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    Pampering Businesses

    I just made the cherry cordial bites in the Fall/Winter seasons best and they are amazingly delicious! Very easy to make and look fancy and like you spent an afternoon making them. (my 16 and 15 yr olds and I made 45 of them in 30 minutes!)
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    Pamper a Business worked for me!!!

    Win for you!!!!!!! YAY! I did a pamper business with our bank. I love these kind of shows, quick and simple.
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    Facebook Show Tips?

    The bottom line with the FB sharing event is that it doesn't require them to work for something they don't know they want. It doesn't cost a thing if it doesn't work out and if it does work out they are very pleasantly surprised! Good luck with it.
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    Things I've learned from doing a booth/table

    Got a booth at the county fair this upcoming Weds evening. I have a show scheduled at my son's place on the 16th of Sept. So I have two goals for the fair booth: 1. Book 6 shows for September 2. Invite at least 20 people to show on the 16th
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    Alternate to "cookbook" fundraiser

    Just curious why you are hesitant to offer the entire catalog? I would create flyer regarding particular items that the fundraiser is promoting but include the option of them going online to place an order out of the entire catalog. You could lose sales, both personally and for organization...
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    Facebook Show Tips?

    I look at facebook as a tool to get my name out there and tell people that I am a PC Consultant. Facebook is a fantastic medium though. What I did in an effort to promote FB shows was contacted a couple friends by phone or in person, NOT email NOT msg on FB. I explained that I was trying...
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    Pics from my health fair booth yesterday

    I love these! My team has a booth at the fair starting this Weds. I have a digital frame that I am working on putting pics into for our table. Something to grab attention as people walk by. I think the jpegs will work for this ! Thanks so much for sharing them!
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    Things I've learned from doing a booth/table

    I have been listening to several audio training files lately and I just listened to this very topic last night! Here are some of the notes I took regarding follow-up after an event. Follow Up The important thing to remember is to not wait more than a couple days to follow up. If you are...
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    Private school fundraiser to stock kitchen

    Personally I would match the PC %'s for the fundraiser not all the commission you earn. There are costs involved with organizing this fundraiser: catalogs, copies, time, etc. Not sure how many are involved in the fundraiser but if the school is looking to RESTOCK their kitchen with...
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    Boost host sales

    This is an idea I just heard about and will be trying it with my September hosts (no more shows in August scheduled) Tell your host that one of her friends has the opportunity to earn a free gift by helping her out. Your host asks friend to take a catalog to work and collect a few orders...
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    No Buying Shows

    There is a thread with this very topic and a couple templates for invites. http://www.chefsuccess.com/f6/anyone-do-no-buy-nights-73014/
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    Anyone do "No Buy" nights?

    I love this NO BUY NO OBLIGATION idea!!!!!!! Busy getting ready for a booth next week but might have to see if I can get a date and invites together before so I can invite people from the booth!
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    Goals and fair booth

    Write your goals down and make them realistically in reach with a little extra push from yourself. For me without a clear goal I get lost in randomness.
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    Goals and fair booth

    For the past year my personal life stresses completely took over and I have been floundering and struggling to keep my head in the game for the past 8 months. I was fortunate enough that a spot at our teams fair booth became available for this upcoming Weds night and I jumped on it! I have...
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    Favorite New Product

    The ROASTER! I love it and can't wait to get it! The scale runs a close second to the roaster though. My girls and I have been searching for a kitchen scale reccently and PC's timing couldn't have been better!