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    Dots dinnerware wanted

    ISO dots dinnerware. Please let Me know what you have available and prices. Thanks
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    Post card invitation lot

    I have a lot of 29 packages of postcard invites for sale All new and in sealed packages. I have decided to hang up my apron and need to clean out some inventory. Thanks for looking and have a great day
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    Nancy's artwork postcards

    I have many Nancy's artwork postcards which are a great helper for your business I am hanging up my apron so I am looking to get rid of some stuff. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks
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    For sale: Seasons Best

    I have many old seasons best cookbooks dated as far back as 2005. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thanks and have a great day
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    Hanging up my apron after 20 years

    What's everyone looking for? Trying to clean out my supplies. Let me know if there is something I may have that you are looking to buy
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    Nancy's artwork clear logo stickers #668

    I have 10 sheets of logo stickers great for hostess packets 40 stickers total make me an offer
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    Nancy's artwork postcards

    I have a bunch of postcards Anyone looking for some
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    Nancy's artwork postcards

    I have 550 assorted postcards many varieties. I will sell either as a bundle or separate in groups of 50. Accepting offers. Great variety and wonderful business helpers. Thanks for your interest and have a great day!!!
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    Free salad choppers March 1-15

    Does anyone know if we need to add a code to the hosts for this offer I cannot seem to find it anywhere? Thanks a bunch
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    Nancy's Artwork Postcards

    Hi Everyone- I am trying to clean out some of my PC extra's it is amazing how much you can collect over the years. I have made packs of 50 postcards to help with your business. These are great to send as reminders to hosts. Make me a reasonable offer and they are yours. I have 13 packs...
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    Iso dots tumbler

    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell one or two of these. Please email me at [email protected]t. Thanks a bunch!
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    Relay for Life

    Good Morning- I was wondering if anyone has a flyer for a Relay for Life Fundraiser. I had a call last night from a friend who will be walking and she would like to do a fundraiser. Anyone willing to share some tips or flyers? I would appreciate it very much...
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    FS Womens 2x gold microsuede jacket

    Hi Ladies - I have for sale a 2x microsuede jacket. I bough it and have never taken it out of the package. Fits true to size (I have a red one also that I love) Asking $25 Thanks
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    Using mini catalogs as invites

    Hi Gang- Does anyone have a sample of something they use along with the mini catalog as an invite. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks!:p:p:p
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    Organ Donation Awareness fundraiser

    Hi Everyone- I am looking for ideas on how I should approach this fundraiser. I am a volunteer with our local Organ Donation Awareness Coalition and I would like to do a fundraiser strictly online Does anyone have a letter I can send to the volunteers of the organization that they in turn...
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    Fundraiser set up on Website NEED HELP!

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to set up a fundraiser on my website that will be done strictly on the website. It is for my local Organ Donor Awareness Group. I would like to set it up so that each item is individually shipped to the customer. There is no building for this organization. I will...
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    Gymnastics fundraiser ideas for demo

    Hi Everyone- I have received so many great ideas in the past and I am hoping for some today =). I am having a kick off show for a fundraiser on Friday night. The girls have their packets already I am thinking of setting up a table to try some of the products and having a few samples of...
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    Need some help please deep covered baker recipes

    Hi everyone- Does anyone have a copy of deep covered baker recipes that includes a ton of recipes. I know I had it in my files somewhere and I now cannot seem to find it. It had about 50 recipes. I looked through the files section but I do not see the one I had. I would appreciate any...
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    Address to send a customer complaint

    I have a hostess who did a wedding registry for me and it went very well about $650 in sales, UNTIL the home office sent an email telling her she had credits for a 1000 dollar show. Which I guess was sent in error and they did not send a follow up email to correct this. She was okay with this...
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    Wedding registry redemption

    I have a wedding registry that is closng soon. Is she entitled to the host benefits for January Also if she is does it automatically add this when she redeems her credits? Any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year!
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    Wedding registry question

    I have a question that I am hoping someone can answer for me. I received my first registry order today and it did not have the customers address listed. Is this because she chose not to be contacted by me?
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    ISO digital thermometer

    Looking for 1 or 2 digital thermometer please let me know how much you are asking, shipping is to 02886
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    No Bake And Pre Baked Recipes

    I am doing a holiday open house show on Saturday in a Hair Salon. Does anyone have any good ideas for recipes or anything else. I am planning on setting up a lot of gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas. Any other ideas are more than welcome! Thanks a bunch!
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    Pampered Partner Internal Error

    Is there anyone who is god on the computer who can help me? I just downloaded an update and when I open PPP I get an error that ssays an internal error occured during application updates. I have vista on my laptop. Anyone have any ideas. I would appreciate it...
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    Pampered partner

    Is anyone having trouble submitting a show today?
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    Dance studio fundraiser

    Any one have any ideas for a dancing school fundraiser. Ther are about 50 students. I was thinking of a kickoff show and then keeping it open for a couple of weeks to allow the students to get outside orders. Has anyone done anything like this and have ideas that worked or did not work. I...
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    Tax free

    Anyone ever offer Tax free days. On the 11th and 12th Massachusetts is offering tax free days. I have a bunch of customers in Mass. I am in RI does anyone have a flyer made up that I could offer my customers? I am assuming PC is not honoring this because I have not seen anything but the tax...
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    Anyone ever plan a neighborhood reunion?

    One of my old neighbors recently passed away and at the wake I ran into everyone from our old neighborhood, We were thinking of planning something for when one of our close friends was home from Montana. Well guess what she is here and I have yet to do anything. She is here until August 18...
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    August Newsletter

    :rolleyes: :) ;) Would anyone care to share their August Newsletter. I have been trying to do my own this morning and let's just say I need some guidance! Thanks so much in advance. You fellow cheffers are GREAT! :) ;) :p
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    For those of you who LOVE Nancy's stuff as I do, I just received an

    For those of you who LOVE Nancy's stuff as I do, I just received an email that she will be selling off her things until August 31st. She has a few good packages made up and if you like her rubber stamps she is selling a package of 14 fo $10. I know that last time I ordered she added on a ton of...