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Recent content by Summer0919

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    Conference Notes

    It's so nice of you to take the time to pass these notes on. Thanks for posting!!!
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    Ooh! Ooh! Mini-Catalog Labels!

    I just love all the ideas that are passed around on here! I've never used the mini's for invites, but that sounds like a great idea. :chef:
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    Question for Directors re: Directors SAT Package...

    Oops...cheerleader smiley didn't work...:D
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    Question for Directors re: Directors SAT Package...

    Congrats Becky!!! :cheerleader:
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    Host Coaching Question about consultant acting as host

    That's a really good point and I love being able to help the host get all of the free product they can. When I signed on to be a consultant last month I had no idea this job would be so much fun. I was able to help one of my friends get over $140 in free products because of this month's extra...
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    Collapsible bowls in the fall?

    I wish they had the bowls in cranberry too. My customers just love the cranberry items we carry.
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    Host Coaching Question about consultant acting as host

    Hi Amanda, I had looked on CC under policies on page 6 about consultants acting as hosts, but didn't see anything about how often we're able to do this. I have given quite a few catalogs out and now orders are beginning to come in and I have enough to qualify as a show, but I've already been...
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    Office Supplies - Newbie here please help!

    Thank you so much Cathy! You've been a big help to me. I have so much to learn :balloon: Karen
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    Conference pictures

    I am so happy you posted these pics! Now I'm really glad I worked hard to get some pc dollars during my first 30 days. I can't wait to order some of these new items!!!
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    Bookings First Cooking Show tonight!!

    Welcome Diane! I'm new around here too and love CS!!! When I did my first cooking show last month I let the guests join in the cooking too. It really took the pressure off me and the guest that really jumped in and wanted to help the most signed on as a consultant! She was having so much fun...
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    Office Supplies - Newbie here please help!

    Thanks for posting these great tips! Can you please tell me the order # for the notebook? I looked at the order form but wasn't sure which one you meant. Thanks again :)
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    Host Coaching Question about consultant acting as host

    Hi, just wondering if there's a limit to how many cooking/catalog shows we can host as a consultant. Also, what are the rules about our hubby or other family members who live in our home hosting for us? :chef:
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    Urgent Please help! Shows on hold and no explanation

    Thank you so much for the responses because I've been so worried about making the 30 day deadline. The customer didn't realize her card was maxed out and won't have the money 'til next week so I went ahead and paid for it since my other customers would have to wait longer to get their items...
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    SPOILER... Conference is officially Over....

    I just ordered a cookie press yesterday and now I wish I'd known about the new one coming out. The new one looks really nice. Thanks for the pics!
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    Mock Lemon Meringue Cake

    I'm going to make this for my hubby who loves lemon meringue. Sounds like a great recipe. Thanks for posting!