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  1. Jasmine

    National Conference 2017

    I am in the same boat, I am dying to hear about new products!
  2. Jasmine

    PC Newsletter- too many?

    Yup, agreed
  3. Jasmine

    National Conference 2016

    I am going! :D
  4. Jasmine

    New Spring Products?

    I am definitely most excited about the new Rockcrok! Do you know how often I hear (at vendor events) "My pizza stone broke on the grill" No more of that! I think it is a fabulous addition. I love all the Rockcroks, and I use them just about everyday! I think the spiralizer will be a good...
  5. Jasmine

    New Spring Products?

    Love love LOVE the new products
  6. Jasmine

    Children's Parties

    I would show off the veggie strip maker! Make a recipe with that cause the kids will love using it
  7. Jasmine

    ISO retired drip less oil bottle !

    I have the lid portion, would you like just that?
  8. Jasmine

    What's Your Why?

    My Why, I started PC because I thought it would be fun, since then 2 years ago next month, I have also grown in ways I never expected. I have a fully stocked PC kitchen, friends that I have maid through the business and confidence that I never had before! I love my Pampered Chef business!
  9. Jasmine

    Men's PC desire

    My husband does all the baking, he loves the stoneware, he also loves the knives. My dad loves his Rockcrok
  10. Jasmine

    ISO Pasta Bowls

    Please sent me a pm if you have pasta bowls Thanks
  11. Jasmine

    Veggie Strip Maker

    Every consultant will be needing one of these for demos, Several recipes call for it in the new Season's Best.
  12. Jasmine

    Something for Chocolate dipping?

    This is a message I received before I respond I thought I would ask you guys, the only think I was thinking might help is the core and more? "I am going to be making some candies and desserts and some of them will be dipped in chocolate. I am wondering if pampered chef has something to help...
  13. Jasmine

    Who is going to the National Conference?

    I went to my team meeting last night and found out my upline and another member of our team has signed up to go to conference! I am excited I will know at least a few people. I am still excited to meet new people though :D
  14. Jasmine

    This Is How You'll Recognize Me

    My profile picture is generally how I will look, could have my hair down and curly, maybe even straightened, and I might appear to be lost? We shall see.
  15. Jasmine

    What Would You Like to See Added/Dropped

    I also dislike the rotary grater, that can go. I can't think of anything that I really want to see them bring into the catalog though.
  16. Jasmine

    Countdown to National Conference 2015

    This is great! Bringing health snacks will help keeping alert too, my favorite bars are larabars, the fiber in them keep me feeling full for a long time, but not sluggish
  17. Jasmine

    Good Recruiting Flyer

    I like this one, I love that it makes all of the options sounds amazing. Sometimes as a "hobby consultant" I feel like other consultants don't realize that its still been life changing for me.
  18. Jasmine

    Who is going to the National Conference?

    It would be awesome to meet up with you conference goers! :rolleyes: I still haven't heard of anyone on my team going besides me.
  19. Jasmine

    Garage Sale Pic

    I displayed my Pampered Chef items at a garage sale last year and people were mad that I was selling "New" "Expensive" items. I sold a flour/sugar shaker, that was it
  20. Jasmine

    Sell me on the Rockcrok

    I love all of my rockcroks, I have every size. The team I am on did a challenge where we replaced are normal cooking vessel with a rockcrok whenever we cooked. I cooked, soups, cakes, bratwurst, pasta dishes, you name it, I cooked everything except eggs in them, eggs need a frying pan :P One of...
  21. Jasmine

    Countdown to National Conference 2015

    Its great that you are sharing this things, thanks so much :)
  22. Jasmine

    Who is going to the National Conference?

    I went to to a conference with my team in California right after I signed up, must have been the beginning of 2014 (I signed up at the end of 2013) and I have been to small local events since. I am very exited.
  23. Jasmine

    Countdown to National Conference 2015

    I haven't even thought of these things! lol Update: I just got the following response from the home office. There is no dress code per se at Conference. Typically business casual will do for the meetings and something a bit nicer for the awards ceremony (nothing formal required). Let us...
  24. Jasmine

    Garden Tote ideas

    Thanks for sharing those are great ideas.
  25. Jasmine

    Countdown to National Conference 2015

    I am still waiting to hear if anyone on my team will be joining me! I am excited, but it would be better with people I know going as well!
  26. Jasmine


    Congrats on your recruit!
  27. Jasmine

    New chef

    Love the Bar stone!
  28. Jasmine

    Bobbi Jo Bell and I am with Jane McDonald

    Welcome to the Pampered Chef family! Make the most of your first 30 days!
  29. Jasmine

    Free Cooking Show

    At my last vendor events I decided to have a drawing for a free cooking for and prize, does anyone do this? I find that several of the recipes I make are very cheap and also it has someone booking that maybe wouldn't have. Thought Comments Concerns? Thanks
  30. Jasmine

    Transporting products to parties

    Great Ideas! I love the Thirty One Bags for holding paperwork!