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  1. KennethandTiffany

    HWC products on our website?

    Does anyone know how the HWC products are going to be promoted when guests go the website to order? Will there be a special menu for those or a screen that comes up before they finalize their order?
  2. KennethandTiffany

    Things are looking up!

    I have been a little down because I have run out of shows and I am only in SS2! BUT....in the past two days I have had 3 fundraisers book for May and I am doing my open house this weekend and I will hopefully get some more bookings from that. My 5 year old son was the cutest thing, he wanted...
  3. KennethandTiffany

    Good recipes for open house

    Okay, I am about $85 away from my SS2 Bonus and I am determined to get it! I am going to have an open house/spring fling at my home at the end of the month and I don't want to actually do a demo. I don't know any of my neighbors other than the lady across the street and I would like to have...
  4. KennethandTiffany

    Wooden Baker's Roller

    Am I crazy or did we used to have a wooden one? I have a lady asking for one and I want to get my facts straight and not look dumb! If we did, does anyone have one they'd be willing to get rid of? Thanks!
  5. KennethandTiffany

    Can both co-hosts use kit credit?

    I have a show right now at about $1000 and have two hosts. Can they both use their FPV towards a kit? I would think so but I want to check before I stick my foot in my mouth. Thanks!
  6. KennethandTiffany

    How long do you actually have to qualify?

    I have a host who is wanting to sign up but is concerned about getting her shows done in time. She has asked several people to do shows for her and one of them said she would like to do one in the fall. I am pretty sure that with her other shows she will qualify within a month or two, but I...
  7. KennethandTiffany

    Reunion fundraiser shipping?

    :confused: Is the best way to handle a reunion fundraiser to charge everyone direct shipping? Some people complain about the prices, I didn't know if anyone had any ideas. I thought about submitting each classmate's orders as one big order and then shipping it direct to them (only collecting...
  8. KennethandTiffany

    FR for HUGE organization-HELP!!!

    God has blessed me with the opportunity to do a national fundraiser for a very large organization. They have 700+ programs nationwide and want to distribute info to each of them about doing a catalog/online fundraiser. Each organization will then in turn decide if they are interested and...
  9. KennethandTiffany

    Take 5 idea

    Just thought this way funny, last night at our cluster meeting, my director told us about the Take 5 idea. She had just found out about it and was so excited, I hated to rain on her parade and tell her I already read about it on here! I just smiled and said it was a cute idea! It is a great...
  10. KennethandTiffany

    $200 for bridal show?

    I have the opportunity to have a booth at a bridal show here in Atlanta. It is a small show, they only have 50-100 brides, but have been doing shows around Atlanta for 3 years. They do little games and activities so that the brides go to each vendor in the show. They only allow 2 vendors per...
  11. KennethandTiffany

    How to approach a fundraiser

    :confused: When you are contacting an organization, like a non-profit that offers services to cancer patients, how are you proposing they do the fundraiser? Are you asking their employees to get orders from friends, or their employees to order for themselves, to make it an event they have at...
  12. KennethandTiffany

    Looking for a PC Button

    Does anyone have a PC button or know where I can get some? I can't find one with either of the vendors, just looking for something to help start conversations. Thanks!
  13. KennethandTiffany

    Fundraiser Flop!

    :confused: Help! Does anyone have any advice for fundraisers?! I have one going with a local christian school (85 kids). One of the moms did a show for me and wanted to do a fundraiser. Apparently the school is only allowed 2 fundraisers a year, so they told this mom to handle it and just...
  14. KennethandTiffany

    Forgot my tools at home!

    Has anyone ever done this? We got about 10 minutes from our host's house tonight when I realized that we completely forgot our entire crate of tools! I called her and explained and she said no problem, she's really sweet. Anyway, by this time, it's afternoon rush hour here in Atlanta, so I...
  15. KennethandTiffany

    Host cancelled show to use another consultant

    I had a host approach my mother and ask for my info because she knew I was a consultant. She wanted to book a show for the end of January so she could get the extra benefits. She is actually a past consultant, so I thought her show would be great, since she really knows how to have a big show...
  16. KennethandTiffany

    Free cookbook giveaway at health club?

    Has anyone done anything like this? I want to do a drawing for a free "It's Good For You" cookbook at some local health clubs. I figured I would use the door prize slips and hopefully (fingers crossed) get a few leads. I thought too about putting recipe cards out for everyone to take a free...
  17. KennethandTiffany

    Realtor gifts?

    I am trying to get some new leads for business and I thought about trying to get in with some realtors. I know they get TONS of info from businesses trying to market gifts for their clients. I am going to make some easy fudge and wrap it in tulle (after I put in in a baggie of course!) with my...
  18. KennethandTiffany

    Incentive Points for Recruits??

    I thought (correct me if I am wrong) that we get 2000 points for each new qualified recruit. The Pan-O-Rama flyer says we get 500. Is that additional on top of the 2000? HELP! We are getting married next spring and would LOVE to go to Atlantis for our honeymoon (romantic AND FREE....can't...