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    Selling In A Pickle **list of items

    I would like to see the list. Thank you,
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    Considering a "kids area" with play dough. . .

    I think this is a fun idea and I'm sure the play dough will work fine with the new kids sets. Depending on how busy you think your booth will be you can also find an easy recipe online for the kids to make their own play dough. Have fun at the event!!
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    What Do YOU Think They'll Unveil?

    Different attachments for the Manual Food Processor would be nice. Like one for whipping :)
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    Julienne and Spiralizer -interchangeable?

    I cater all recipes to the PC tools I own. I love the Pasta Primavera and make this at most shows...it says to use the julienne peeler but I just use my veggie striper instead. Make the recipes your own use the tools you have and are comfortable and knowledgeable with.
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    How do you find booths?

    Thank you Chef Nay!
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    How do you find booths?

    Hi Everyone - I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I would really like to set up some booths at different events and functions but not sure how to find them. Usually by the time I hear about something going on it's only a few days before the event. Does anyone how to find out about different...
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    Hi Irene34...If you go to Pamperedchef.com and on the home page in the top right corner select Find Show you can type in Florence Thomas and her name will show up. Or you can click on this link and it will take you to her party: https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/ccody/guest-landing/8969600220315...