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    Shirts and totes and more

    I have started a group on Facebook called PC Consultant Items Clearance and have posted lots of items - shirts, jackets, totes, purses, other items - and have more to add. If you would like to see what I have please search for the group, friend me (Beth Schlitz Brigham) and ask to be added or...
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    BBQ items for sale

    All items are plus shipping: BBQ grill cleaning brush was $16.50 now $10 BBQ grill basket was $29.50 now $15 BBQ jumbo turner was $22 now $10 BBQ mitt was $19 now $10 BBQ roasting pan with can holder was $41.50 now $20 BBQ slotted spoon was $15.50 now $10 BBQ skewer set was $21.50 now $10 BBQ...
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    Recently retired director - lots for sale

    Updated 7/2/16 I just retired after almost 14 years in the biz and I have a ton for sale. All items are plus shipping. PC Post cards. $10 for all I have several training CD's from different vendors and from PC. $0.50-$10 Lots of aprons, many new in package purchased but not even opened, great...
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    Why is the marketplace now a third party? I was going to put some things up there but not if it's off this trusted site.
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    SS 2013 catalogs

    Anyone need a set of catalogs? I have too many. Selling for $13 plus priority shipping $11.30. Still less than getting them from HO. They charge $21 + shipping and tax. I live in Milwaukee area so if you are local you can save even more.
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    FS: Chillzanne Sectional Server

    Chillzanne Sectional Server for sale. Was $49.50 will sell for $25 plus shipping. New in box. This item is 3 main pieces: a covered bowl that you freeze and can be in the middle and two curved pieces with chill inserts that you freeze (those pieces also have covers). The curved pieces can be...
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    Wine Festival

    I'm doing a wine festival next week and I was asked to have some snacky things out for people to taste. I thought I would do the cream cheese and sauces but also thought it would be nice to have little finger foods on the tiered trays. Maybe brownies from the brownie pan cut in half or even...
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    Awfully quiet so far!

    I wonder why no one is visiting the director area? Could it be that we are all really busy with our businesses? Could it be that a lot of directors don't know where to find it? Can I suggest that maybe for now the link to this area be moved to the top of the page so that directors see it...
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    Director Good By DCS

    Looks like DCS will be going away tomorrow so I just wanted to say that it's been a good run. Very quiet lately, drama from time to time friends were made. We learned from each other and supported each other and cheered each other. We aren't going totally away. We'll have the sub-forum on CS...
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    F/w 2012 catalogs

    I have one package of new, unstamped catalogs available. $15 plus shipping unless you are going the Milwaukee launch. In that case I can bring them with me.
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    Plan your trips wisely

    I save gas money and time by always thinking about where I'm heading to on errand day and I make it a round trip - literally round, make it a circle or oval... I try to do my errands all on the same day or two each week and I try never to have to backtrack. Even on non-errand days I ask myself...
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    ISO Chipolte Rub - Milw area

    Anyone in the Milwaukee area have Chipolte Rub I cn buy? I need it for a show on Sunday.
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    Need something? Business supplies/products

    Sorry. I don't have a list but I do have a TON of stuff! I am moving soon and I NEED to PURGE!! I have lots of business supplies and products that I'd like to clear out before the move. If you are looking for anything specific let me know and if I have it I will make you a deal. I know...
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    To our awesome webmaster...

    Is there a way that threads could automatically close if they have no activity say for a year? So often new people reply to an old thread not realizing that it was so long since it was posted. If the thread was closed they could start a new one and refer to the info in what they found without...
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    Director Don't you just love the end of the month?

    ...Well I know many of you are green early but I also know many of us have teams that will not submit until the last day no matter what we say. I know that I have more than enough people submitting and well more than enough sales but as of today we were two people and $600 away from director...
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    Director How was your August?

    Personally I had a really great month! ...but my team, not so much. It seems they all took vacation. For the first time in more than a year we won't make director pay this month and it's not for the $$ (thanks to my sales) and we have plenty of people that COULD be doing shows that numbers...
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    SS catalogs

    I have one extra set of the current catalogs. In package/unmarked. $12 plus shipping. I can bring them to Charlotte on Saturday if someone who will be there needs them.
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    Fall Launch - Charlotte

    Anyone need a room for the Charlotte launch. A couple of our team members aren't able to make it at the last minute so we have just 2 in one of our rooms. So if you and a friend are going and want to save on the cost of hotel on Friday night (August 3) let me know!
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    Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogs

    I have extras of the SS 2012 (CURRENT) catalogs. ...bought way more than I will end up needing... I will sell them for $23 each pack of 25 includes shipping to you. OR 2 packs for $35 includes shipping.
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    Phone carriers-AT&T vs Verizon

    We have had Verizon since we've had cell phones but we are now considering going with AT&T because of things like unlimited mobile to mobile, roll-over minutes and other things. It looks like the cost would be the same. I'd love to hear pros and cons, how is the coverage in different areas of...
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    I need to clear out my attic. Current and discontinued items. Email

    I need to clear out my attic. Current and discontinued items. Email me for the list. ETA: please email me for list so I don't miss your request. <-- click on my user name and then "email..."
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    Veggie Slicer FS

    I have a veggie slicer that was used 2-3 times to try it out. Don't really have room in my drawer for it. $20 includes shipping.
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    Trade SA?

    I have some of the dots SA new in box that I would be willing to trade for the new version if anyone wants to complete their set of dots and doesn't care for the new pieces they are getting in their packages. I'll be offering my team and local customers the pieces in my cupboards because I...
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    Director Wahoo Becky!

    I was privileged to get to hear Becky Smith speak in Charlotte today! She did an awesome job and her downline consultant gave a touching testimonial! It was fun texting back and forth Becky!
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    So, I just got the wahoo gift for recruiting in January. Don't want to

    So, I just got the wahoo gift for recruiting in January. Don't want to sound dumb but is this something to clean my glasses or computer screen with? If not, then what is it for? The other gifts were more obvious I thought. lol
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    Director What a day!

    I have to toot my horn here after the day I just had! I closed the party from Saturday tonight at over $1200 in sales! It was such fun helping my host spend $465 in free products! And her mother, the co-host gave all the benefits to her but then spent over $100 after the 30% discount so...
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    Director Log in

    Has anyone else had issues with staying logged in since Greg's latest upgrade? I have to log in every time I come to the site. Before this I was always logged in. And, yes, I check the "remember me" box EVERY time. :(
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    Director Hosts you want to hit upside the head

    Sorry but I need to whine a little... I got an email today: Background: Usually my hosts provide the ingredients. We pick a recipe under $15 and if she chooses to get more that's on her. This fall in order to get back on track after not working most of this year, I decided to offer to...
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    Director Becky G is famous!

    Look who's front and center on the HWC promotion email just sent out to everyone! http://www.imakenews.com/pamperedchefcorporate/index000545896_13.cfm?x=bk34n8Q,bnBnWBKJ :woohoo: :chef: :woohoo:
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    I have both the square griddle and the double griddle and to be honest

    I have both the square griddle and the double griddle and to be honest I only use these to thaw meat. They work amazing for this use - quickly thaw anything that way - but seriously, if I had paid for those pans I would feel I wasn't getting my investment from them using them just for this...