10. K

    Need help deciding!!!

    :confused: Hello! I am NEW here and deciding whether to join! Everyone here seems to be a part of a very supportive group! Here is my problem: I LOVE PC and I love to cook/bake but I have tried many other direct sales companies that just flopped.... Everyone in my family has that "What is she...