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    I did a show in November and I just got a call yesterday from one of

    I did a show in November and I just got a call yesterday from one of the guest. She said that she didn't receive some of her items. She said the reason she didn't call before is because she has surgery and didn't get to her stuff until now. The host told me she checked the items that went to...
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    Returned Items

    I have a question one of my customers bought the carving board and some other products at one of my December shows. For Christmas she received the carving board and would now like to return the one that she bought from me. How does this work? Who pays for shipping and how is she reimbursed?
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    Product Broken

    I just talked to one of host. She said that one of her scoops that she ordered broke and wants to know if she can get it replaced...Help!! How is this done?
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    Incomplete Address?

    I am putting in a show and it says that I can't transmit because the address in incomplete for the host. I've check the address and the zip code and its correct. Any suggestions....Thanks!!!
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    Help...what do I do

    One of my November host called me last night and said that she is missing 3 things. She said that they are shown on the packing slips but aren't in the box that was shipped. All of her boxes were sent. What do I do?
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    Free Products and % off products

    My client has a $600 show and wants to know if it's 25% off of the total purchase or is it 25% off of one product.
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    No Demo

    I'm having a show this weekend. I'm bringing the Cranberry Turkey Wreath and the Pumkin Tarlets. I really don't want to demo this food so I thought that I would have it ready when I got to the party. Does anyone have an outline of parties without a demo or with a short demo?
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    Help with food ideas

    Hi everyone I'm doing a party on the 19th and the person I'm doing the party for owns a catering business. She will be making a lot of food for her guest that are "non Pampered Chef" any ideas of something easy to demo and will feed a lot of people? There's going to be about 35 people at the...
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    Guest wants to return item?????HELP

    Hi All I had a guest from the last party I did. It was a huge group that was totally unruly so I stopped talking to let them finish there conversations. The host emailed this to me this morning. One of the guests bought the wrong item and would like to return it. She would like to know if...
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    Need receipes for show...

    Hi I need something easy and simple to demo for a show I'm going to do in November. At my last party the host made the turkey ring which was a huge hit and I did a demo on the taffy apple pizza. It was ok but everyone wasn't that thrilled with it.
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    How do Fundraisers work?

    Please give me so info about Fundraisers...I'm interested in doing one for a school but don't understand what % the school would get. Also do we get our commission on the fundraisers?
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    Catalog Show?

    What do you give the host in a host package when you do a Catalog Show?
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    Games ?

    Does anyone have any games they play at there shows? I played the left right game and also PC bingo. It was a big croud and the prize didn't get around to all the people at the party so some were upset. Any ideas for games for a large crowd?
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    Mini Catalog inserts

    Does anyone have a mini catalog insert that they use? I love the mini catalogs and would like to send them out but want to put something in them. Thanks Jess
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    Sales Tax?

    Hi I live in MD and the sales tax is 5%. It's set at 5% in Pampered Partner but when I added up my sales at my show and then went home and entered the order I was charging more about 17 cents more for each client. I'm at a total loss. Any ideas what I should do?
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    Celebrate Plate?

    I am trying to put in an order for over $700 the host had 15 orders and Pampered Partner is giving me the message "you have too many host orders" to receive the plate? Any clue what this means? Also how do you add the guest specials? I tried to add it but the item # isn't in there? do I need to...
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    Going to a Vendor's Fair

    Hi Everyone I'm going to a Vendor's Fair for Discovery Toys; Usbourne Books; Shakley; Tastefully Simple; Creative Memories. I was wondering if I should make a receipe and have it there? I've never been to a fair before and I don't know what to expect. I'm ordering more catalogs and some of...
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    Now much for a catalog show?

    Hi Everyone I'm having a memory blank!! A client of mine wants to have a show. It's a least $150 before taxes and shipping to qualify for the host special...right? Thanks!!!
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    Outline for Shows?

    Does anyone have an outline that they use for shows? I posted a message the other day because I had a terrible show. It just seemed like I ran out of things to say to the guest. Any ideas will help....thanks. Jess
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    Terrible Show

    Hi Everyone I had a show yesterday that didn't turn out well. The total of the show was around $600 so I was happy with that but it just seemed like I didn't do a good job. I really ran out of things to say to the guest and they didn't seem interested. A lot of the people were talking when I...
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    Ice Breaker Games...

    Does anyone have a good ice breaker game that they play at there shows? Thanks..
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    What do you give your host as a gift from you?

    Just curious if and what you give you host? I don't want to seem to cheapy with a gift. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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    Tiramisu Brownie Squares

    Hi can anyone please give me the receipe for the Tiramisu Brownie Squares. i don't have the cookbook that they are in. Thanks Jess
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    Show Outline

    Does anyone have an attachment that they use as there show outline? If so could you post it? Thanks so much!!! :)
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    Show Starters

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to start a kitchen show? I feel like I've been flying by the seat of my pants with some of my shows and I would like to be more prepared. Does anyone take note cards with info on them? If so please let me know the outline of your shows. I have one in October...
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    Commission Checks

    If I did a kitchen show in September when should I get my commission check for that month? Thanks
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    Mini Catalogs

    Does anyone have an insert that they put in there Mini Catalogs?
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    Vegitarian Fall Receipes

    Do anyone have any?
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    Fall Theme Party?

    Hi Everyone I talked to my host this morning her party is October 9th. She told me that she would like to have a fall theme party. Any ideas of receipes or how the theme would work? Thanks :)
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    October show help

    Hi Guys I'm having an October show with about 12 people coming. Does anyone have any receipes for anything that I can basically make ahead of time and bring to the party. I don't want to be actually cooking infront of the guest or if I am as little as possible. Thanks