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  1. SueAdx

    Help! Need a Broccoli Salad Recipe

    The second recipe is the same one we use. The one you have makes ALOT of dressing and would be pretty sweet with all that sugar. You can substitute the pre-cooked bacon bits to make it faster. You cant go wrong with that one.
  2. SueAdx

    Summer 2011 Step-Up-Your-Business Class

    I would love to join you too! Count on me ~ that should make 10!
  3. SueAdx

    Campout food for a HUGE Group (100+)- ideas?

    We make an awesome "camping hash" Brown hash brown potatoes(diced or shredded) add onions, corn, (any vegis you like really) hamburger or sliced up ring sausage Bind it with eggs. It is great with ketchup or salsa. Feeds a ton and is easy to strech with more vegis or eggs. Do it all...
  4. SueAdx

    Variation on strawberry ice

    I added Tequila. YUM!!
  5. SueAdx

    15 minute something?

    I think I read the same thing. She took the MFP with her and some prepped fruit/vegis and let people try it right there on the spot...
  6. SueAdx

    Official PC FB Page - wow - just my opinion

    I am an admin on the FB page for my day job. We have the ability to remove any posts or comments made on out wall. I do NOT understand why HO is not pulling all those comments off the wall from the existing consultants. It is easy/ Just a thought...
  7. SueAdx

    Review - Manual Food Processor

    I think my MFP is haunted. We have used it several times...LOVE IT however I have problem with the handle. I put it in lock position and a few minutes later I hear it 'POP' in the kitchen. I go in to find the handle up in the ready to use position. This has happened 6 times today...
  8. SueAdx

    Tried the Turkey Pesto Raviol?

    We were wanting to try the recipe but didn't have all the ingredients. I used premade pesto inplace of the the basil (Had some from trying the Lemon Pesto Chicken). It was really tasty. We did try sealing them with the measureall...It did not work. We pinched them by hand. I also tried...
  9. SueAdx

    Yummy DCB Dessert

    I would bake it right before i left for the party. It will stay nice and warm in the DCB for an hour. My favorite twist on this cake is to use the juice in place of water and RUM to bring the liquid up to the amount listed in the recipe. Give it an excellent flavor.
  10. SueAdx

    Merrill Business cards?

    That is interesting....I agree about the home address. I am a single parent and felt the same way. I did not have ANY trouble ordering mine without my home address. I love them. They are WORTH the $15. Sell one DCB set and you have earned the price difference. Just MHO
  11. SueAdx

    Starter Kit Recipes

    I did the taffy apple tarlet for my first show. It used alot of tools. :) My upline looked up a few recipes that were easy and used what came in my kit.
  12. SueAdx

    When I present this story....

    I had a customer whose baker just cracked in the micro. I called and they were great at HO. Here is the catch. You HAVE to send in a piece of the base. They will NOT accept a part of the lid. He completely explained that someone could still use a bottom and they want to be sure that they...
  13. SueAdx

    Salmon in DCB

    Tilapia is excellent. 5 minutes with a tiny bit of butter and a lemon juiced over it.
  14. SueAdx

    Is there a nice way to say....

    We had something similar in our neighborhood. One neighbor HATES the others dog. So he keeps a log of each time it barks and calls the police EVERYTIME he gets a chance. There are 2 sides to each fence. :) You didn't mention if you have tried to speak with them. Most people are nice and...
  15. SueAdx

    The Super Swat is on the Outlet!

    It got me all excited! Shoot!