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Your Pampered Foodie

I'm an active mom with busy children between the ages of 12 and 22 - each on their own path in life. Three of these amazing children are a part of my DNA, but we also welcome many more in our big, vibrant, and growing family. Everyone coming and going, each on their own path.

I am also a businesswoman & owner of two other businesses and consider myself a good friend, wife, daughter, community volunteer, LGBTQ & Autism Parent advocate, and child of God.

There are limited hours in the day but the one thing I look forward to more than most is cooking a good meal to share with my family and with whomever else is walking through my door that day.

Now with most of my children completing school, you would think things would settle down, but that's not been the case. And, even though I have a successful business, and my husband has a successful career, we still feel the pinch with kids going on to college, participating in extra curricular activities, incurred medical bills, home maintenance costs, and more... you know... life!

Welcome Pampered Chef!

These products and solutions save me time(✓), help me earn extra money(✓), and allows me to keep creating great meals(✓) with a family who has a host of varied dietary of needs.

Check, check, and check.

SO! Let's Do This!
January 12
Brooklyn Park (Minneapolis) MN
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Tanya T, Your Pampered Foodie; dedicated to the NW Metro Twin Cities & Virtual Pampered Chef Parties
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