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  1. Marg

    ? about Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies

    I am planning on making these at a show tonight, and I have a question. Step three reads "Meanwhile, using utility knife, cut 16 caramels into quarters. Place remaining 1/2 cup choc. chips into Prep Bowl; microwave on high 1 minute or until melted;" Do you melt the caramels with the...
  2. Marg

    Leadership 2008

    I just got an email - Leadership for us Canadians will be in Cincinnati with our neighbours to the south!! I'm going to start saving now!!! :D
  3. Marg

    I did a fundraiser last night for a group of ladies for their weekend

    I did a fundraiser last night for a group of ladies for their weekend to end breast cancer team. A few orders are still to come, but right now the show is sitting at $1952!! This will be my new personal best. :)
  4. Marg

    Proud Mummy Moment - had to brag!

    I just had to share. :) My daughter, Sloane, had her very first Irish Dance competition today. She competed in three dances and she got first place in all three. She was so thrilled and, of course, so was I.
  5. Marg

    WOOHOO!! Got my mid-season products!

    I cannot wait to try out the salad spinner. And I am loving the salad tongs. Heck, I love everything...LOL...especially when it's free!!
  6. Marg

    OT - Anyone drive a Sienna?

    I'm looking for opinions on the Toyota Sienna. On the 22nd, I was driving southbound and a guy going northbound turned left in front of me and I ended up t-boning him. Thankfully, there was a police car at the intersection and she saw the whole thing. Fortunately, the kids were not in the...
  7. Marg

    WOOHOO!! Christmas in January!

    :D I got my sell-a-thon stuff today (level II) and my trifle bowl and my change-over kit!! I had a hoot (and so did the kids!) going through everything!! I LOVE it all!!!
  8. Marg

    Time to toot my horn!

    We received recognition for 2006 at my cluster meeting this month. Much to my surprise, I was in the top ten for sales and show average. I had a baby last year and was on bed rest for the last couple of months and was just doing the bare minimum for the first three after he was born. I was...
  9. Marg

    Ribbon Tote Favour!

    I have a favour to ask.:) Would one of you fabulous US consultants be willing to order me a Ribbon Tote and then send it to me? They aren't available here in Canada. :( I will, of course, pay for it and the extra shipping. Thanks a million!!
  10. Marg

    Small Batter Bowl Fundraiser

    Does anyone have a copy of the gift tags that went along with the batter bowls? There was a celebration cookie one, a cowboy chili one, a batter bowl brownie one and a soup one, I think. Also, does anyone have a nice pic of the batter bowl all done up? TIA!
  11. Marg

    Great show last night! :)

    A friend of mine contacted me to see if I would come out and do a show for her. She'd never been to PC show and had wanted to get some friends together, as it had been a while since the all had a get together. So I said, sure, no problem. We set the date for last night. I called the host on...
  12. Marg

    Welcome to Gillian (Nemo)!

    I just like to welcome my newest recruit, Gillian, to the site. Hope you like it here, Gill!
  13. Marg

    Recruiting Promo!

    So did you guys get the email? From Sept 10 - Oct 10 the Super Started Kit is only $90!! And, if you recruit 3 consultants between Sept 1 and Oct 10 ( and they qualify by Dec 31) you get 3 times the recruit points!!:D
  14. Marg

    Anyone have a pic of the pink ribbon cookies?

    I'm looking for a pic of the Pink Ribbon Cookies for my newsletter. Does anyone have one?
  15. Marg

    Got my HWC Cups and Squares today!

    Oh how I love that man in brown!! The HWC cups and squares are very cute! They look even nicer in person. I have a feeling that I will get a lot of May bookings so that people can get their hands on these!
  16. Marg

    Do you vary your presentation?

    I have my first bridal show coming up next month. :D I was just wondering for those of you who have already done a bridal show, do you vary your presentation at all? Or is it your same basic cooking show? Do you still talk about recruiting? I guess I am just worried that it will be a bit...
  17. Marg

    IDSO: Retired Oven Mitt

    I am desperately looking for one (preferably 2) of the oven mitts that were just retired as of Feb 28th. Thanks!
  18. Marg

    My very first fund-raiser - a success!

    So, I have decided that I really want the incentive trip this year. So I am trying to step out of my comfort zone. I decided (pretty spur of the moment) to ask the teachers at my son's preschool if they would be interested in a fundraiser for the school. I made up a poster and gave the school a...
  19. Marg

    Looking for a US consultant to do me a favour!

    I was wondering if one of you US consultants could order me the black tote that has the clear pocket on the front for catalogues? I'd really like to give one to my recruit who just qualified, but you cannot order them here in Canada. I will, of course, pay for it and the shipping. :D
  20. Marg

    Don't be scared!

    I have been a consultant for about a year and a half. While I really wanted to build my team (and was lucky enough to have 2 recruits sort of fall into my lap) I was terrified to talk about it at shows because I didn't want to feel pushy I attended Leadership at the beginning of the month and...
  21. Marg

    Congrats Michelle!

    Congratulations on achieving your $20,000 in sales. I saw your name in the KCN. Whoops! I guess it's just the CN now! :D
  22. Marg

    2006 Incentive Trip for Canadian Consultants

    WOW!! The 2006 Incentive trip for one or two people is going to be the same place and the same time in February 2007. The trip for one is for two days, the trip for two is for 4 days. The hotel room is 1,000 square feet, with it's own private balcony. It is all inclusive - meals, drinks...
  23. Marg

    Do you like the new Kitchen Consultant Planner?

    My favourite man in brown dropped off an envelope for me today. Inside was my new kitchen consultant planner. I'm not too sure that I'm loving it. I think I prefered the old one - when you had the whole month with little squares over two pages. The new one is weekly - so across the top of...
  24. Marg

    Anyone going to Leadership?

    I was wondering if any fellow canuck consultants were going to leadership? I am really looking forward to it. :D
  25. Marg

    Need directions for Rice Cooker Plus ASAP!

    I have a customer who cannot find her use and care card for the rice cooker. And I can't find mine either! I went onto CC but all I could find was the product information guide, but that doesn't have the directions. Someone please help!! :D
  26. Marg

    Canadian Host & Guest Special for Jan and Feb

    Hot off the press: January - same as the US specials Hosts - receive 1.5 x the host benefits so: $30 = $45 $45 = $67.50 $65 = $97.50 $95 = $142.50 etc Guests - spend $75 (CDN) and receive the sweetheart towels free February - host - same as the US - receive one piece of open stock...
  27. Marg

    No Bookings from a show? Don't get discouraged!

    I just wanted to share this with you. I know we all want to leave a show with at least one booking in our calendars and sometimes, that just doesn't happen. I did a show in July and had a great time. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was a $700 show. But I didn't get a...
  28. Marg

    Show to Go Bags ROCK!!

    My favourite man in brown was just here with my TTA tote and carry-all tote. They are awesome!! That carry-all tote is huge!! I have a show on Sat and one on Sunday, so I am hopeful that I'll get that roller bag this weekend!! And I just submitted my 5th show between Aug 16 - Sept 16, so the...
  29. Marg

    It just goes to show you...

    I had a show this afternoon. While I was there setting up, 6 people called and cancelled at the very last minute. So for the show that was supposed to have 12 people there, it ended up with 5 and the host. I did the show and we had a great time. I ended up with $500 in sales and 3 bookings...
  30. Marg

    Future Director, here I come!

    I signed my 2nd recruit this weekend! WOOHOO!!!