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    Party Exchanges.... How do you feel about them?

    I think this is a fun way to get new exposure, but I've found that sometimes my family/friends feel a little put off that I contact them for PC all of the time and then I want them to come to other parties as well.
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    Consultant Planner

    I haven't been impressed with the FC planner. I rarely use the "weeks" in the back...just use the month part in the front. I am going to give it another try (using the entire organizational system) this fall. If I still don't like it I'll just go back to the free PC calendar. I feel the...
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    New Ultimate Mandoline...

    Honestly? Overall, I am disappointed with the new products. I'm excited about the knives and measuring cup cutting board, but a lot of the other things are just kind of weird. Especially the purple linens. They remind me of something you'd find at a preteen birthday party. I'm worried...
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    October Guest and host SPecial

    Don't you get a free one for being a director?
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    Why PC is so much better than MK

    Premier Jewelry Designs Has anyone done a party for Premier Jewelry? I am having one for a friend on August 10 and have no idea what to expect.
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    Lemon Cake Mixes - Any ideas

    I started with PC last November. My recruiter is from Florence and my director is all the way in Wrightstown by Great Adventure. Kind of a hike to cluster meetings!
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    Lemon Cake Mixes - Any ideas

    Shamong...right up 206 from Hammonton!
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    Lemon Cake Mixes - Any ideas

    Lucky you! I'm so jealous that you got Lemon Cake mixes! I was unable to go to conference and they were my favorite! I was so sad when they were discontinued! I just emailed home office to see if I can purchase any. Think they'll say yes?
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    Sneak Preview show?

    Good Invite I like the invite. You might want to think about including something about bookings...book a show, get a gift. Bring 3 booking dates and receive $10 credit, etc.
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    Sneak Preview show?

    Free Gifts What are you going to use as the free gift for people bringing a friend?
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    Will somebody be posting the updates from convention?...

    Me Too, Please! I would love info emailed to me too. I, also, have a baby at home that made it impossible to attend this year, but I am DYING to know about the new products! Thanks! Amy [email protected]
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    Do you sell anything besides PC?

    I was just wondering if anyone sells for another direct sales company in addition to Pampered Chef? Are there any rules about that? Thanks for any info!
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    Getting Discouraged

    Me too!!! I know all about the no bookings problem. I started in November and was doing great until April. Then, it was one show a month...I did have two this month, but they were only $300 shows. So, not even the smallest package of new fall products for me. I don't know if it is the area...
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    Are we allowed to do this?

    I am pretty sure that we are not allowed to do something like that. We aren't suppossed to advertise our website on any other sites, let alone do something like this.
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    PC Totes

    The tool turn about tote is wonderful and so is that Show To Go tote that is being offered on the supply order now. I started right after the show to go promo was over, but am so glad that are letting us purchase the products. I can't wait to get the rolling piece next month.
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    Garage Sale Idea

    Monica, How much do you usually have to put out for direct shipping? Do you think it is worth that extra cost and do more seem to place orders b/c you offer that?
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    Why PC is so much better than MK

    I just helped out a friend by hosting a tastefully simple party. (she is having a pc party in march). Anyway, the host benefits for TS are terrible! 10% of sales = free product value and that is it! no specials, half-price items or anything! I even had to pay shipping on my order!
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    Need Help with Pampered Partner

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help me update the other day. It finally worked! I was anxious to see the new paperwork products and am sooooo excited that we are going to be able to order the Show to Go. I started in November and just missed out on them. Thanks again! You guys are the best!
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    Need Help with Pampered Partner

    That is what I've been doing - but no luck. Maybe I will have to wait until the new PP CD arrives.
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    Need Help with Pampered Partner

    I've noticed that many people have been able to update their PP to look at the new product list. Could you help me with how to do this? I've tried to update twice and when I put in a supply order for April 1st, there are no products displayed....Help!
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    Open House with Other Vendors

    The Demo Expo I was involved in was held at a church. I didn't have any cash and carry, but I will next time. The vendors that did had a lot of success with that. I just had everyone place orders at the time and tacked on the individual shipping charge so I didn't have to hand deliver.
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    Open House with Other Vendors

    I participated in a Christmas Demonstrators Expo. There were vendors from all over - Mary Kay, Candlelight, Tupperware, Southern Living, etc. I had over $500 in sales at mine as well. People flocked to the table when they saw the Pampered Chef sign. Some even knew what they wanted before...