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    Regarding catalog shows help!

    Hi, I was wondering if PC has a planner for the catalog shows like we do for the kitchen shows.(even a printable) I don't know how much in sales it takes to get to a next level etc(for benefits) if there is a chart. I know it takes $150 in sales but that's it. I finally got an order and want...
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    Website question

    I was wondering how to do my own website. What are the costs and do you get someone that knows about computers to do it for you etc? Is it really hard to get started and for those of you that have one have you found it to be beneficial as getting more business from it? Any help in this I...
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    A couple of questions

    Hi, PC pals. I was just wondering what the mystery ingredient is for the "pressed for time cookies" on the grocery store flier? Also, when you offer a percentage off for an incentive etc how do you actually type it in to Pampered Partner? Or do we as a consultant have to pay for it...
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    PTA or school office etc

    Hi ladies, I was just wondering after reading about doing fundraisers with the schools on how you actually do it. Who do you contact and how it all works. For example when the kids used to sell candy to raise money how would I incorporate PC to do that or do you just do it through...
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    Anyone need a show?

    HI, My name is Whitney and I'm a consultant in Valencia California. However my best friend is in Oleath(sp?) Kansas city and wants to have a show? Anyone in that area and is interested let me know. Thanks - Whitney
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    Host benefits

    Hi, thanks to those of you that replied to my previous email. Now that my show is tomorrow I just want to make sure on this whole mystery host benefit thing. Now a days the average host gets product value according to guest sales, up to 4 half price items as well as up to 30% disc with the...
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    Mystery Host....

    Good morning, I'm finally going to have a show 6-24-05(my own but it's a start) so now that we are on just money value system, the sales I get from this show I'm going to give away to people who book I guess. (still not how to decide who gets them)any ideas to ? So technically when I enter...
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    Flyer for neighborhood PChef party

    Hi, I've really enjoyed this site and was hoping to get some suggestions on a flyer I'm working on for my upcoming neighborhood Pchef party- (This will almost be my restart to the biz and my new area since I just moved here) Any suggestions would be appeciated- Whitney
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    Starting again..............

    HI, I just moved again and would like to get my PChef business going again. I am going to be having a PChef party (myself)with a neighbor I just met that does Southern Living, a combo party. I was wondering how many "games" such as bring a friend and get so many tickets etc. I suppose I will...