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    National Conference 2019 (spoilers)

    I can't attend conference this year. Will there be a Spoiler forum this year? Thanks!
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    Free Scanned Doc Editing Software?

    Anyone have any recommendations for FREE software I can download to my computer so I can edit someone's scanned Word or Excel docs or a pdf? Thanks!
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    Ways We Save: tires properly aired up on all vehicles...

    Keep tires properly aired up on all vehicles saves gas/$$$. Fill the sink with water and wash dishes vs. running water and washing. With just the 2 of us, unless I've made a huge meal/mess, I usually try to wait til after supper to do mine. Wash clothes in cold water. Run the dryer afer 9...
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    What Do You Think the Spring Launce Hot New Stoneware Is?

    Ok, the email from HO says "receive a HOT new Stoneware Piece when you attend Spring Launch 2013. Effortless to transport, a cinch to demo, micro-friendly. What on earth could it be? Any guesses?
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    Personal Quit My J.O.B./So Long SOB!

    Well, they ticked me off one time too many so on the spur of the moment, I resigned last week and this Friday will be my last day! I am SO psyched to go full time with my Pampered Chef business - something I've wanted to do for a long!!! Not exactly the timeframe I planned but I see God's hand...
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    Need a Great Apple Pie Recipe

    My Mom was the pie baker in our family. Since she's passed away, I've tried to pick up the slack and I can replicate her peach and chocolate pies, but I don't ever remember her making an apple pie. Guess what dear old Dad has requested for Christmas Day? An apple pie! Help. Everytime I've...