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    Recipe for Cinnamon Roaster Sweet Potatoes with Cranberries and Pecans

    I'm looking for this recipe and cannot subscribe to Taste Buds. Does anyone have it?
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    Where did they go?

    I agree. We wailed at conference for Facebook, and they got around to it after I left. Thank you.
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    Where did they go?

    Thank you. I know. I'm no longer a consultant, but still promote it and look forward to the new products and recipes
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    Where did they go?

    I left PC in 2009. I've "stopped in" several times over the years to follow any updates on Paige, check out recipes, etc. I always would check out The Kitchen Guy for his quirky posts. Visiting tonight, I see so many of the "old gang" missing. Raebates, Chefann, The Kitchen Guy, just to...
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    In case you missed CBS' 48 Hours about Paige Birgfeld

    Thank you for posting.
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    IPhone help!

    :oThanks! I got it back....I'm embarassed to say it was all by it's lonesome on a new screen.
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    IPhone help!

    Thanks....I looked in all my "folders" and can't find it. I'm told it can't be deleted. ..... Is there an emoticon for tearing my hair out?
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    IPhone help!

    :eek: I accidentally deleted the message shortcut from my iPhone 4s. :o Does anyone know how to restore it without resetting to factory defaults?
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    Customer says mold on stone

    I let mine dry in open air several hours or overnight to prevent this. Stacking two or more stones together in a dark moist environment will encourage mold to grow. Being Pampered Chef doesn't change that. It happened to me. No science projects since.
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    Pineapple Wedger Tips-Handout

    I've used the veggie wedger instead of the apple wedger I couldn't find and it did a great job.
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    Pink recipes for may shows

    Serve using the HWC Pink Zebra High Heel Cake Server
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    Prayer Request for Grand Daughter

    Love and prayers for your granddaughter and all of you.
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    New Products

    Wow! We have been begging for a Facebook page! Details!:love:
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    New Products

    THANK YOU!!!!:love:
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    New Products

    I won't be attending conference this year. :cry: Can someone please post pix of the new products and keep us updated? HERE'S THE LINK TO THE NEW PRODUCTS!:love: National Conference 2010 Be Amazing pictures by jenningsdeb - Photobucket Thanks for the tutorial NooraK! :sing:
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    Rant UpperCase Demonstrator MIA with my $$$/sorry so long

    I attended a TS party at one of my PC host's home. The red flag should have been that she would only take cash or checks. We were issued receipts. The host finally contacted TS and they honored all the sales. From now on....just using a cc for these parties and check my statements closely.
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    CBS News to re-run The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld

    Thank you for the update KG.
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    Recommendation for dance/fitness class

    Thanks for posting this! I need a kick in the butt to get started...then I get into getting in shape mode. I checked out local Zumba classes that are on my way home from work time wise & location wise. Then I know I'll go. Once I get started, I'll add my many diverse DVDs that are currently...
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    I started taking the sauces to my shows and giving the guests a taste.

    Re: Sauces I love the Pineapple Rum Sauce on plain white rice & you only need a litte bit to perk it up. I do boneless pork chops in the grill pan with a little S&P. Just before they are done, I brush them with the Raspberry Habenero Sauce. Hubby loves them!
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    Spa show?

    My daughters are Licensed massage therapists & estheticians. This might be a great idea for all of our businesses.....
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    Crap, crap, crap!

    I won't go in to all the ugly details....just suffice it to say that all this time I was blaming it on senior moments! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :o BTW, whatever happened to Jillysue? She was super organized!
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    December consultant news...

    I believe they're charging us shipping for the paperwork changeover box, not the SAT products. They've charged for changeover for as long as I can remember, but they've upped it $.25. So, I wonder if all shipping is going up $.25....
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    Silicone Floral Cupcake Pan Butter

    How "Martha" I refer to my Inner Martha" alot at my shows. The love/hate thing.
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    Employee Holiday Fair

    I'm not planning on any c&c other than SBCBs. I want to keep the lugging to a minimum.
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    Employee Holiday Fair

    I will be doing a charitable holiday shopping event at a large insurance company. All it is costing me is a donation of a $10-$15 item for a charity raffle. I have that covered with Appetizer & Holiday Dessert cookbooks as well as a SBCB. There are 500 employees! I need ideas! What has...
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    ISO 2008 Holiday Tree Plates

    Thereare some on let's make a deal. NIP She wants $20.
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    Just so you all know...

    {{Hugs}} to you. You already have taken a step in the right direction to move forward. Prayers to you & yours.
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    Do you use the consultant planner or do you use a different one? If

    Re: Planner? I downloaded the weekly one on a flash drive, took it to Office Max and had them print and spiral bind October 09 forward to end of Feb 2010. It turned out great and only cost $4!
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    You know it will be a great party when your host

    That's great! Get what you can booked for November SAT. That will also help set you up thru the holidays & start your new year off on a solid base.
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    DCB FILE - 90+ Recipes

    Thank you. It is appreciated.