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Recent content by whitetiger

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    Ipad 3 accessories

    how do you get the pc discount anyone know the code
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    New Glass tote bag for sale

    interested if still available how much
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    New PWS Newsletters

    went to pc website but i cant track my newsletter , it says the feature will be up today but thats it:(
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    Anyone need a roommate?

    i might have room for 1 roommate
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    Putting window decals on

    I have a chev pickup truck... I have a large pc logo ,my name , phone and web site all listed on the back window:sing:
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    What scares me about Obama in a debate...

    what scares me is that ,many people believe he is the answer... He has already stated if he did not win he is going to court
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    Your own theme

    jill, i would love to see your flyer with the theme for this season
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    November Host Special

    when mine loads it come to a pdf file and i cant change the month:cry:
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    Fair listing website

    i went to this site and you have to pay a membership:thumbdown:
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    Anyone else disappointed....

    yes you could use the new grinder for nutmeg and other spices ,at conference they had grinders filled with a lot of different things
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    Sheet pans - NOW AVAILABLE!!

    sheet pans anyone made a cute flyer to e-mail sheet pans availble?
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    E mail/internet show

    online show I live in florida , have lots of family in chic area. I have had host do catalog show all through my site. It was very easy but the host still has to follow up with guest:sing:
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    Going out of Business SALE!!

    items for sale e-mail me a list too please [email protected]