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    Need Help! Flyer for 3-day walk fundraiser

    Good evening, I'm very new at this and my sister-in-law is walking the 3-day walk so her team is going to do a catalog fundraiser to help raiser money. Does anyone have a flyer that I could use? Also anyone have great wording for e-mail/facebook? HELP!!! Thanks!!:eek::cry::eek::cry:
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    Pampered Grad idea

    I love it!!!! Great idea. I'm going to use this idea and put it in a newsletter! Thank you so much for sharing. I too am very new
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    Need flyer for Churches

    Could someone help me out please. I would like to use my old catalogs and send to some churches from my town and ask if they would be interested in doing a show. One church (my church) did a show last year and it was a HUGE sucess! They were able to get lots of stuff for the church kitchen...