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  1. sherriel

    Packers Won Again!

    I have been a consultant since Nov. '02, and a director since Nov. '06.
  2. sherriel

    What was the last concert you went to? And the best?

    I just read through that entire post. WOW! I actually had left CS from quite a while because I couldn't stand the negativity. I believe that a negative attitude is what holds one back from being a success and getting what they want out of this business. Imagine what could be accomplished if...
  3. sherriel

    San Fran Meet Up details--check in HERE!

    I will be there along with my DH. Looking forward to it!:D
  4. sherriel

    Prayers Needed

    Good Luck! I hope you get some good news.
  5. sherriel

    Pampered Chef's newest FD!!

    Great job! :)
  6. sherriel

    Looking for something different to try...

    Have her take the "Booking a Year Round Business" teleclass. I took it myself yesterday as a refresher and got some good ideas. I really wasn't expecting much but I was impressed. One of which was utilizing the Taste of the Tropics theme shows. Have her make customer care calls and 1st ask...
  7. sherriel

    Prayers for a very dear family friend

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.
  8. sherriel

    I Got My Call!!

    Congrats! It is great feeling isn't it? Enjoy all the perks of Directorship!!!:D
  9. sherriel

    I just accepted DIRECTORSHIP!!!!!!

    That is a nice surprise! Congrats and enjoy it, you deserve it!!! :D
  10. sherriel

    Wave 3 2007 check in here!!!

    I'll be there! I bought my tickets last week, now I just need to figure out the logistics of child care and I am good to go. This is my 2nd conference and am looking forward to it. :D
  11. sherriel

    San Fran Achievers! We need to get organized!

    I vote after dinner and the lounge up top sounds fine to me. 8:30-9ish. I am starting to get excited. We don't have much planned except for the Magical Marin on Friday, and Saturday is going to be a day of exploration I think. I wanted to do Alcatraz and DH wasn't interested. By the time...
  12. sherriel

    Got my San Francisco Trip Pakcage via DHL TODAY!!!

    Just got mine! Mine just arrived!!!! :D :D I saw the man walking down my driveway and greeted him at the door! I am bringing hubby too, we're in for drinks. It'll be our first trip away without the kids! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  13. sherriel

    Got my San Francisco Trip Pakcage via DHL TODAY!!!

    Nothing here in RI either :( , maybe today?
  14. sherriel

    Got my San Francisco Trip Pakcage via DHL TODAY!!!

    Me too! Now if it would hurry up and get here so I can get some stuff done.:rolleyes:
  15. sherriel

    For those of you who are in need of bookings

    Thank-you! Thanks so much for posting this Ginny! Once again, you have helped to give me the kick in the pants I need. I think we all tend to forget the phone is our friend and cash register!