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Recent content by Wendyss

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    Easy Fudge or other ideas?

    Can someone tell me what size bag of chips you are using for either the fudge with frosting or the fudge with condensed milk? I buy in bulk from Sam's and need the correct amount. It can be in ounces or cups as I have a kitchen scale. I think I will make a batch today to take to a party tonight...
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    Hi,For those of you that suffer from either or both of these

    Thanks Thanks for all the quick replies. Not only will I ask him to test my thyroid but will also ask about Lyme disease and Epstein Barr. He isn't a very "adventurous" doctor so I may be looking for a new one in the near future. Guess it's just a case of grin and bear it. :D I have a...
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    Hi,For those of you that suffer from either or both of these

    Hi, For those of you that suffer from either or both of these diagnoses how do you manage to do shows? I have been feeling just awful this week (extremely tired, achy, no energy) and have a show Friday night that I am not looking forward to b/c I will be so worn out afterwards. I can't even...
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    Mini Catalogs?

    postage on mini-catalogs Does anyone know how much postage I need to put on a mini-holiday catalog? TIA.
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    What's your show average??

    Averages I just checked my averages using PP. Thanks - I didn't know I could do that!! Last year I had 12 shows with an average of $497 and so far this year I have 8 shows with an average of $441. I am curious as to how many shows each month most people have - like for instance, do most...
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    Silicone Bakeware floral cupcake pan??

    brownies... time? Hi, I would like to make the brownies tomorrow and was wondering how longed you cooked them - the normal time on the box or a shorter time since they are individual sized?
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    10 Inch professional cookware

    10 inch pan Hi Beth, She has the one who sides has sloped (sitting on the blue trivet)that is shown in picture A on pg. 20 of the current catalog. Is there anyway to replace that one?
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    10 Inch professional cookware

    Hi, I have a customer who bought the 6-piece set of professinal cookware. She was cooking something in the 10 inch saute pan and forgot about it. Now it has little black flecks all over it. She wants to replace just that piece. Is there any way to order just that one piece? I can't find it...
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    Brunch recipes???

    Brunch - chocolate?? Hi, I have a host this Sat. who wants chocolate for her brunch party. Her oven does not work. Any suggestions?
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    Mandarin Orange Pasta Salad??

    Made ahead?? I am making the mandarin pasta salad for a baby shower today and was wondering if I can make it ahead and let it sit?
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    Super Starter

    Hi, I can't find anywhere in writing if the Super Starter months are like the consultant incentives where you must hold and submit by the last day of the month. I am waiting on a few more orders and am in my SS 3 and wanted to know if I can submit them later and still have them count toward...
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    Garlic smell remover thingy

    Sink You can also rub your hands against the sink if you have a stainless steel sink! :-)
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    Please Help

    Help needed Hi, I am in my 3rd SS month (July) and have one order for about $40. I need ideas from you guys that I can do before the 31st to get more sales. I sent out 93 new consultant postcards last week offering 10% off all orders placed by July 30th and not one response! :-( I also sent...
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    Coconut shrimp

    I can't find the recipe that has been talked about for coconut shrimp. I am doing a luau theme and need it. I have the recipe for the sizzling coconut shrimp cakes. Can someone please post it or tell me where to find it? TIA.
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    Come out, come out where ever you are!

    name tags for conference HI, I was in Michael's last week and noticed they have blank round pins. Maybe somebody with some creative computer skills could come up with something for us to print and put into the round pins?? That way we could recognize each other easily at conference. Maybe...